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John Leslie Mixson
and the Publishing of the
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John Leslie Mixson
John Leslie Mixson

In January of 2018 I was able to contact Dwight Leslie Mixson, the grandson of John Leslie Mixson.  I asked him if he knew or had any of the records from his grandfather.  Much to my amazement he said he had a box of his grandfather’s materials which he most graciously offered to give me.  A few days later the box showed up. Upon opening the box I found 31 folders of John Leslie Mixson’s original research documents.  Even more surprising the box contained the original typewritten copies of Volumes II and III which he had sent to the publishers.  Unfortunately, Volume I was not in the box but there were many draft pages for it and a folder of his correspondence with the publisher of Volume I which explained why the draft of Volume I was missing.  From the material in the folders, I assembled the following account of John Leslie Mixson’s genealogy books.

I am most appreciative of Dwight for giving me these records.

 Larry Mixson, 2023


Superscript numbers, e.g#36 are the reference numbers assigned by John Leslie Mixson for persons listed in his Mixon-Mixson book.

Superscript numbers in brackets, e.g. [f20-c01] are reference numbers assigned to the referenced document from John Leslie Mixson’s research folders

A completed list of folders and documents can be found in the list of documents.



The Early Years
Research Years
Publishing Book 1