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About The The
Mixon-Mixson Family

By Larry Mixson

The Mixon-Mixson Family books are a three-volume set written by John Leslie Mixson containing genealogy research done by the author tracing the genealogy of the Mixon-Mixson family from a John Mixon who came to America in 1650 and his descendants up to the year 1975 when the last volume was published with the three volumes containing around 5,000 descendants.   

The three volumes were published in 1969, 1972 and 1975 respectively with less than 500 copies of each volume being printed. All costs for the publishing and printing were paid by John himself.  Although John did sell copies of the books, many he gave away to libraries and other genealogy researchers.   The few copies he sold were mostly to friends and family that he had been in contact with from his research.    

Many have asked me where they could buy a copy of the books but only there was only the first printing by John and none since then.  One can find copies in in various libraries around the country and perhaps a rare occasional one showing up for sale online but otherwise they are not available.   

In January of 2018 I was able to contact Dwight Mixson, the grandson of John Leslie Mixson.  I asked him if he knew or had any of the records from his grandfather.  Much to my amazement he said he had a box of his grandfather’s materials which he most graciously offed to give me.  A few days later the box showed up and much to my surprise it contained the original typewritten copies of Volumes II and III which he had sent to the publishers.  Unfortunately, Volume I was not in the box but there were many draft pages for it and a folder of his correspondence with the publisher of Volume I.  I am most appreciative of Dwight for giving me these records.  One interesting find in the files were receipts of persons buying Volume I and while looking though them was the receipt with my mother's name.  

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My Mixsonian website contains all the genealogy content of the three books as well as the three forwards written by John for each volume.  Over the years I have expanded the initial 5,000 names from the three volumes to over 22,000 descendants to which I continue to add to.

 Larry M. Mixson

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