Mixsonian Larry   

John Leslie Mixson
and the Publishing of the
Mixon-Mixson Books

Publishing Book 1

In January of 1969 John thought his Mixon-Mixson book was ready for publishing and he contacted American Reference Publishers in Fort Worth Texas about publishing the book.[f16-d02] American Reference Publishers (ARP) brochure states that they were “cited and recognized for its work in the genealogical field”[f16-d01] so they seemed like a good choice for John’s book.  John was familiar with ARP from buying a number of genealogy reference materials from them in 1968.[f16-d06]

& In February John fills out and sends to them a pricing sheet with the publication date of, “Soon as possible (Not later than April, 1969”.[f16-d02] and Mrs. Barnett, Vice President and Publications Coordinator at APR said the shipping date would before April 1, 1969 and gives prices for 300 copies of the book of 350 pages to be $2,085 with 1/3 due with manuscript, 1/3 on receipt of proofs and balance upon delivery and so John agrees to the terms and sends them a check for $250.[f16-d08]  Mitzi Barnett from ARP suggested a selling price between $20 and $35 and says that ARP would get 40% of any books that ARP sells.

On April 1st John receives a post card from Mitzi Barnett in which she enclosed pages that had corrections and said the pages had been turned over to the printer.  She also said that ARP had received checks and orders of the book and they would “be shipped as soon as the book is complete.[f16-d03]

On June 3rd John writes a letter to Mr. A. B. Canning about APR and publishing of his book.[f16-d09]

In late March Mrs. Barnett called me and said that on account of sickness there would about 30 day delay on the matter. At the time she told me she would construction the information from my manuscripts and mail it to me in sections for my approval and corrections. Three sections I have reviewed and returned promptly. May 14th I called her and reminded her it had been several days overtime, I thought, in receiving other sections. She advise me that day she was working on a section and would mail it at the end of the week. She said the entire matter would be completed by mid-June. I have not heard anything further and have not received the section she was working on May 14th.

In the same letter John goes on to say “I have just talked with Mr. Thompson, an Executive of your Ridglea State Bank there, and was told you were interested in the Company and you could tell me what I could depend on.”  American Reference Publishers offices were in the Ridglea bank building.

On June 6th, 1969 John received a letter from Ashley Mixon, President of Pains Food, Inc, who says he had visited APR to check on the book and said “unfortunately they had none ready yet.” But he did have a nice chat with Mitzi Barnett.  He asked about the price and she (Mitzi Barnett) stated, “had not really spent sufficient time in analyzing the manuscription before naming the price and had really taken the job for less money than she should have, however, I can’t believe they will suffer too much loss.”[f16-d05]

On June 11th John received a copy of a letter that Mrs. Barnett sent to Edward H. Mixon, Sr. saying the Mixon-Mixson book sells for $20 and would be ready around July 1st and she was accepting advance orders.[f16-d11]

By mid-June John was getting very irritated with ARP and Mrs. Barnett writing a letter to her saying…[f16-d12]

I have just talked with Mr. A.B. Canning, your City, he said you were a thoroughly reliable person. However you should recall you put me off every time I contacted you about this contract, the last time being May 14th, at which time I remember quite well you said you were working on a section of the book and would submit it to me by mail that week.  To this date I have not heard from you. You told me on the 14th you could complete this matter within 30 days. Five weeks have gone by. It seems to me that I stand to lose far more than you. Several have written me about the book, where and when they could get one. My patience is about out.

John copied his attorney.