Mixsonian Larry   

John Leslie Mixson
and the Publishing of the
Mixon-Mixson Books

The Early Years

I cannot be certain when John Leslie Mixson first became interested in the genealogy of the Mixson family but it was likely at an early age.  In 1957 he was corresponding with the Genealogical Research in Richmond Virginia about early Virginia Mixson land grants and other records. This and other letters and records indicate that he had been investigating the Mixson genealogy for some time.  After working the Dadeville Bank in Dadeville Alabama since he graduated from Emory University in 1921. In 1957 John was a Vice President at the bank.  

Many Mixson families lived in the Dadeville area and surrounding counties, many of which were John’s aunts, uncles and cousins.  John is the son of  William Thomas Mixson#36 who was one fourteen children of William Cicero Mixson#25 who was one of the twelve children of William Mixson#22, this provided many relatives.  While some of these lived in nearby states, many lived in the area around John and were often visiting one another and having family gatherings.  I could imagine it being confusing as a boy at such visits and gatherings; Uncle this, an Aunt that, and cousin such-and-such would be introduced or talked about.   At some point John started writing them down, when they were born, when they died, spouses, children and so on.   As the list grew John started writing to various aunts and uncles adding additional names and details.  The list soon grew quite long, his father’s brothers and sisters alone accounted for over 50 first cousins.  Going back one generation went rather quickly as many were still living when John started his list.   Going back another generation, that of his great-grandfather took more research, starting with writing of letters to various aunts and uncles.

At the time it was common for families to have a “family” Bible in which they would record such things.  In June of 1956 John received a letter from his father’s sister, Aunt Lula, which she answers some questions that John has asked her about family and names.[f27-d16]  In the letter she included a photocopy of a page from her father’s, William Cicero Mixson (John’s grandfather), Bible which listed the names and birth dates of his parents (John’s great-grandfather) and all his brothers and sisters. [f27-d17]

Bible Page