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Other Notes:
   MM all have "Mixson-Mixson" typed at the top of the page and appear to be early drafts for V1 for note the Mixson before Mixon while the final book was Mixon-Mixson
   TPH - Top Hole Punch, there a considerable number of pages on the same paper with four punched holes at the top indicating they may have been bound together at some time
Doc # Pages Doc Date Description
f01-d00 1 Folder cover - North Carolina Grants, etc
f01-d01 p01-05 Note from C. Wright to JLM about NC State Records, Army records with Charles Mixon
f01-d02 p01,318, 319 ,320, 321 Note from C. Wright to JLM  with Craven County, State Records, pages 318, 319,320,321
f01-d03 1 1838- NC, Beaufort Co, 1838, court record, Cecllia Mixon, John Mixon decesed
f01-d04 1,1b 1740-02-14 NC, Gyor CO, Feb 14, 1740; Inventory of Estates of William Cording
f01-d05 5 1960-05-19 Letter to JLM from Mrs. Wiley Williams about NC state records of John Mixon with attached pages of land grants and other documents
f01-d06 p1-3 1960-05-12 Letter to JLM from Ruth Williams, Williams and Griffin, publishers of old records telling JLM they have not received his book and there were no Mixon's listed in any of their four books.  Provides 1790 census records, NC, listing the following Mixon's: Zedekiah, Hannan, Francis, 
f01-d07 2 1960-03-19
f01-d08 1 1960-08-18 Letter to JLM from Tom H. Sheppard, Clerk of courts, Edenton, NC letting JLM know that the records he requesed were being sorted and grouped.
f01-d09 1 1712-03-02 Letter from William Johnson providing court record for John Mixon to appear in court
f01-d10 1 1716-10-19 Land Grant to George Mixon, 200 acres Pasquotank precinct side of Alliagator Creek
f02-d00 1 Folder cover - William Mixson
f02-d01 3 1683-1739 William Mixon, I. - three pages of references for V1
f02-d02 2 William Mixon, I. - two pages, content for V1
f02-d03 3 William Mixon, II - three pages, content for V1
f02-d04 1 JLM Hand written notes, John(?) Mixon I
f02-d05 1 1685-1739 JLM Hand written notes, William Mixson - I 1685-1739
f02-d06 4 1716-1724 Mixson/Mixon - typed notes 1716-1724
f02-d07 3 1715-1728 Records from Bertie Co, NC, William Mixon
f02-d08 4 1712-1719 Records from Chowan Co, NC, William Mixon
f02-d09 5 1904-09-10 JLM Handwritten notes, William Mixon
f02-d12 1 1965-08-30 JLM Liberty National Life Insurance, Request for change of Beneficiary
f03-d00 3 Folder cover - John Leslie Mixson (wife Grace Swanson) 
f03-d01 8 1905-05-08 JLM application for the Sons of the American Revolution
f03-d02 2 JLM handwritten notes 
f03-d03 2 1753-1786 Typed notes, Michael Mixon, Robert Moxson, Calhoun's, 
f03-d04 1 Map of Colonial Glouchester County, used in V1
f03-d05 21 1905-05-14 Members of Emory Class of '21 Reunion - Letter from Claud Maynea and attched 20 letters from other members of the class including JLM.
f03-d06 1 1973-07-31 Newspaper article, "Senators Insisted on Wiretap"
f03-d07 1 1975-08-09 Newspaper article, "Busbee Makes Peace", Rep. Harry Mixon
f03-d08 1 Photo, Rep. Wayne Mixson
f03-d09 2 1969-1972 JLM handwritten notes, Cort of Vol. II - list of expenses for V-2
f03-d10 3 1931-11-01 Letter to Ella & Merle from John (Law)
f03-d11 2 Note card (2 copies) From Stub Indents-SC Revolutional claims, Francis Mixon, Michael Mixon, Maraday Mixson, Michael Mixon
f03-d13 2 1965-05-30 Letter to JLM and wife Grace from Acton.  Class mate of JLM from Midland City school, 50 years ago. Reminisces about old times "1-Leslie Mixon----Character Building"   
f03-d14 2 1961-09-18 JLM acceptance letter and certificate into The National Genealogical Society
f03-d15 1 Newspaper clipping - Presbyterian Church Names New Officers
f03-d16 2 1905-05-18 Letter to JLM from Tallapoosa County Teachers Association request for JLM to be Guest of Honor at their meeting on May 20, 1965, page 2 Progam for meeting listing JLM
f03-d17 1 1965-02-22 Mixson, Grace Swanson - about JLM's wife
f03-d18 1 1984-02-24 Recept of donation by JLM to Alabama Republications, $25.00
f03-d19 1 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - The University of Alabama Libraries
f03-d20 1 1974-10-15 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - The University of Alabama
f03-d21 1 1974-10-01 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - The University of Florida Libraries
f03-d22 1 1974-03-01 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - Northhampton County Cousins request for books, JLM notes 2 books sent
f03-d23 2 1974-10-30 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - University of Florida Libraries
f03-d24 1 1971-10-27 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - Richard W. Norton Memorial Library
f03-d25 1 1971-11-12 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - Louisiana State Univesity at Alexandria
f03-d26 1 1971-11-01 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - Rapides Parish Library
f03-d27 1 1971-10-20 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - Georgh H. and Laura E. Brown Library
f03-d28 1 1972-01-05 Mixon-Mixson Family Book receipt acknowlegement - EP Enoch Pratt Free Library
f03-d29 2 Swanson Census records, Fayette County, GA, two copies marked up
f03-d30 2 Mixson - Some English Records (Fauntleroy) - V1 book draft 
f03-d31 1 Mixon/Mixsons in England - V1 book draft
f03-d32 2 George Mixon 1701 (?) - 1779 (?), p2 - Will of George Mixon - V1 book draft
f03-d33 2 George Mixon 1701 (?) - 1779 (?), p2 - Will of George Mixon - V1 book draft - copy 2
f03-d34 1 1969-06-26 Newspaper clipping - Kiwanis Clubh Honors Nine Members - JLM is one 
f03-d35 1 1965-05-22 Newspaper clipping - State Bankers Meet - includes JLM
f03-d36 1 1965- Newspaper clipping - The Editor Preaches in Ozark - had dinner with JLM and his wife and kids
f03-d37 1 1965- Newspaper clipping - Eara of Investigation, NYT news service, article about Mr. Nixon's 1st term
f03-d38 1 1982-05-01 Tallapoosa County Tax Assessor - Grace Mixon revalued lot
f03-d39 1 Mixon and Mixson surnames - Excerpt from page 63, "American Surnames"
f03-d40 1 Map of Mixson names in England
f03-d41 5 1973- Letter to JLM from Nelia Mixon Roberts with article in Hattiesburg American newspaper about Rawls Springs. Article about 1921 gathering of Confederate vetrans including John Christopher Mixon
f03-d42 4 1960-12 The Alabama Sential, Civil Defense Department newsletter, Volume 2, Number 10
f04-d00 1 Folder cover - Elijah Mixson (Sr)
f04-d01 2 1904-09-30 Elijah Mixon, I - V1 draft pages
f04-d02 1 1775-03-21 George Mixson to Zedekiah Mixson - Beaufort County, NC, Deeds, Book 4, page 450
f04-d03 1 1784-11-10 William Condry, land grant, Martin County, NC, Book 56, page 330, file 177
f04-d04 2 1813- Namoi Mixon former wife of William Condry, deed transfer to William Osbon, Martin Couny, NC
f04-d05 2 Elijah Mixon, I., Draft pages for V1
f04-d06 2 John Mixon, III. , Draft pages for V1, text crossed out
f04-d07 2 Elijah Mixson, hand written draft for V1
f04-d08 4 1830-08-10 Namoi Mixon wife of late husband Elijah Mixon, acknowleges receipt of $300 for transfer of negro and her child to Thomas Blount, Beaufort County, NC (two transcripts, negative/positive copies of original), Book 17, page 114
f04-d09 3 1774-06-06 Deed transfer to Elijah Mixson, Beaufort County, NC,(Transcript, negative/Positive copies of orginal)
f04-d10 5 1779-07-16 George Mixson, Will, Beaufort County, NC, gives sons: Elijah Mixon the plantaion, Saluthial Mixon one Shilling Sterling, son Elijah Mixon all my property he is possed with, Zedekiah the plantation and land, daughter Martha Garganas ten Pounds  (two orginal copies and enhanced copies, transcript)
f04-d11 3 1808-06-24 Elijah Mixon, Will, Beaufort County, NC, gives to sons Elijah Mixon, Jon Mixon (orginal copy, enhanced copy, transcript)
f04-d12 3 1812-02-06 Elijan Mixon, Indenture Deed with James Mixon, Beaufort County, NC (original copy, enhanced copy, transcript)
f04-d13 5 1793-03-11 Will of William Price, Sr, Beaufort County, NC to sons William, Absalom and daughters Elizabeth, Allis, Lucreta, Mary
f05-d00 1 Folder cover - Land Grants
f05-d01 1 1957-04-03 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, Historical and Genealogical Research about Michael and Mixon research including Capt. Moor Fantleroy
f05-d02 2 1957-07-28 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, Historical and Genealogical Research about about early Virgina headrights and land grants
f05-d03 1 1957-06-10 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, Historical and Genealogical Research about talks about available deed indexes, no mention of Mixon
f05-d04 1 1957-08-15 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, Historical and Genealogical Research about nearest name she could find was Jon Mix
f05-d05 1 1957-08-25 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, Historical and Genealogical Research about early English records. No Mixon's
f05-d06 1 1957-11-30 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, Historical and Genealogical Research about some early English records and saying Mixon and Moxon are the same name. 
f05-d07 1 1960-02-15 Letter to JLM from Ann Waller Reddy, handwritten letter because she is getting over pnemonia.  No mention of Mixon's
f05-d08 1 Order form from JLM to Research - Historical and Genealogical - Ann Waller Reddy, $36.00 for 12 hours
f05-d09 2 Typed page: Land Grant made to Mixsons by State of Virgina, draft page V1 (two copies)
f05-d10 4 1754- State Records of NC, Militia Returns 1754-1755, Craven County, Vl 22, pages 318-321, photocopies.  Lists John Mixon, Wm. Mickson
f05-d11 1 Typed page: Mrs Blanche A Chapman's Books are again Vilable
f05-d12 1 1964-08-27 Virgina State Library, order form, Reel 9, p 11, 12, Patent to Ralph Wormeley for 13,500 acres in King and Queen Count in Pamunkey Neck, 25 Oct 1695.  For importation 270 persons including John Mixon
f05-d13 2 1905-05-13 Hand written note
f05-d14 2 1960-09-30 Postcard to JLM from H.S. King, thanking for order for Saint Paul's Parish Register 1715-1798.  He has not made a study of the Mixson family.  
f05-d15 2 1958-01-20 Postcard to JLM from AWR (Ann Waller Reddy) mentions her cousin Juliette Fauntleroy and researched her family and will send JLM some references.
f05-d16 2 JLM hand written notes: Joseph Moxom, George Moxon
f05-d17 1 1961-12-27 American Society of Genealogists - Anouncement of publication: Register Staford Co, VA, 1773-1758
f05-d18 2 1961- Order form for Mariages of Princess Anne Co, VA, JLM notes on back
f05-d19 2 Publication list for Virginia Genealogical Records, publications of John Frederick Dorman
f05-d20 7 Publication list for Virginia Genealogical Records, The Virginia Genealogist
f05-d21 4 1957-08-15 Mixon, JLM draft pages for V1
f05-d22 1 1964-08-18 Acknowledgement of JLM from Journal of NC Genealogy
f05-d23 2 William Mixon, I, JLM typed pages of references for William Mixon, I.
f05-d24 1 1961-04-01 Letter to JLM from Emmett Lucas, JR about available publications
f05-d25 2 Sample of hand writing common to the late 16 hundreds.
f05-d26 4 William Berkeley Land Patent, Patents No. 2, 1643-1651, from VA state library, 1962-04-26 
f06-d00 1 Folder cover - Court Minutes
f06-d01 2 Hand written genealogy chart for Joseph Isial Mixson-Lorena McKinnon, 1870-1939
f06-d02 5 1757-1761 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Beaufort Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, 1757-1761 copy 1
f06-d03 5 1757-1761 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Beaufort Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, 1757-1761 copy 2
f06-d04 2 1734-1737 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Onslow Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, two copies
f06-d05 1 1809-1814 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Beaufort Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, 1809-1814
f06-d06 3 1824-1829 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Beaufort Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, 1824-1829
f06-d07 2 1832-1838 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Beaufort Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, 1832-1838
f06-d08 1 JLM typed page, NC State Dept. of Archives and history - references and Tombstone records
f06-d09 5 Mixson/Mixon - draft pages for V1
f06-d10 10 Draft pages for V1, Some English Records, Mixson/Mixon, Col. Moore Fauntleory, Virginia Records
f06-d11 1 1775-1809 Elijah Mixson, Jr  1775-1809, Draft page for V1
f06-d12 3 Mixson/Mixon, draft pages for V1
f06-d13 2 1757-1761 JLM typed pages, Court records, from Beaufort Co. NC, Dept. of Archives and History, 1757-1761
f06-d14 1 1959-06-16 Envelope for letter from Mrs JC Gibbart to JLM
f06-d15 1 Don Kenneth Mixson, family information sheet
f06-d16 1 Rex Marion Mixson, family information sheet
f06-d17 1 1960-02-16 Letter to JLM from William Perry Johnson about TNC renewal and information about John Mixon
f06-d18 1 1959-07-27 Letter to JLM from Marybelle Delmar about copy of sale of estate for John Mixon 1733
f06-d19 1 Newspaper clipping about Rev. Rex Mixon to conduct revival
f06-d20 1 Note on stationary of Mrs. S. M. Mixson about Olive Kathleen Mixson and William Tod Mixson
f06-d21 1 Note on Mixson Brothers stationary about children of Garland Hale and Kathleen Mixson
f07-d00 1 Folder cover - William Cicero Mixson
f07-d01 1 Family information sheet, Ralph Mixson, father David Marion Mixson, m. Ada Lillian Hildreth
f07-d02 1 Family information sheet, Otis O. Mixson, father David Marion Mixson, m. Ada Lillian Hildreth
f07-d03 2 Family information sheet, Ray H. Mixson
f07-d04 1 Family information sheet, Earl E. Mixson, father David Marion Mixson, m. Ada Lillian Hildreth
f07-d05 1 Family information sheet, Wade F. Mixson, father David Marion Mixson, m. Ada Lillian Hildreth
f07-d06 1 Family information sheet, Earl Campbell Dexter, m. Mabyn Eloise Mixson, father David Marion Mixson, m. Ada Lillian Hildreth
f07-d07 1 Family information sheet, James Franklin Mixson, father Millard Franklin Mixson, m. Hardie Earle Phifer
f07-d08 1 Family information sheet, D. M. Mixson, father William C. Mixson, m. Martha Elizabeth Law
f07-d09 1 JLM notes, typed: James Luther Mixson, Arnold Grady Moxon, Essie Mae Mixson, Jocie Mixson, Larue Mixson, Samuel Alvin Mixson, Owen Luther Mixson
f07-d10 1 Family information sheet, Maurice Leland Mixson, father Wade Franklin Mixson, m. Mae Tindol
f07-d11 1 JLM typed page: Jacob DuPree, m. Winifred E. Mixson, dau. of William Mixson (1808) & Julia H.
f07-d12 2 Letter to JLM from cousin James O. DuPree, grands. of Winifred Ellen Mixson and James DuPree
f07-d13 1 Letter to JLM from Clarice (Mrs. F. Earl Tuner)
f07-d14 1 1957-09-26 Letter to JLM from LaRul about the name "oldmixon", enclosed some history
f07-d15 3 1957-04-11 Letter to JLM from LaRul about the name "oldmixon",handwritten about Great Grandfather Mixson
f07-d16 3 1959-03-22 Letter to JLM from  French about "facts about these folks"
f07-d17 1 1970-02-27 Letter to JLM from Ward on Mixson Brothers stationary providing "Keith's address"
f07-d18 1 1966-02-15 Letter to JLM from James O. Dupree, About lienage to ancestor John Mixson compiled by Ray and French Mixson.  He has heired his grandfather and grandmother's bible, they were James and Winnifred Ellen Mixon Dupree.
f07-d19 3 1958-03-11 Letter to JLM from Mildred on Mixson Brothers stationary with attached list of with James Madison & Florence Amanda McKinnon Mixson and his decendents
f07-d20 1 1904-12-10 Copy of family bible, William & Julia Harris Mixson
f07-d21 4 1931-11-01 Carbon copy of "Dear Ella & Merle" letter from John Law, 
f07-d22 3 1931-11-01 "Dear Ella & Merle" letter from John Law, typed up by JLM
f07-d23 1 Personal Memorial of W. C. Mixson, Orginal (JLM's family)
f07-d24 3 Personal Memorial of W. C. Mixson, version 2 of 5
f07-d25 2 Personal Memorial of W. C. Mixson, version 3 of 5
f07-d26 2 Personal Memorial of W. C. Mixson, version 4 of 5
f07-d27 2 Personal Memorial of W. C. Mixson, version 5 of 5
f07-d28 2 Memorial Record of Alabama, Vol.I, Page 675, Barzilla H. Mixson (Bro. to Grandfather Wm.C.Mixson)
f07-d29 6 ~1850-1870 Some History on the Mixson Family, by L.R Mixson - Narrative story about the Mixson family, W. M. Mixson, Barzilla, W. C. Mixson, W. N. Mixson, Walter Mixson, William Mixson, Elizabeth Mixson. Written in 1957 by Larou R Mixson (#72)
f07-d30 14 JLM handwritten notes on small notepad
f07-d31 1 Inkblotter adverstiment: Hugo Marx & CO. Investment bankers
f07-d32 1 Notecard with acknowledgement of gift to Methodist Children's Home
f07-d33 1 Newspaper clipping, Rev. Rex Mixon, to conduct revival
f07-d34 3 1855-01-01 William Mixson, W C Mixson, Deed for record
f07-d35 1 1959-11-10 Envelope for letter from Mrs JC Gibbart to JLM
f07-d36 2 Note from S.M. Mixson on Mixson Brothers stationary (see James Madison Mixson #37) Kathaleen Mixson Hale
f08-d00 2 Folder cover - Salathiel Mixson
f08-d01 2 Mixson/Mixon, Salathiel Mixon, 1734-1782, NC - draft pages, V1
f08-d02 2 Mixon Family (Additional data, Feb 22, 1937)
f08-d03 1 1782- Letter to JLM from William Perry Johnson, Professional Genealogist, 1782 list a Martha Mixson
f08-d04 2 1779-1802 Notes from NC State Dept. of Archives, New Hanover County - 1779 Michael Mixson, 1802 John Mixon, 1810 Ann Mixon
f08-d05 1 1802-06-25 Letter to JLM from Alexander M Walker, he finds the name John Mixson (Mixon) listed in court minutes, Volume 1798-1805, pp 171-172
f08-d06 1 1960-08-20 Letter to JLM from Alexander M Walker, acknowledges receipt of check from JLM for book.  
f08-d07 1 1958-09-02 Letter to JLM from Alexander M Walker, suggesting they perhaps have something wrong for there are no Mixson's listed in a list of NC counties.  He did find 5 Mixon's listed in 1790 Census, 2 Beaufort Co, 1 each Chwan, Robeson and Richmond Co.
f08-d08 1 1958-10-04 Letter to JLM from Alexander M Walker, says he does not know of any records with the data JLM asked about.  Request for additional $ for additional research at $2 an hour
f08-d09 2 1960-05-16 Letter to JLM from Alexander M Walker, quotes prices, suggest contacting a Louis Carr Henry in DC.  Says he saw a DAR library reference to Robert M. Mixson of Barnwell, SC
f08-d10 2 1732-1782 Salathiel Mixson, 1732-1782, draft pages, includes Salathiel Mixson, III
f09-d00 1 Folder cover - Memorial Records of Ala, Atomic Fallout
f09-d01 2 Note, handwritted - Pearle Fuller is to go off to cfcalo to Schwub Nov 1895
f09-d02 2 1800- Census: 1800, Beauford Co, SC - Mixon's - John, Michael, Reuben, Robert (2 copies)
f09-d03 2 1820- Census: 1820, Darlington Co, SC - John Mixon, Sarah Mixon, John Mixon Sr. (2  copies)
f09-d04 1 1850- Census: 1850, Darlington Co, SC - many Mixon's
f09-d05 4 1860- Census: 1860, Darlington Co, SC - many Mixon's (2 copies, 2p each)
f09-d06 2 1905-02-12 Census: 1870, Darlington Co, SC - many Mixon's (2 copies)
f09-d07 4 1880- Census: 1880, Darlington Co, SC - JLM speculates from data about some of the children found in other homes being from Mixson's (4 copies)
f09-d08 2 1905-02-22 Census: 1880, Lydia Township, Darliington Co, SC many Mixon's
f09-d09 1 1959-08-17 Letter to JLM from Ln. N. Flippo, Jr, enclosed the Mixon Genealogy for JLM to copy and return
f09-d10 2 1933-02-03 Letter to Cousin Anna from Mary Mixon, narative about family genealogy.  Following Mixon's mentioned: Phoebe Mixon Harris, Elizabeth Mixon Fields, Jehu Mixon, Micah Mixon wife Lydia, Anna Mixon Belk husband Jeremiah, 
f09-d11 2 1968-05-08 Letter to JLM from Sib on Mixson Brothers letterhead, some history about "Mixson Brothers" business
f09-d12 1 1830's Early Mixon records, Jehu Mixon Sr, Simpson Mixon, Joel Mixon
f09-d13 7 Mixon Family - summary of early Mixon records in Carolinas, 1 of 2
f09-d14 7 Mixon Family - summary of early Mixon records in Carolinas, 2 of 2
f09-d15 2 Mixon Family - Transalantic records, two copies
f09-d16 1 Mixon/Mixson (In England), content crossed out
f09-d17 2 Mixon/Mixson (In England), content crossed out, marked up and notes on back
f09-d18 1 Mixon/Mixson, Some English records, content crossed out
f09-d19 2 Mixon - translantic records (2 copies)
f09-d20 6 Mixons in America (3 copies)
f09-d21 6 Mixon Family (3 copies)
f09-d22 1 1787-04-01 From "Diaries of George Washington", V3, page 87, Captain Mixon dined with GW
f09-d23 2 Mixson Family (additional data, Feb 22, 1937)
f09-d24 2 Suggestions and Items to consider when writing your personal history
f10-d00 1 Folder cover - North Carolina
f10-d01 1 1741-07-25 Roger Jones, will abstract, Beaufort Co, NC, from C.C. Duke, Register of deeds Beaufort Co, NC
f10-d02 12 Mixson/Mixon, notes for Georgia counties Newton, Campbell (now Fulton), Coweta, Spalding.  
f10-d03 1 1755-1789 Beaufort Co, NC - Tax lists, Salathiel Mixson, John Mixon, Zedekiah Mixon, Elijan Mixon
f10-d04 1 1734-1746 Craven Co, NC - Court minutes - John Mixon, Michael Mixon, Michael Mixon
f10-d05 1 1868-02-26 J. B. Mixon and Martha E Mayo - Marriage Certificate
f10-d06 2 1779-1806 Letter to JLM from Juno Rodman about his family and registger of deeds.  Elijah Raefield Mixon, Jesse Bond Mixon, George Mixon, Elijah Mixon, Salathial Mixon, Zedekiah Mixon, Elijah Mixon, James Mixon, Elizabeth Mixon, Sallie L. Mixon
f10-d07 1 Chowan County,NC- list of marriage records and wills
f10-d08 1 Duplin Co, NC - deeds, Michael Mixson
f10-d09 1 Hand written note on back of envelope Bath orginall the Indtain town of Pamptigough was settled by white men about 1690
f10-d10 1 Students at W & M College 1827-32 - Edmund Jones, parent Charles W. Mixson
f10-d11 2 1775-1840 Jeremiah Mixson, II, son of Jeremiah & Hanna Mixson, Jeremiah Mixson, III, Charles W. Mixson and others
f10-d12 2 1732-1782 Salathiel Mixon, son of George & Elizabeth Mixon
f10-d13 15 1790-1880 Census: North Carolina - typed and marked up census records
f10-d14 1 1904-11-24 Mixson/Mixon, North Carolina - Other sons of Zedekiah Mixon, Sr, Beaufort Co
f10-d15 6 1832-1859 Mixson/Mixon, North Carolina, Beaufort Co. - David Mixon (1832) and w. Sarah Watson and their decendents
f10-d16 2 1904-11-14 Mixson/Mixon, North Carolina, Beaufort Co. - Elijah Raefield Mixon (crossed out), Micajah Mixon (1780), Zedekiah Mixon, Jr. (1794)
f10-d17 1 1904-11-11 Mixson/Mixon, North Carolina, Charles Mixson, enlisted in Revolutionary war, Apr 2, 1777
f10-d18 1 1735-1784 Marriages of Henrico Co, VA, lists several "Minson", Robert Moxson
f10-d19 4 1774-02-27 John Mixon of Onslow Precinct, deceased, Feb 27, 1734 - An Inventory of goods and Chattels, Photo copy of orginial and typed transcript
f11-d00 1 Folder cover - War Records
f11-d01 1 Soldiers of Florida (Civil War) - Company K -10th Infantry - Mixon, John T
f11-d02 1 Soldiers of Florida (Civil War) - Company D, 11th Infantry - Mixon, W (Deserted)
f11-d03 1 Soldiers of Florida (Civil War) - Company H, 10th Infantry - Mixon W.W.
f11-d04 1 1970-10-08 Letter to JLM from Edward Johnson, FL Beueau of Archives, 5 Mixon's in the Seminole and Civil wars, enclosures with names
f11-d05 1 1913-05-28 Thos J. Mixon, Board of Pension, LA
f11-d06 2 1957-02-15 Explanation for return of order, GSA, National Archives, R.E.Mixon
f11-d07 1 1984-06-05 Chashier's Check to Mr. Alvin B. Mixon, $25.00
f11-d08 1 Notice of fee increase
f11-d09 7 1970-1972 Order for photocopies, GSA National Archives
f11-d10 1 Explanation of order for Photocopies - GSA National Archives
f11-d11 1 1973-12-05 Letter to JLM from Janet Hargett, General Archives Division, National Archives, lists state and country locations for several Mixson's (LM note: includes John D. Mixson, 1904 Gainesville, FL, Richard Mixson, 1882 Gainesville FL, Levi Mixson, 1888, Gainesville FL) Enclosures
f11-d12 1 1913-04-07 Mary Elizabeth Mixon, pension application for Thomas J. Mixon
f11-d13 289 Civil War Records of Mixon/Mixson's from National Archives requested by JLM.  Includes  Muster Rolls, Inspection reports, Register of Paroles, Regimental Returns, Report of Sick and Wonded, Hospital Rolls, Prisoners of War, etc. 
f12-d00 2 Folder cover - Wills Misc
f12-d01 2 1820-05-10 Jeremiah Gaylord will,  (orginal copy and enhanced)
f12-d02 2 1814-01-18 Benjamin Mixon, will, (orignal copy and enhanced)
f12-d03 9 1859-06-10 David Mixon, Will (orginal copy and enahnced), (orginal copy 4 pages, enhanced copy and transscript)
f12-d04 1 1833-05-11 David Mixon, Micajah Mixon, indenture, Beaufort Co, NC
f12-d05 1 1959-05-25 Letter from JLM to Mrs. Fitzsimons - requestion look up of deefor Susannah Mixon
f12-d06 1 1968-06-17 Letter to Aaron M. Mixon, Jr. from Herbert Angel, National Archives about photocopies of record for Jand and J.J. Mixon,  Aaron sent letter to JLM, JLM wront note  "#3415, p277" which is referenced to James Joyce Mixon in V1
f12-d07 1 1957-07-29 Letter to JLM from Mabel Trott Fitzsimmons saying she found one reference for Michael Mixon.
f12-d08 1 1976-08-05 Letter to JLM from Roger Farrar, Columbus Bank and Trust - about banking business 
f12-d09 1 Pamphlet "Your social security rights and responsibilities, Retirement and survivors benefits"
f12-d10 1 Postcard to JLM from Social Security Adminstration
f13-d00 1 n/a Folder cover - George Mixson
f13-d01 1 Land Grant made to Mixsons by State of Virginia (V1 draft)
f13-d02 1 John Mixon, II, (V1 draft)
f13-d03 3 Some Virginia Records - (V1 draft)
f13-d04 1 Mixson/Mixon - Some English Records, (V1 draft)
f13-d05 2 Mixson, Mixon - Virginia records (V1 Draft)
f13-d06 1 Mixson/Mixon - Of the three sons…, (V1 draft) marked up
f13-d07 1 Mixson, Mixon - (Virginia records: Miscellaneous) (V1 draft) marked up
f13-d08 2 George Mixson, the oldest son of John and Prudence Mixon (V1 draft) marked up
f13-d09 2 George Mixson, hand writted draft
f13-d10 2 George Mixson, the oldest son of John (III) and Prudence Mixon (V1 draft) marked up
f13-d11 2 Mixson/Mixon, NC, George Mixson notes
f13-d12 1 1759-09-04 George Mixon, land grant transcript, George's mark "X" under spelling Mixon, wife signature spelled Elizabeth "Mixson" (folder contains three copies)
f13-d13 2 1729-09-09 George Mixon, Land grant transcript,
f13-d14 1 1761-08-24 George Mixon, land grant from John Mixon, Carteret Count deeds
f13-d15 3 1989-07-26 Letter to D. L. Mixson from Mrs. Joe S. Hardcastle, inquires for information about Edward Harris Mixon who lives in South Merritt Island, FL  (return envelope addressed to her included, evidently not used by JLM)
f13-d16 3 1988-10-30 Letter to JLM Mixson from Mrs. Jeannette Swafford, subject about DAR application that included E. J. Mixon, Micha Mixon, Nathan Mixon (return envelope addressed to her included, evidently not used by JLM)
f13-d17 1 1763-06-12 George Mixon, land Indenture
f13-d18 2 1738-09-12 George Mixon, land deed
f13-d19 4 1722-10-18 John Mixon, Land grant, (orginial copy and enhanced)
f14-d00 1 n/a Folder cover - No title (Contains non-Mixon early wills)
f14-d01 2 1905-02-02 Tallaposa Co, AL - handwritten list of census records
f14-d02 1 1786-1859 Abstracts, Nixon, Edward, Thomas Nixon, Jr
f14-d03 2 1800-1835 Nixon Family, Historic Camden: Part Two, list of early Nixon's
f14-d04 1 1797-03-15 John Nixson, Sr, will
f14-d05 6 1806-10-09 Samuel Mixon, will, sons John, wife Sarah, daughters Juney(orginial copy, enhanced copy, transcript)
f14-d06 2 1809-04-14 John Goodwin, will
f14-d07 1 1750-09-07 Abraham Colson, will (transcript)
f14-d08 3 1829-08-18 Lydia Williamson, will (copy)
f14-d09 1 1767-04-10 Davod Girgamis, will (transcript)
f14-d10 1 1767-04-10 Davod Girgamis, will (transcript, copy 2)
f14-d11 1 1786-10-04 John Allen, will (transcript)
f14-d12 1 1786-10-04 John Allen, will (transcript, copy 2)
f14-d13 2 1806-02-14 Thomas Barrow, Will (transcript)
f14-d14 1 1811-07-29 Elizabeth Barrow, will (transcript)
f14-d15 1 1807-11-29 Isaac Cyches, will (transcript)
f14-d16 2 1827-01-17 Frederick Barrow, will (transcript)
f14-d17 2 1830-01-18 Henry Barrow & Tepehen Owens, Indenture (transcript)
f14-d18 2 1783-06-20 William Simpson, will (transcript, fopy f14-d23)
f14-d19 2 1788-08-11 Weston Williams, will (transcript)
f14-d20 1 1802-05-05 John Fergus
f14-d21 3 1766-05-14 Francis Britton, will (transcript and JLM note)
f14-d22 3 1783-06-20 William Simpson, will (copy, see f14-d19 for transcript)
f14-d23 3 1747-09-25 Magalene Webb, will (transcript)
f14-d24 3 1750-02-13 Enoc Ward, will (transcript)
f14-d25 2 1747-09-18 William Watkins, will (transcript)
f14-d26 2 1792-01-23 Morris Jones, will (transcript)
f14-d27 2 1784-07-16 William Cording, will (transcript)
f14-d28 2 1753-03-17 Thomas Lee, will (transcript)
f14-d29 2 1784-10-13 John McCall, will (transcript)
f14-d30 1 1788-09-14 John McCall, will (transcript)
f14-d31 2 1794-06-14 John McCall, will (transcript)
f14-d32 1 1790-03-10 Martha Barrow, will (transcript)
f14-d33 1 1795-11-03 William Harris, will (transcript)
f14-d34 1 1787-06-18 Jacob Harris, will (transcript)
f14-d35 3 1779-05-09 John Cook, will (transcript)
f14-d36 2 1742-10-08 John Cook, will (transcript)
f14-d37 2 1763-02-04 John Freeman, will (transcript)
f14-d38 1 1797-11-13 Holland Jones, will (copy)
f14-d39 1 1820-02-14 John Hanif, will (copy)
f15-d00 1 Folder Cover -No Title (Contains letters and news clippings to JLM, 1979-1980)
f15-d01 1 1979-11-26 Letter to Mr. & Mrs. JLM from James and Dorthy Mixon, general holiday wishes and family news
f15-d02 2 197? Card to  Mr. & Mrs. JLM from James and Dorthy Mixon,  about new book and upcomming Mixon reunion (Front and 2back)
f15-d03 1 1980-02-22 Letter to Mr. & Mrs. JLM from James and Dorthy Mixon, provides names and contact informaiton on some Mixson's in TX and requesting another copy of V3
f15-d04 2 1980(?) Card to  Mr. & Mrs. JLM from James and Dorthy Mixon, cousin died and other family news (front and back)
f15-d05 2 1988-08-02 50th Wedding invitation for Mr. and Mrs. Ruff Harrell Mixon
f15-d06 1 1980-07-14 Typed note to JLM from Elisabeth Mixon about some recent information on the Mixon family, some deaths and children
f15-d07 1 ? Newspaper clipping - Lauda Dale Mixon (Mrs. Sidney Leon Leak) died May 3
f15-d08 1 ? Accomodation acknowlegment, Oak Hills Motor Inn, San Antonio TX - Says for "Mixon, Mixson Reunion"
f15-d09 1 1980-07-12 Hand written note to JLM from Dorthy and JJ,  on "Santa Fe" transportaion company stationary
f15-d10 1 1980-07-11 Letter from J.L. Mixon, President Pro Tem, "Mixon -Mixson 1980 Reunion" information about the reunion, time, place, facilities, agenda
f15-d11 1 1979-01-08 Letter to JLM from Jan, about DAR, address of contacts, and some Mixson's in the family.  Enclosed clipping about Wayne
f15-d12 2 1979-12-01 Dempsey Mixon - Police Officer retires after 32 years
f15-d13 1 ? John R. Mixon named circulation director for the Advertsising Co (note by JLM "#1680, Vol II, p 289)
f15-d14 1 1980-04-30 Gov. Wayne Mixson, Florida's No. 2 Official recalls his state ties, (Birmingham News)
f15-d15 3 Handwritten note about Garlin Mixon and his decendents (two pages and newspaper clipping about Mollie M. Mixon obit)
f15-d16 1 1980-05-28 Letter to "Decendants of Grandpa Joseph Mixon" from Paul S. Mixon (son of Winfred B. Mixon, Sr.)
sent to family in behalf of JLM who asked him to provide information about Grandpa Mixon's family.
f15-d17 1 1980-05-29 Letter to JLM from Paul Smith Mixon - he had received JLM's book but can't afford V2 at this time. Provides some information about Mixon's in the family of Joseph Mixon
f15-d18 1 1980-07-11 Letter to JLM from John G. Mixon requestion information about additional books V2, V3
f15-d19 2 1980-01-29 Letter to JLM from Gene about A.W. Mixson and spelling of Mixson vs. Mixon, handwritten, enclosed newspaper clipping
f15-d20 3 1980-01-10 Letter to JLM from Addie M. Winans - she writes about some Mixon's in the family
f15-d21 1 1980-01-01 Letter to JLM from J.J. Mixon - about some Mixon family and upcomming reunion.  Newspaper clipping enclosed
f15-d22 8 1980-07-02 Letter to JLM from "The Robert Mixon's", Robert, Betty, Robert Jr., says "that your were injured on the ice. Also hope that your have recovered from the surgery."  and provides updates about her family.  Says "we are all suffering, along with everyone else in Texas, from one of the worse heat waves in recorded history." (eight hand written pages)
f15-d23 2 1980-02-08 Letter to JLM from Caila Mixon, requests copy of V3, provides information about her husband's family Reuben Joseph Mixon, his father Joseph Hall Mixon
f15-d24 1 1978-09-25 Newspaper clipping, George Marion Mixon, member of Cordelia Lodge, No 296
f15-d25 4 1978-03-02 Newspaper clippings, paper clipped together, 1) Star in the East, Ethyle (Monroe) Carlton, 2) "The Mixsons, Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Mixon, 3) Plainview Report - News, front page title with "Mixons add chapter to Long F", 4) Home Missions Becomes Home Mission, article about Rev. Jimmy Mixon 
f15-d26 2 1979-01-13 Letter to JLM from Merle (Mixson) Bowers, providing information about her twin brother, Max Mixson and her Merle.   Father Theophilus Walter Mixson wife Ola Brown. Sister Clara Grace Mixson (see later JLM correction page for book, f15-d30)
f15-d27 1 1977-10-17 Newspaper clipping, Obituary for Mary Mixon Bellue, JLM wrote on it "Keep, Oct 17,'77"
f15-d28 1 1978- Newspaper clipping, list of births compiled by Danagene Yanity '78 - lists Pamela Harris Mixon and David Townsend Mixon son David Townsend, III, b. sep 11, 1978.  JLM note "June-1979 The Emory Alumnus"
f15-d29 6 Six typed pages with title at top "Vol. I, p65", decendents of 565 Evie Elizabeth Mixon, dau. Of Abner J. & Elizabeth Catherine Mixon (518) (additions to V1)
f15-d30 1 Typed page "Vol. I, p.43: Vol. II, p.193, Corrections and additions - 256 Theophilus Walter Mixson and wife, Minie Ola Brown Mixson. (corrections from letter, see f15-d26)
f15-d31 1 Handwritten page about Hames McKinnon Mixon and wife Virginia Poindexter Mixson.  (note JLM hadwritting)
f15-d32 1 1979-11-17 Newspaper clipping: Sylacaugan honored, Dwight Leslie Mixson (JLM's son)
f15-d33 3 1978- Clipping John W. Mixon named research head of the Forestry Commision, (appears to be from some newsletter, JLM wrote on it "4016b" his reference number in JLM book, clipped to paper with title "Vol. II, p. 373 (f016b))
f15-d34 1 1980-08-24 Newspaper clipping, Alabama to honor native son Mixson, April 29 will be "Wayne Mixson Day" in Alabama, about Wayne Mixon who became Florida's leutenant governer.  (JLM wrote note "B'ham Nes, April 24-1980)
f15-d35 1 1980-06-21 Letter, handwritten to JLM from Jimmie L. Mixon, letting him know that Bill died.
f15-d36 2 1980-06-19 Newspaper clipping, Mixon gets Father award of CowBelles.  The Conecuh Coujnty Cow-Belles named Alivin B. Mixon "Father of the Year"
f15-d37 3 1979-05-25 Letter to JLM from Marguerita R. Biemer - writes about giving copy of V3 to a friend and providing addtions to VII pages 86-87, 101-102 about Wentwaith Webb's family (note: Mrs. Biemer provided about 70 pages to JLM V2)
f15-d38 2 Letter to JLM from Ann Grigsley Martin - writes about researching his Mixon line, provides some additional faimly information.  JLM writes on note Vol III, p80, V1, p256, #3198 Tavis Mixon and notes about persons
f15-d39 1 1980-06-25 Letter to JLM from Ann Martin - says she has decided to get all three volumes.  
f15-d40 1 Newspaper clipping: Forlida Lt. Gov. Wayne Mixson in the Alabama Capitol with Alabama Lt. Gov. George McMillan
f16-d00 1 Folder Cover - Mrs. M. M. Barnett - American Reference Publishers, Inc
Correspondence between JLM and American Reference Publishers who published V1
f16-d01 2 ~1968 American Reference Publishers, Inc. Brochure, Mary Barnett Curtis, President
f16-d02 4 ~1968 Letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM about publishing and other services.
p2 - Attachment 1, Printing Specification Sheet explanation page
p3 -  Printing Specification Sheet filled in by JLM, specifies publication date no later than April 1969, size 6x9, hard back, saddle Stitched, relaxed format offset print, 350 pages.  ARP agrees to April date and provides prices.
p4 - carbon copy of filled in form
f16-d03 1 1969-04-01 Card from M. Barnett to JLM, card says “Here is more of the manuscript.”, and talks about originals being turned over to the printer.
f16-d04 1969? Card from M. Barnett to JLM, card says “Here is more of the manuscript.”, and talks about originals being turned over to the printer. (no date, probably 1969)
f16-d05 1 1969-06-06 Letter from Ashley Mixon, President Plains Food to John.  Ashley talks about visiting American Reference Publishers.  States that the book was not ready.  Says Mrs. Barnett she had taken the job (JLM’s book) for less money than she should have, however.
f16-d06 1 1968-06-24 ARP Invoice for: Index to Arkansas 1840 Census, Map of Arkansas, Family Group Sheets
f16-d07 1 1968-06-24 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett about some research results and thanking JLM for his order.  P.S. states “We do indeed do book publishing.”  Printing spec sheet enclosed. 
f16-d08 1 1969-02-03 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett about book publishing estimates for 150, 200 and 300 quantity of books.  ARP gets 40% of sales.  Says she has received JLM’s $250 check.
f16-d09 1 1969-06-03 Letter from JLM to Mr. A.B. Canning stating he has entered into an agreement with ARP for book estimated to contain 350 pages, 300 copies, at cost of $2085.00, to be ready by April 1st, 1969.   This is the first letter stating issues with ARP.  JLM says that Mrs. Barnett had been sick and there would be a 30 day delay and would be completed by mid-June.  JLM says he has not heard anything further and not received the section she was working on.  JLM states that further delays would jeopardize sales.   JLM says he was told that Canning was interested in the company and could be depended <to get the books completed>
f16-d10 1 1969-06-04 Letter from Helga Downing, secretary to Mr. Canning, acknowledging receipt of JLM’s letter and that Mr. Canning would be out until June 9th
f16-d11 1 1969-06-11 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett, Says the Mixon-Mixson book will sell for $20.00 but has not been completed.  It should be completed July 1 and advanced orders are being accepted.
f16-d12 1 1969-06-18 Letter from JLM to Mrs. Barnett, ARP.  JLM complains about the delays and the being put off by Barnett several times and to this date has not heard from her and his “patience is about out.”  JLM says she should not accept any more orders for the book until it is ready and any funds she has received to be placed in a Trust Fund in the bank.  JLM says for Barnett to contact him by mail about what to do about his contract and will allow her one week to reply.  He copies his attorney.
f16-d13 2 1969-06-18 ARP, Mrs. Barnett letter to JLM.  Says 40 pages are enclosed and how she has had issues with the copier and it cost her .10 a page to use someone else’s copier.  She has ordered the “printer cards” <see xxxx> and will send them to the persons on the list that JLM had provided.  She apologizes for the delay, stating it is “our fault”.  Says a gentleman from Plainview ordered 20 books.
f16-d14 2 1969-06-20 ARP, Mary Barnett Curtis, President letter to JLM, expresses regrets about delays but believe they have overcome their problems.  Goes on to tell how they had problems with making copies and with the copy machine.  Says all checks received for his book have been marked and would be happy to set up a trust account with the bank.
f16-d15 1 1969-06-27 ARP, Mitzi Barnett letter to JLM, stating the rest of the chapter on Micha Mixon, and other pages were included.  Follows stating she should have around 60 additional pages the following week.
f16-d16 1 1969-07-07 ARP, M. M. Barnett letter to JLM stating enclosed is chapter on Jesse Mixon and will complete and send another chapter the following week.
f16-d17 2 1969-07-19 ARP, Mitzi Barnett letter to JLM stating about additional sections being completed.  Also, that Ashley Mixon wants 100 books for “the reunion”.  States that an additional 50 books will be around $150 but as well as the book has been selling he should give some thought to increasing the amount to 500.  Copyright requires that 2 copies to Bureau of Copyright in Washington, DC and the fee for the book is $2.00.  Back of letter has handwritten notes about Benjamin Eugene Mixson, Jr.
f16-d18 2 1969-08-22 ARP, Mitzi Barnett letter to JLM.  She is enclosing the corrected pages, final copy of text pages and sample printed page.  Also enclosed is report on books sold to date (see f16-d18).   The prices on 500 books would be $2,601 to compare with the $2,085 on the 300 books quoted in the contract.
page 2: Report of books sold lists 25 pre-paid, with $540 received.  An additional 75 “spoken for”
f16-d19 1 1969-09-09 ARP, Mitzi Barnett let to JLM.  She says it was a pleasure to meet JLM and his son at the reunion.  Provides some person reference numbers <used in the book> to JLM and as soon as she receives the final copy will be able to complete the index.
f16-d20 1 1969-10-31 ARP Invoice #2435 - for publication of the Mixon-Mixson book, $1,352 due after deducting advance and credit of cash sales.
f16-d21 2 1969-10-31 ARP,Letter to JLM from Mary Barnett Curtis, President, the book "is coming along as scheduled" and  that with the addition of 80 JLM added, caused the printers “great inconvenience but the delivery date will be as promised”.  Delivery date stated to be November 10th
f16-d22 2 1969-11-07 Handwritten letter to JLM  from Rosalee M. Varn about receiving another card about the book and was interested but before sending a check (for $20) wanted to know more about it. She has nephew and sister-in-law are Mixson’s.  Provides address for Dr. B. M Mixon in Nashville, TN.
f16-d23 4 1969-11-10 ARP, Mitzi Barnett letter to JLM; Final report on book, 392 pages. Yellow copy of all orders though Oct 31.  To recover cost, 265 books need to be sold. States the printer ran into difficulties and fell behind the promised date.  She asks that JLM not be too hard on here as she is doing her best and is most anxious to see the book completed.  She said she was going to take a vacation as soon as it was finished, the first one for her in two years.  She also asks about JLM’s Volume II. 
List of 8 book orders sent in to ARP, says book to be ready to ship Nov 10, 1969, two more handwriten on back by JLM
f16-d24 1 1969-11-20 ARP, Mitzi Barnett letter to JLM; Says they have sold and additional 53 books and are receiving more orders each day.  The books “are now being collated and bound.”  
f16-d25 2 1969-11-20 Post card sent to JLM from ARP about Mixon-Mixson book being available.  This card was sent to everyone on JLM’s mailing list including my mother who bought a copy. 
f16-d26 1 1969-12-03 ARP Invoice #2576 for order of documents, GA land lottery, etc
f16-d27 2 1969-12-17 ARP Invoice #2635 to J. L. Mixson, Dadeville, AL, 19 books, Total $380, JLM 40% $152, JLM notes about costs on back
f16-d28 2 1969-12-19 Invoice, Final Statement on Printing of Mixon Book, Balance due $232.00.  Handwritten note: “Books shipped 1-1-70 by Continental Trailways Bus. At Last! Hooray! Hooray!, some JLM notes on back
f16-d29 1 1969-12-24 ARP, Mitzi Barnett letter to general public about the book.  Book being offered for the small sum of $20.   Also, you can get a copy of the coat of arms on parchment for $7.50
f16-d30 1 1969-12-29 Letter from Anthony B. Canning to JLM stating his is no longer connected to ARP as an executive officer, merely as a stockholder, hence is in no position to assist JLM.  He would send JLM’s letter to Mrs. Mary Curtis.
f16-d31 2 1970-01-13 ARP Invoice #2835 to E. John Mixon, Alexandria, LA, 2 books, $40, Mixon Coat of Arms $7.50, JLM notes on back
f16-d32 3 1970-02-17 Letter to JLM from Mitzi Barnett reporting  on books sold since the last December 19. 1969. 
75 additional books sold, $1500, less commision and balance of last statement, $667.70 due to JLM.  JLM handwritten figures on back.   (two copies)
f16-d33 2 Statetment of J.L. Mixson Account as of Feb 17, 1970
Lists invoices #2435, 2635
·         204 books sold by ARP, $555.70 due JLM
·         19 books shipped to JLM, paid for by Ashley Mixon $403 due to JLM
·         20 more books shipped to JLM
·         One book lacking to meet agreement
On back of copy 2 JLM writes 204+19=223 + 20=243 +25=268 sent 5/1/70 OK
f16-d34 1 1970-02-23 Letter to Mrs. Curtis (or Mrs. Barnett) from JLM, asking for report that he has been waiting on for two weeks and saying ARP agreed to render statements at the end of each month.  Also saying he had hoped to get out Volume II but has delayed until getting Volume I out of the way.  Copied his attorney
f16-d35 1 1970-03-13 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM about report on Texas census records. She sent his letter about payment and copies of the orders to accounting.
f16-d36 1 1970-04-02 ARP letter from Mary Barnett Curtis, President to JLM, enclosed cashier’s check for $403 and audited copies of book orders. 
·         Audit report 246 books
·         191 goldenrod copies of book orders included in audit
·         8 yellow copies of current book orders – 11 books
·         1 copy invoice 2635 – varifax
·         1 cc check for $403.70
f16-d37 1 1970-06-22 ARP invoice #4623 to JLM for 1850 Census Victoria County, TX
f16-d38 1 1970-06-22 ARP letter to JLM, Books sold since Feb 17, 1970, 22 books, check enclosed to JLM for $224
f16-d39 1 1970-07-30 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM letting him know that they will let Mr. Clarence Mixson have the books to sell at the reunion.  They only sold 2 more copies.  They have not yet received the copyright number back from the Library of Congress
f16-d40 1 1970-12-01 Letter from JLM to ARP Mrs. Curtis or Mrs. Barnett, requesting remainder of stock of unsold books to be sent to him.  Along with 100 Envelopes or Sleeves for mailing.   He also reports he checked with the Library of Congress and they have not received a request for his copyright number, being two months after Mitzi reported requesting it, he had the copyright affected himself.  Also he had not received any report from them for six months and requested a report.
f16-d41 3 1970-12-03 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM, Mitzi expresses disappointment that JLM wanted to “remove his books from her care” as she had worked very hard on it.  She goes on to explain some of the problems at ARP, and with Mr. Curtis (which she indicates has left ARP). She says “spent your savings, your time, and injured your health in trying to preserve a company’s reputation so that it may reach the potential it deserves….”.  She describes how ARP is just her, with a little help from family and friends. She adds a PS about if JLM wants to check to see if she is telling the truth she provides character references.
  She includes the report since June 22.  She says she is mailing six copies to JLM, all that she has. Report total sold: 351, payment on books sold from Jun 22 to Dec 2, $180
f16-d42 1 1970-12-28 Letter from JLM to ARP Mrs. Barnett saying that he has not received the six books and notifies her he is terminating his agreement with ARP.
f16-d43 2 1970-12-30 US Mail Certified letter receipt for letter dated Dec 12, 1970 (see f16-d40)
f16-d44 2 1970-12-30 Letter from ARP Mrs. Barnett to JLM saying she is mailing 5 books to him since her last letter she has sold one.  She also included a letter she sent Mr. Curtis about the additional books stating she has not heard from him. She goes on about some personal issues causing delay.
   She includes copy of letter from Travis Barnett to Mr. Curtis - requesting delivery of material in the posession of Arrow Printing Co.  Included is request for completion of order for Mixon-Mixson Family book pages.  Says ARP will consider Arrow Printing Co. liable for any expenses for replacement copies.
f16-d45 1 1971-02-05 Letter from JLM to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, He informs them “ARP (of which you were formerly president and perhaps still is) is due he approximately 160 books”.  JLM says that he contacted Mrs. Barnett about the books and she says they were not ready as pages were missing and they were not bound and that Mr. Curtis, at Arrow Printing Company, refuses to deliver the pages.  He requests a written statement from Mr. Curtis about the true facts in the case.
f16-d46 1 1971-02-13 Letter from JLM to Mr. and Mrs. Barnett.  He comments about a phone conversation with Mrs. Barnett about the books still due him.  He says he has learned that ARP is no longer a corporation, but is now owned by to or more individuals, and he needs to know who the present owners are.  It states that in the cover of his book it says that ARP is the publisher and goes on about the relationship of Arrow Printing Company (who did the actual printing) to ARP.
f16-d47 3 1971-02-18 Letter  to JLM from Mary Barnett Curtis- She askes if JLM has "been able to get any satisfaction out of Mrs. Barnett".  She goes on to say that Mrs. Barnett has no genealogical background but does has "great ability for editing and typing".  She says that Mrs. Barnett was in training for the job as manager of the company and it would be dertimened within the next 60-90 days if she qualifies or should be replaced.   She goes on to down talk Mrs. Barnett. Mrs. Curtis states her husband is very upset about the accusations being passed around by her (Mitzy Barnett). (envelop included)
f16-d48 2 1971-02-26 Letter to JOM from Travis Barnett - Long letter in which Mr. Barnett explains how the pages are printed, bound in sections and the assembled into the book.  He explains how Mr. Canning almost closed the company and filed bankruptcy because no agreement could be worked out with the Curtis' and Mr. Canning asked Mitzi to take the company on May 15, 1971. (he meant May 15, 1970, see document f16-d49) He goes on about ARP troubles with the IRS putting tax liens on the company, their credit being cut off, unfilled orders and then having to move the company because they were behind on the rent.
   He goes on to explain how Mitzi turned the company around, working 10-12 hours a day, six and seven days a week with out pay and the troubles she has had with Mr. Curtis.  He proposes a solution for the remaining books to be finished.  
f16-d49 1 1971~ Letter from ARP to "Our Friends and Customers" about Mitzy Musick Barnett taking over the company since May 1, 1970 and that all the stock has been transferred to her. Goes on to describe their accomplishments since taking over.  Also that the company is no longer incorporaated.  Note dated but probably early 1971, see document f16-d48.
f16-d50 1 1971-03-27 Copy of letter from JLM to Mrs. Curtis in response to her March 18th letter.
f16-d51 1 1971-04-27 Letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM; She encloses the pictures from the book and reports she delivered the final pages to the bindery.  She says to drop the “Inc.” from any future correspondence and encloses a check for $12.00.
f16-d52 1 1971-08-13 ARP letter from Tavis Barnett to JLM; reply to JLM’s August 2 letter explaining that his is having the pages printed and will take them to Manney for binding when done.  Also he is returning JLM’s check for $3.00 for defective books.  
f16-d53 2 1971-10-06 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM; Mitzi says the books owed to JLM are being reprinted by ARP and Mitzi and Travis Barnett are the sole owners of ARP. She goes on to remind JLM that Mitzi and Travis Barnett owned NO PART of ARP and had nothing to do with the management of it.  She continues that she was committed to fulling the agreement with JLM and lists the cost of $1,350 to finish them.  She then provides a very heartfelt account of her honesty, integrity and commitment to fulfilling JLMs order, even though it was the previous management hat screwed it up (my words).
f16-d54 2 1971-10-06 ARP letter from Travis Barnett to JLM, “We finished reprinting your book yesterday afternoon and have carried it to Mannery Bindery today.” Monday afternoon. (Envlope included, this page may have been included with f16-d53)
f16-d55 1 1971-12-03 ARP letter from Betty Fields, order Department to JLM letting him know his order for 1840 census of Barbour County, AL and Tombstone Inscriptions, Coffee County, AL had been received.
f16-d56 1 1971-12-27 ARP receipt to Mrs. Earl G. Robinson for Mixon-Mixson Family book
f16-d57 1 1971-11-10 ARP receipt to Eloise Mixon Stevens for Mixon-Mixson Family book
f16-d58 1 1971-12-08 ARP receipt to Mrs. Barbara Mixson for Mixon-Mixson Family book (note: this was the order from my mother, Larry Mixson)
f16-d59 1 1972-02-05 Carbon copy of letter from JLM to Mr. Barnett, ARP; JLM saying that he is inclosing a check for $25 to get the final books bound.  He goes on to say “I have suffered a lot of mental stress, strain and anguish the past two years or so, about the delays and shortages on my old contract, which obligation has been, I understand, assumed by you and Mrs. Barnett, and which I was told would have been satisfied long ago.”
f16-d60 2 1972-02-28 Photo copy on one page of Invoice from Manney Company to ARP for 104 Mixon Books and Uniform bill of Lading for 7 cartons of books sent to JLM.  Sent to JLM to show books were printed and shipped.  
f16-d61 1 1972-02-28 ARP invoice to JLM for Abstracts and Wills
f16-d62 1 1972-03-30 ARP letter from Mitzi Barnett to JLM; Mitzi explains that they have three books in their library, but neither are the two that were short of the 104 books shipped to JLM by Mrs. Manney.  She explains “If you could ever see her shop, you would know there is no hope for her finding the other two books if she had them.  I am sorry that it was short two books, but I believe in view of all the problems and expense I have been out on this book that we can call it square.”
f16-d63 1 1972-05-04 ARP letter from Betty Fields, order department to JLM; She inquires about a second Mixon-Mixson book as she has been getting inquiries about it.
f16-d64 3 1972-06-10 Carbon copy of letter from JLM to ARP, Mr. and Mrs. Barnett; “This letter will cancel and sales agreement had with you on the Mixon-Mixson books.”  He asks for a final statement and settlement. He also complains that some of the books have one section in which the pages are ½ inch shorter then the rest of the book.  Finally he says that his second book is in the hands of the printers which he plans to sell himself. (registered mail receipt included, dated Jun 13)
f16-d65 1 1972-06-26 ARP letter from Travis Barnett to JLM congratulating him on his new book and saying they have four copies, two of which he is sending to JLM the other two are for their library and files.  He also includes a refund check for $15.00 for and order that couldn’t be completed.
f16-d66 4 n/a List of publications available from ARP, marked up by JLM of publications he was interested in
f16-d67 1 n/a Note card with handwritten note "Wayne Mixson, Box 942, Marianna, Fl, 32446"
f16-d68 1 1972-02-23 South Central Bell phone bill for JLM, with several calls marked and note written on it "11.05 Book Expense" 
f16-d69 1 1971-10-18 Envlope addressed to JLM from ARP postmarked Oct 18, 1971,  no assocated letter with this date
f16-d70 2 1970-03-01 ARP catalog of available source records
f16-d71 1 n/a ARP brochure for Oklahoma: Indian Territory publication 
f16-d72 1 n/a ARP Special Bulletin about available publications, JLM mared US Census of 1840 for Barbour Co. AL, and Index to Tombstone Inscriptions, Coffee Co AL
f16-d73 2 ARP Supplement No. 2 to The Catalog of Finding Aids
f16-d74 2 1971- ARP Brochure "New Source Records & Aids"
f16-d75 2 ARP Family History Catalogue
f16-d76 1 1971- ARP Brochure - Special Offer
f17-d00 1 Folder Cover - Nat Geneological Socity & S.A.R.
f17-d01 2 1965-07-31 Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution - Membership list, arranged by chapter, JLM listed on first page under Richard Henry Lee Chapter, Auburn-Opelika, "John Leslie Mixson, P.O. Box 349, Dadeville 91711-661"
f18-d00 2 Folder Cover - John Mixson II, inside folder cover: Inventory - John Mixson - dec'd Dec 29, 1704
Interesting the cover says Mixson II but documents in the folder change it to Mixon II
f18-d01 3 1680-1734 Handwritten notes for John Mixon, II, III orginally marked 1660-1734 but 1660 crossed out and made 1680.
f18-d02 2 Type pages - Mixson/Mixson, John Mixon III, land grants and other references Appears to be 1st draft of d01)
f18-d03 4 1680-1734 John Mixon, III, North Carolina - typed pages listing early records for John Mixon, land grants, wills, court, etc. (second draft of d01, d02)
f18-d04 5 Typed pages - Mixson/Mixon - Some English Records, Some Records from Ireland. (Note: appear to be draft pages from V1, have punched holes at top of pages)
f18-d05 1 Handwritten notes for John Mixon (1811), wife Rebecca
f18-d06 4 Typed notes - Mixson/Mixson, From Parish Records in England, Records from Ireland
f18-d07 2 1713-07-28 Typed notes - John Mixon II, Law Suit, NC (two copies)
f18-d08 4 John Mixon, III, North Carolina - typed pages listing early records for John Mixon, land grants, wills, court, etc. (Third draft of d01, d02, d03)
f18-d09 4 1734-1737 Typed notes - early John Mixon records, NC
f18-d10 1 1960-12-07 Letter to JLM from Mrs. Lena M. Leary, Asst. Clerk Superior Court, NC about phostatic copies of records JLM wanted, enclosed 4 copies with certification
f18-d11 3 1960-06-25 Letter to JLM from William Perry Johnson -  discusses some early Mixon documents and costs to research them.  Enclosed photocopy of "Inventory of John Mixon's Estate", stamp on back "Virginia State Library, Mar 16, 1961 (the letter is dated 1960 but stamp has 1961)
f18-d12 1 1712-03-02 Transcript: John Mixon, Court papers, Power of Attorney from John Mixon to Edward Moseley
f18-d13 3 1695-10-25 Photocopy - Land Patent, Virginia State Library, Sep 2, 1964
f18-d14 2 1733-05-07 Transcript: John Mixon, land transfer to James Johnson
f18-d15 3 1733-04-09 Photocopy - Inventory of goods for Charles of William Jones, stemp on back "Photostatic copy by dept. of Archives & History, Raleigh NC, Jan 2, 1963, from records in its archive" (orginal copy, enhanced copy)
f18-d16 3 1714-03-31 Handwritten transcript of court record
f19-d00 1 Folder Cover - Dwight Lyman Mixson 1899 - (mtn Brook) Birmingham Ala (JLM reference #52)
Note: The title says Dwight Lyman Mixson 1899 the contents of the folder is about Dr. Dwight Lynman Mixson born ~1940's
f19-d01 1 1905-05-13 Newspaper Clipping: Suggs-Mixson Vos to be Nov. 5 Event - Marian Louise Suggs to marry Dr. Charles Andrew Mixson
f19-d02 1 1964-05-05 Newspaper Clipping: Award set for Mixson - Dwight L. Mixson retiringfrom Southern Bell Telephone Co., Birmingham Post-Herald
f19-d03 1 1964-05-02 Newspaper Clipping: Dwight L. Mixson to reture from Southern Bell Telephone Co.
f19-d04 2 Newspaper Clipping: Class Has Men of 10 States and One Foreign Country - Charles A. Mixson, Birmingham, Ala Medical Schools
f19-d05 1 1964-08-20 Newspaper clipping: The Charles Mixson Family, The Press-Gazette, Milton, Florida
f19-d06 26 The Killebrew Name in America by Roland L. Killebrew, Major, AGC, US Army
f20-c00 JLM corresponded with the College of Arms (COA) in London for several years to get an official coat of arms.  The correspondence was mostly with the Garter Principle King of Arms but sometimes others.  These documents show….. 
Because they are a collection their documents will be with "coa" 
f20-c01 1 1958-03-26 Copy of letter from Allison Severe to Heaton-Armstrong, Hon. Lib. And Register, COA - Says she has been given the following description to "prove out" on the Mixson/Mixon coat of arms:
  Arms: Or, a cheveron between three leopard's faces, gules.
  Crest: An arm embowered in armour, the hand grasping a sword, all proper
but has found nothing.  She had found the following for the family Maxton:
  Arms: Or, a cheveron gules between three crosses formee fitchee sable.
  Crest: An arm in armour, embowered, the hand grasping a broken spear, all proper
and she asks Heaton-Armstrong if Maxton might be a variant of Mixson
Letter is marked "COPY", at the bottom John wrote 4/8/59 likely when he received the copy. Allison Severe would replace Heaton-Armstong as COA, see [f20-coa02]
f20-c02 2 1958-04-01 Letter to Allison Severe from A.R. Wagner of COA - he informs Allison that he has replaced John Heaton-Armstrong as Librarian and Registrar of the COA and request Allison send him 
f20-c03 2 1959-09-14 Letter to JLM from A.R. Wagner, COA - says he has seen JLM's letter of Aug 28th and his secretary's reply upon his return.  He says the "the sum orginally quoted was not a definite fee but a sum on account, likely but not certain to cover a substantial amount of the cost."  but he is "putting the search in hand and will let" JLM know the result.
f20-c04 2 1963-09-25 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA (now with title "Garter King of Arms") - thanks JLM for his letter of Sep 22 and says the material JLM sent is not sufficient to enable him to form any idea at this stage but £10 0 worth of searching enable if not solve the problem or at any rate for a clear picture.  He suggest JLM buy the little book 'English Ancestry' 
f20-c05 2 1965-03-26 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA (now with title "GarterPrincipal King of Arms" GPKA) - thanks JLM for the letter of March 22 and is posting the book to JLM
f20-c06 2 1968-03-01 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - Says he is pleased to hear from JLM after a three year interval and JLM was quite right to write him about this matter (coat of arms).  Says that honorary Grants of Arms have been made to people whos male line ancestors were subjects to British kings.  The first step would be to prove and record the male line descent from a British subject, in JLM's case, before 1783. 
f20-c07 2 1968-03-19 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - Thanks JLM for his letter of March 11th and for the inclosures about his family saying they should be able to provid the necessary pedigree for a Patent of Arms and asks JLM for an additional £200 to "arrange to have this put in hand"
f20-c08 2 0968-03-18 Postcard from COA acknowlgement for letter of March 18 and enclosed check
f20-c09 2 1968-04-24 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - Thanks JLM for his letter of April 15 and the check for £200 and other enclosures.
f20-c10 4 1968-07-02 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - Says he has studied the material (sent by JLM) and encloses two draft pedigrees and a "list of particulars" for which he wants more details from JLM.  Enclosures: 2 pages, Schedule A - Particularts required from Mr J.L. Mixson; Schedule B - Evidences required for earlier pedigree.
f20-c11 2 1968-07-16 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - Thanks JLM for his letter of July 10th 
f20-c12 2 1968-08-01 Letter to JLM from Thomas Woodard, COA, Genealogist to GPKA - Thanks JLM for July 16th  letter to GPKA asking for evidence about John Mixon (the 1st) wife Prudence and second wife Joyce Phillips.  Also asks JLM to return the Drafts "A" and "B" and to sign the "attestation form"
f20-c13 2 n/a Statement (I think is the before mentioned Attestation form"
TO: The Most Noble Bernard Marmaduke, Duke of Norfolk, Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England, and one One of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council.
<statement of pedigree recorded asking for grant of Honorary Arms and Crest>
  Signed John Leslie Mixson
f20-c14 2 1968-09-23 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - acknowleges evidences establishing decent and says the pedigree has been referred to the official examiners of pedigrees.  
f20-c15 2 1968-11-15 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - reports that the Official Examiners has have accepted the pedigree.  Informs JLM that there is a £177.10 fee to send him the form of application for a Grant of Arms.  
f20-c16 2 1968-11-26 Letter to JLM from secetary for Wagner, COA, GPKA - Thanks JLM for his letter of Nov 21st and check which enables him to arrange for registration of the pedigree.  He again requests  £177.10 fee to send him the form of application for a Grant of Arms.  (JLM computes 177 1/2 is 426$ on back)
f20-c17 2 1968-12-30 Letter to JLM from T. Woodard, COA - Informs JLM the pedigree has been handed in for official registration and asks about where JLM's brother and two sisters were born.  
f20-c18 2 1969-01-21 Letter to JLM from Woodard, COA, Senior Resesearcher at Garter King of Arms - Thanks JLM for his letter of Jan 4th about where the Mixson children were born and it will be recorded in the pedigree.
f20-c19 4 1969-03-04 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - Sends JLM sketch for design of his arms and askes for JLM's approval.  Describes the sketch and significance of the Arms and Crest. (letter, sketch and envelope)
f20-c20 9 1968-03-13 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA about the motto and about designs   (note: stamps from envelope, postmarked March 14, 1969 included probably from this letter)
f20-c21 2 1969-09-24 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, COA, assistant to GPKA - Says the library painting is ready and requests £18 to ship it.  JLM writes on letter $24.00 sent 9-29-69
f20-c22 1 1969-09-24 Envelope for letter to J. L M Mixson, Esq, US Providence RI postmark dated Nov 12, 1969 (not sure what letter it is associated with)
f20-c23 2 1969-09~ Customs Declaration, 1 Mrmorial Design, Family papoers from Rennie, Hogg LTD, Fairholt House, 102-106 Whitechapel High St, London, postage from package included, postmarked "London 27x69" (probably for coat of arms painting)
f20-c24 2 1969-12-03 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA - says he's glad the coat of arms painting has arrived safely.  Says he will send Mr. Beckwith the blazon of the arms.  Also acknowledges JLM wants three more paintings, for daughter and two grandsons. Cost £225.  
f20-c25 2 1969-12-16 Letter to JLM from Wagner, COA, GPKA acknowleges recept of check.
f20-c26 2 1970-01-07 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - confims receipt of check ofr $300.  States he understand why the son-in-law did not want to pursue a coat of arms.  
f20-c27 2 1970-01-23 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - says JLM's accout needs replenishing to the extent of £40 associated with recent correspondence and getting in touch with Mr. Beckwith.  Asks if JLM would like estimates for and officially certified copy of the pedigree on record.
f20-c28 2 1970-02-11 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - Thanks JLM for the check, provide costs for different forms of the pedigree recorded.
f20-c29 2 1970-04-01 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - acknowledges receipt of check for £100 to start work on the pedigree copy.  Evidently JLM asks about extending the Grant of Arms to include other descendants of his grandfather or father and says he will need £31 to look into the matter which is rather complicated.    In May ’70 GPKA acknowledges receipt of $36 for the shipping of the two additional paintings and advises “leaving this matter too long, as fees have a way of going up”. (four additional photo copies of this letter)
f20-c30 2 1970-04-29 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - Informs JLM the two paintings are ready and request £21 for shipping. (JLM writes conversion on letter, $36)
f20-c31 2 1970-05-08 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - Acknowleges receipt of check. (four copies of letter)
f20-c32 2 1971-03-05 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - Thanks JLM for his letter of Jan 12th and says the certified copy of the pedigree will be ready soon.
f20-c33 2 1971-04-28 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - Says the certified copy of the pedegree is ready and request £2 to send it.
f20-c34 2 1971-05-10 Letter to JLM from F.S. Andrus, assistant to GPKA, COA - acknlowges receipt of check and will arrange for shipping by air.
f20-c35 5 1971-04-~ The official pedegree from the COA, Color copy from grandson, Dwight Leslier Mixson, Jr., original photograpic negative from COA and positive from the negative, two copies on paper.
f20-d00 Word Doc The Mixson Coat of Arms - By Larry Mixson, document describing the process that JLM went through to get an offical coat of arms
f20-d00 1 Folder Cover - Coat-of-Arms
f20-d01 2 1970-10-02 Certificate, Registration of a Claim to Copyright, USA, The Mixon-Mixson Family, Jan 1, 1970*, Application date: Oct 2, 1970, Registration No. A184751, Note: *Year date in copyright notice: 1969 (Note: the copyright notice printed in the book says 1969 but the actual filling didn't happen until 1970 thus the note on the certificate)
f20-d02 2 1972-07-01 Certificate, Registration of a Claim to Copyright, USA, The Mixon-Mixson Family, Vol. II, Date of publication: Aug 1, 1972, Application Date: Oct 16, 1972, Registration No. A375250
f20-d03 2 1975-10-14 Certificate, Registration of a Claim to Copyright, USA, The Mixon-Mixson Family, Vol. III, Date of publication: Sept 10, 1975, Application Date: Oct 14, 1975, Registration No. A375250
f20-d04 2 1969-11-11 Letter to JLM from Henry L.P. Beckwith, Jr, Secretary of the Committee on Heraldry, New England Historic Genealogical Society - Mr. Beckwith informs JLM that they do not usually recommend heraldic artists and it is their polcy not to do so. But since JLM's connection to Sir Anthony Wagner of the COA JLM could purchase the sort of work from the COA and their fees are not out of line.  He recommends hearld-painters Cobb and Bainbridge.  He also says that if JLM is to finally received the patent that he would like to have it for their files.  Note: on back of letter JLM writes the final coat of arms description and the date 3/7/70, probably the date he sent them the offical coat of arms that got published in their book, see f20-d05
f20-d05 27 1974-11-01 Booklet - A Roll of Arms, Eighth Part, 1972, registered by the Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston - Mixson #611 listed on page 3
page 14: #611. Mixson, John Leslie, of Dadeville, Alabama
   Arms: Gryonny embowered of twelve god and sable a cross pommy gules
   Crest: In front of a sun gold a cross pommy gules
   Granted by the College of Arms 1969
Lose page inside the booklet has"Blazon of Arms", Mixson, describes Arms, Crest and Motto, the one described on th page does not match the one in the booklet or the one from the COA
Note: JLM writes the date 11-1-74 at the top of the cover but it looks like he ordered this bookly in his letter to the 1776 house in '76, see doc f20-d07
f20-d06 2 n/a Letter to JLM from Mrs. Donald Spicer, The Hereditary Register of the United States of America - She tells JLM that due to delays, many biographical revisions were mailed in late but to be assured that JLM are not too late for him to mail in card enclosed.  Included is copy of JLM's biographical card.
f20-d07 1 1976-10-29
Letter to JLM from Paul Gary, Art Director, Turtle Cove Associates - Mr. Gary provides costs for coat of arms plaques with cost for JLM's Sept 30th letter.  On bottom of the letter JLM types response for Mr. Gary to make up an 11x14 shield.  Note: it appears that the letter was first sent to JLM on Oct 29, 1976 which JLM then  typed the response on the bottom dated Jun 23, 1977 then JLM sent it back to Mr. Gary who then returns the letter again with the sketch. 
f20-d08 1 1977-05-27 Letter to JLM from Paul Gary - enclosed sketch of you Coat of Arms plaque (11x14)
f20-d09 1 1976-09-22 Letter from JLM to 1776 House saying he had previouly ordered paintings of the coat of arms and is now thinking of buying a plaque.  Also asks them about the booklet  "A Roll of Arms, Eighth Part, 1972
f20-d10 3 1967-10-11 Letter to JLM from W. R. Willis, research Director, 1776 House - thanks JLM for his letter about an authentic Mixon, Mixson, Mixton family coat-of-arms. Provides information about the name Mixon/Mixson at its origins.  Tell JLM that if he finds an arms that they can make one up as shown in the enclosed brocure.  He also says they can adopt a from one of JLM's maternal ancestors or design a totaly new coat-of-arms.  Note: JLM writes date 9-15-1969 on top and marks up some of the prices apparently with new costs from 1969.
f20-d11 1 1967-10-20 Receipt to JLM from 1776 House for HS2 shield $18.00 plus $10.00 fee for designing a coat-of-arms for JLM
f20-d12 1 1968-09-05 newspaper clipping from the Birmingham News “British Expert Says Many not entitled to a coats of arms they claim.  
f20-d13 1 1971-09-21 Letter to JLM from Frederic S. Bailey, Director, 1776 House - Thanks JLM for his letter of Sept 10th telling him they do not handle Christmas cards.  
f20-d14 3 n/a Letter to JLM from Vernon R. Nickerston, F.A.S, Heraldic Artist - Nickerson information about his paintings and references.  He enclosed this brochure of the cost for different options
f20-d15 1 n/a Drawing of a Mixon coat of arms (not JLM's), says procured from J.C. Carpenter,written at the bottom: "his description Sable, on a bend argent between six mascles on three cusions of the first", "my description 3 blue pillows (or sacks with 4 ears) on silver chevon"  Note: unclear who drew/wrote it, no date
f20-d16 1 n/a Printed page "Heraldry" with definition of heraldry and a bibliography.  Type at the bottom:
   ARMS - Or, a cheveron between three leopard's faces, gules.
   CREST - An arm, embowed, in armour, the hand grasping a sword, all proper
Note: unclear from where this came, clearly not the COA, this description fits some of the unoffical Mixon coat of arms found on the internet. see f20-i01
f20-d17 2 1969-07-01 Letter to Legionnaries from James Farrow, Comander, Post No 143, American Legion - Asking for renewal of membership.  On back hand written notes by JLM:
(1) Howard D. Cisall
Printers of Genalogies
(2) Edwards Letter Slrog
(3) Micro Files copies of census, National Archives
(4) Commitee of Heralody of the New England Historic Genealogical Socity, Letter 9-12-69
     Dec 1968, Nation Genealogical Quarterly, pp 250-51
crossed out: Arrow printing Co, Fort Worth Texas, American Reference Publishers
f20-d18 1 n/a Handwritten notes: lists some Moxon's, Nyxsons, Misson, Mixon/Mixson (Enq) The sone of Mick of pet form of Michael (who is like God)
One who came from Mixon (dunghill) in Staffordshire, p 147
from Dict of Auer Family Nmes, Elson C Smith
f20-d19 1 n/a Photocopy of old handwritted list of Mixson's beginning with William Mixson, b. 1806, d. Oct 8, 1880
f20-d20 2 n/a Postcard, to JLM from his son Dwight Mixson, sent from Hotel Alois Lang Oberammergau in Germany, no postmark date
f20-d21 1 1986-04-01 Receipt for Casher's Check to Governor Bob Graham, $50.00
f20-d22 1 n/a Black and white photocopy of "official" code of arms from COA (folder contained several copies)
f20-i01 1 n/a Image from Internet of unoffical Mixon coat of arms with three lepord faces
f20-i02 1 n/a Image from Internet of unoffical Mixson coat of arms 
f20-i03 2 n/a Image of offical coat of arms granted to JLM from COA, image from offical COA document sent me (Larry Mixson) by JLM's grandson Dwight Leslie Mixson, Jr.
f21-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - Barazilla Harris Mixson
f21-d01 25 1843- Genealogy of Barazilla Harris Mixon, b. Sep 6, 1843, d. Oct 10, 1882, m. Malinda Stokes
f21-d02 1 1972-01-21 Letter to JLM from James P and Lela Mixson - provids some corrections to the family of Barizillo Harris Mixson (26) - JLM notes on letter p30-#26, p38 #168, p38-#167, #167-m-2 Note spelling of name by relative "Barizillo" for JLM spells it "Barazilla"
f21-d03 2 1865-05-04 Photocopy, B. H. Mixson, Private in Company H Regiment Ala Vols., Paroled Prisoner Permission to go home, Headquarters, Augusta, GA 
f22-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - John Elijah Mixson
f22-d01 4 1844-01-07 Family genealogical data sheets - John Elijah Mixson b. Jan 7, 1844, d. May 14, 1914, handwritten
f22-d02 1 1958-08-25 Envelope, addressed to JLM - not clear who it came from.  From the page folds in d01 and the number of stamps on the envelope I believe it contained d01
f22-d03 1 1958-01-16 Newpaper clipping - Homemade Rocket Explosion Faal to Geneva Boy, 11, Killed was Johny Mixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mixson of Sampson. Older brother, Harold, was truck in the leg
f22-d04 1 1876-12-05 Typed page, sons of John Elijah Mixson, John Harris Mixson, Rex Mixson, James Mixson
f22-d05 2 n/a Handwritten pages - family information - Jessie Mixson, m. John Windston Byrd; Lillie Mixson, m. James H. Hughes; Eloise m. Lad Dell; Johnnie Mixson, m. P.L. Martin.  Handwritted note at bottom from a "Jessie" but not last name, probably the Jessie Mixson who maried John Byrd 
f22-d06 6 1958-04-30 Handwritten pages - family information - Letter from Berta (Mixson) Hutchison, provides information about her brothers and sisters.  Dannie, Harris, Chlora, Noah, Pearlie, Berta, Sphia, Loise, Asberry, Amanda, Missouria, Leila.  Envelope included. Note: these are all children of John Elijan Mixson and Elmira (Myra) Cole. The "Berta" writting the leter is  Ida Roberta Mixson, m. Lehman Hutchinson
f22-d07 10 1969-10-20 Letter to "Ladies and Gentlemen: from W.K. Rhodes, VP & Trust Office, First National Bank, Waycross, GA - About the the estate of W. D. Mixson (William Daniel Mixson) addressed to the heirs (some 55 living or died). Note: JLM is listed
f22-d08 2 n/a Pamphlet about Historical Marker commemorationg Daleville.  Hand written note on pamphlet about Elmire Cole marring John Mixson.  In same handwriting, page about memorial record for William and Julia Harris Mixson, William Mixson's fater was Elijan Mixson, Memorial Record of Alabama, Volume I, page 675
f23-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - Zedekiah Mixson (wife Mary)
f23-d01 1 1807-11-08 Transcript of Will -  Zedekiah Mixon, Sr., Beaufort Co, NC.
f23-d02 1 1810-12-24 Transcript of Will - Mary Mixson, Beaufort Co, NC
f23-d03 1 1864-01-18 Transcript of Will - Elizabeth Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC, widow of Zedekiah Mixon, Jr.
f23-d04 2 1807-11-08 Transcript of Will - Zedekiah Mixon, orginal type and carbon copy
f23-d05 2 1830-01~ Schedule of the notes, constables, receipts, accounts of Ellison and Marsh due them at Bath Store.
Listed are John Mixon, then says "I have sent these wills" (I assume from person sending to JLM)  Elijah Mixon to Naomi Mixon 1817 , Elizabeth Mixon to Lydda Ann Mixon 1865, William Mixon to William Harris 1832, Frederick Barrow to Henry Barrow.  On back typed "Hope you can use some of these"  
f23-d06 2 1822-10-14 Hanwritten note pages - lists Wm. C. Mixon, Rev A.Q. Mixon, Marice Andrew Mixson, Jesse Mixon and others
f23-d07 1 1909-02-12 Typed page - Aged Alumus of Emory is Beloved by Many, By LintonK. Star, About Rev. A.C. Mixon
f23-d08 4 1704~ Typed pages - Zedekiah Mixon, I. - deatails about youngest child of George and Elizabeth Mixon, b. 1704  (two copies)
f23-d09 2 Typed pages - William Allen Mixon's Line of Roanoke, VA, Starts with Benjamin Henry Mixon, b. Jun 20, 1841, m. Clarissa Elizabeth (White) Hundell and then their 12 children
f23-d10 3 1871-05-03 Orginial letter written in 1871 - To "Dear Father and Mother", signed ?, writes about his new job, his wife's health and about some other Mixon's including Joyce Mixon and Archabald Mixon.
 enveloped addressed to Mr. Elyali Mixon, Oxford, GA
f24-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - Henry Joseph Mixson
f24-d01 8 1876-06-13 Genealogy sheets - David Mixson, b. Jun 13, 1876 father Henry Joseph Mixson, partly typed, part handwritted genealogy data sheets 
f24-d02 11 n/a Typed and Handwritten pages from Ruth Mixson Clark about relatives and their family (childeren of David Mixson, see d01). She ends with "I hope you will soon get the book out." -  Some names listed (#'s are JLM's reference numbers from V1): Jane Eloise Mixson #211,  Ruth Mixson, Lloyd David Mixson, Louise Mixson, Mary Louise Mixson #207, Jane Eloise Mixson #211,  
f25-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - Elijah Mixson (Sr), wife Lucretia
(Note: This is the second folder for Elijah Mixson (Sr), see f04
f25-d00 2 n/a Folder Cover - Samuel Mixson (SC), inside cover: List of Mixson's with aboutnt of money
f25-d01 3 1830-1870 Census - Dale and Henry Counties, AL
f25-d01 1 n/a Handwritten notes - Elijah Mixson Jr - about 1779 - 1809
f25-d02 2 1735~ Typed pages - Page 1 - Elijah Mixon, page 2 Elijah Mixson, Jr. (page 2 crossed out)
f25-d02 2 1870-1880 Census - Geneva County (not Mixon families were found), Conechuh County, AL
f25-d03 2 1735~ Typed pages - Page 1 - Elijah Mixon, page 2 Elijah Mixson, Jr. (second copy, page 2 crossed out)
f25-d03 1 1870- Su
f25-d04 1 1775~ Typed page -  Elijah Mixson, Jr
f25-d04 1 1821-01-01 Typed page - Equity Rolls, Darlington Co, SC - Lists the following Mixon's - Sarah, Samuel, John, Elijah, Hugh, Noel, Susan,, Critley, Gatsey, Ichabod.  Handwritten notes back by JLM 
f25-d05 1 n/a Transcript - Account of sales of the Estate of John Mixon Decd (JLM wrote note "Typed from old will book")
f25-d05 1 n/a Transcript - Account of sales of the Estate of John Mixon Decd (JLM wrote note "Typed from old will book")
f25-d06 1 1804-11-03 Photocopy - Old court record about Elijah Mixon, State of North Carolina, Heyde Co
f25-d06 1 1804-11-03 Photocopy - Court document, Iaisc Eljah Mixon, original and enhanced copy.
f25-d07 1 1805-07-07 Photocopy - Court document, Iaisc Eljah Mixon, original and enhanced copy. Note that Elijah could not write for his name is signed "X his mark)
f25-d07 1 1805-12-03 Photocopy - Deed, Elijah Mixon, North Carolina, Beaufort Co. (note evidently Elijah could not write for the signature has "X his mark")
f26-d00 2 n/a Folder Cover - Samuel Mixson (SC), inside cover: List of Mixson's with lists amunts owed, paid, balance.  Lists the following Mixon's: Ichabod, Samuel, John Elijah, Jehu, Aris, Critta, Susannah, Gatsey
f26-d01 3 1830-1870 Census, Dale and Henry Counties, AL 
f26-d02 2 1870-1880 Census, Geneva County (created 1868 from Dale, Henry and Coffee)
f26-d03 1 1870- Census, Conecuh County, AL (has "page 2" but there is no page 1)
f26-d04 2 1821-01-01 Photocopy - Equitity Rolls, Darlington County Clerk of Court, Darlington, SC - Lists heirs to Samuel Mixon, widow Sara Mixon including Sarah, Samuel, John, Elijah, Hugh, Aris, Noel, Susan, Critley, Gatsey, Ichabod.  Several women which are probably married daughters including Rhody Chauncy, Nancy Wadford, Penelpe Wadford, Sarah Windom, Mary Wadford, Sarah Windom, Rachel cook
f26-d05 1 1791-02-19 Photocopy - Land Grant made to Samuel Mixon, SC (stamped on back South Carolina Archives Dept., Post - Rev. Grants, Vol 29, page 523)
f26-d06 2 1817-10-11 Photocopy - Appraisment of goods, Samuel Mixon, Decd (original and enhanced copies)
f26-d07 2 1825-12-05 Photocopy - Will, lists Sarah Mixon, widow (original and enhanced copies)
f26-d08 2 1803-10-20 Photocopy - Land Grant made to Samuel Mixon - stamped on back SC Archives Dept, Post-Rev Plat. Vol 20M p 141
f26-d09 2 1825-12-03 Photocopy - Estate Land Flat 454 Acres - Darlington Co, SC - Samuel Mixon
f26-d10 1 n/a Photocopy - State of SC,division of land to Sara Mixon, Samuel Mixon (Note date only says "on the second Monday in December ensuing")
f26-d11 4 n/a Photocopy - Samuel Mixon estate advancements to his children -  listed Ichabod Mixon, Hardy Watford, xxx Watford, Eljah Mixon, Joseph Watford, Alexander Chancy, John Mixon
f26-d12 2 1829-02-23 Photocopy - Division of estate of Samuel & Sarah Mixon
f26-d13 1824-02-07 Photocopy - Appraisment of Estate - Samuel Mixon
f27-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - William Mixon, wife Julia Harris
f27-d01 2 1806-1880 Typed page - Geneology of William Mixson, 9/29/1806 - 10/8/1880, wife Julia Harris.  
f27-d02 2 1700-1779 Typed page - Lists JLM's Genealogy starting with George Mixson, b. ~1700, wife Elizabeth to JLM b. April 2, 1897, wife Grace.  There are wwo copies with different hand written notes on them by JLM
f27-d03 2 1763~ Typed page - "From real estate records of Beaufort County, NC", summary of early records
f27-d04 2 1806~ Typed page - William Mixson III family genology
f27-d05 1 1862-1905 Typed page - William Thomas Mixson (Note: JLM's father)
f27-d06 1 1862-1905 Handwritten page - William Thomas Mixson, information about William 
f27-d07 2 1860~1930 Typed page - Mixson, Index to Deeds: Coffee County, AL
f27-d08 2 1806-1880 Genealogy Datasheet - William Mixson, wife Julia Harris, two copies, 1st copy has handwritten note on it by JLM "Got this thru Mrs. Clark of Ozark AL -  Your people"
f27-d09 1 1900~ Genealogy Datasheet - Hubert Waldo Clark, wife Ruth Mixson (parents David Mixson, Mollie Cotter)
f27-d10 1 1913~ Genealogy Datasheet - James Aubrey Mixson, wife Clelia Merle Burdeshaw
f27-d11 1 1839-03-12 Official Transcript: Indenture, William Mixson, Monroe Co, GA
f27-d12 1 1847-02-24 Offical Transcript: Indenture: William Mixson, Monroe Co, GA
f27-d13 1 1846-08-21 Offical Transcript: Indenture: William Mixson, Monroe Co, GA
f27-d14 1 1841-05-18 Offical Transcript: Indenture: William Mixson, Monroe Co, GA
f27-d15 1 1967-07-07 Letter on Mixson Brothers Merchants letterhead: Lists children of Perry Nix and Ruby Lee (Cobb) Mixson
f27-d16 4 1956-06-19 Handwritten letter to JLM from Aunt Lula - Talks about old Bible of her grandfather.  Lists Mixsons beginning with William Cicero Mixson, b. Sep 2, 1834.  Inc.  (see d17 for photo copy of bible page) see word document of letter f27-d16-Aunt Lula Letter.docx
f27-d17 1 1880-10-08 Photocopy of bible page: Lists family starting with Grandfather William Mixson, b. 1806, d. Oct 8, 1880.  (see letter about bible d16)
f27-d18 1 1821-06-17 Photocopy - Deed, Beaufort County, NC John Mixon
f27-d19 1 1829-08-11 Photocopy - Deed, William Mixon
f27-d20 1 1831-08-19 Photocopy - Indenture, William Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC
f27-d21 3 1831-08-08 Photocopy - Indenture, William Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC (three copies)
f27-d22 1 1832-10-20 Photocopy - Indenture, William Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC
f28-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - Indexes Real Estate, Beaufort Co NC
f28-d01 Note: d01-d06 below were on same paper stock, 3 hole punch on right, and paperclipped together and have "Mixson-Mixson" typed at the top of the page.  These appear to be early drafts for V1 for note the Mixson before Mixon while the final book was Mixon-Mixson
f28-d01 2 1702-1779 MM Typed page - George Mixon, 1702-1779, NC
f28-d02 2 1714~ MM Typed page - John Mixon
f28-d03 2 1680-1734 MM Typed page - John Mixon, III
f28-d04 1 n/a MM Typed page - NC, lists Mixon's in the Civil War
f28-d05 1 n/a MM Typed page - Lists Mixon's in the War of 1812
f28-d06 4 1683~ MM Typed page - William Mixson, I. NC
f28-d07 1 n/a Typed page - William Mixson parternal line reference  and reference
f28-d08 6 1711~ Typed pages - John Mixson, III six  page  (THP)
f28-d09 1 1904-11-10 Typed note from Clara Wright who researched and sent records to JLM.  Note is Colonial Records of  NC.  Some notes about Mixon's and she writes "The above memos plus the photo-copies …" are all that she can find on nay Mixon names
f28-d10 2 1793-03-11 Transcript: Will of William Price, Beaufort Co, NC - (note: Willian and Mary's Price's daughter Lucretia married Elijah Mixon, Jr V1-#20), one typed, 2nd carbon copy
f28-d11 2 1716~ Typed page - early records for John Mixon, pages have cross mark across them.  At the top is handwritten number 6 and 7 on the pages
f28-d12 2 1798~ Handwritten notes about early records, has names, dates and page numbers, at the bottom is written "Rough copy of names (Gautier), no wills"
f28-d13 1 1829-04-28 Transcript: Indenture, James Mixon, 
f28-d14 1 1856-10-02 Offical Marriage Certificate copy - John Mixon and Louis Buck, Register of Deeds, Beaufort, Co, NC
f28-d15 1 1859-1871 Typed page - Berry (Benjamin) H Mixon & Clarrissa Hudnell, H (Henry) D Mixon & Mahala Scarber, handwritten note for Henry "Son of William H Mixon"
f28-d16 1 1964-01-29 Handwritten note to JLM from Lida M. Duke, Reigister of Deeds, Beaufort Co, NC, says her husband passed away (he was the Registar, C. C. Duke) and she has been appointed Registar, She sends copies of deeds for she does not have time to type them.
f28-d17 1 1824~ Typed page - List of deeds with Grantors & Grantees, William Mixon listed
f28-d18 1 38-'99 Typed page - All Grantees are Barrow's various names for Grantors.  Dates are listed with 'yy so I think they are 19yy
f28-d19 3 1837-11-06 Transcript: Bill of sale, Charles Mixon, Chowan County, NC, Book 20, pages 16-17
f28-d20 1 1755-11-09 Transcript: Indenture, William H. Mixson, Beaufort County, NC, Book 29, page 32
f28-d21 1 n/a Handwritten notes: Get Deeds, Beaufort C, lists several deed transfers for ames Mixson and others
f28-d22 1 1830-06-10 Handwritten note: John Mixson to Jeremiah Gaylord, Box 17, page 8
f28-d23 1 1807-11-11 Transcript: Will of Zachray Gerganes of NC
f28-d24 1 1719-1730 Typed list: Land Grants made to Mixsons by State of Virginia
f28-d25 2 1752-01-18 Transcript: Land transfer, John Mixon, Craven Co, NC
f28-d26 1 1769-03-17 Transcript: Indenture, John Mixon, Craven Co, NC
f28-d27 1 1800-1850 Typed page - Census, Chowan Co, NC, lists Jeremiah Mixon, Delight Mixon, Charles Mixon, C.W. Mixon, John Mixon
f28-d28 1 1772-04-05 Transcript: Deed fromJohn Mixon (Jr?) of SC.  Handwritten note on bottom, "Deed bought from Draper Dixon to John Mixson, registered 1764"
f28-d29 1 1763-05-20 Transcript: Indenture, Draper Dixon of Beaufort Co & John Mixon of Craven Co
f28-d30 2 1855-12-12 Transcript: Indenture, Lavinia Mixon and James C. Rice, Beufort Co, NC
f28-d31 8 1729-1904 Photocopy: Index of Real Estate Conveyances, Beufort Co, NC, Mixon's between 1729-1904
f28-d32 2 Photocopy: Will, Jesse Hoeton
f28-d33 1 1852-04-12 Photocopy: Will, Leninca Mixson, William Mixon, Ellen Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC
f28-d34 1 1854-01-26 Photocopy: Indenture, Euge Macnnain & Seninca Mixon
f28-d35 1 1842- Photocopy: Will, William Holmes
f28-d36 2 1827-06-05 Photocopy: Will, Stephen Owens Sheff, Beaufort Co, NC
f28-d37 2 1759-03-28 Photocopy: Will Timohy Allen, Beaufort Co, NC
f28-d38 1 1831-02-23 Photocopy: Land patent, William Holmes
f28-d39 1 1854-04-10 Photocopy: Indenture, JLM writes "Leninca Mixon  (seal) at bottom (note, note sure what the blue tape was for)
f28-d40 1 1833-08-20 Photocopy: Land patent,Eli Hoyt and other names
f28-d41 1 1820-02-14 Photocopy: Will, John Harrif, Beaufort Co, NC
f28-d42 2 1830-09-26 Photocopy: Will, William Vires
f28-d43 4 1834-09-08 Photocopy: Will, William Windley
f28-d44 2 1842-08-27 Photocopy: Will, Hannah Windley
f28-d45 1 1730-09- Photocopy: Deed, Richard Barron, Bath Co, dated "September Court 1730"
f28-d46 4 1781-06-12 Photocopy: Will, John Barrow, Beaufort Co, NC
f29-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - 
f29-d01 7 1850-1950 Typed Notes -  James Clayton Mixon wife Nancy Elizabeth Skeen and their decendents.  Typed March 15, 1956 by Harriette Mixon Lewis of Palmetton, GA
f29-d02 1 n/a Handwritten notes: James Clayton Mixon's sons
f29-d03 2 1855~ Handwritten notes: Travis, Jasper, F.M., J.J. Mixson
f29-d04 2 1888-10-10 Typed Note: Notice in Newnan Paper, Roland Gwinn Mixon, son of James Clayton Mixon, sent to JLM from Harriette Mixon Lewis March 10, 1966, envelop included
f29-d05 1 1829-1863 Typed Notes: Mixon Records - Georgia
f29-d06 2 1854-1898 Handwritten Notes: Benjamin Franklin Mixon, James Robertson Mixson, James Clyde Mixon, Michael Mixon
f29-d07 2 1968-06-29 Handwritten Note: to JLM about son and daughters of Blanche Mixson Kimbow
f29-d08 2 1942-1954 Typed Notes: Children of Quillian Mixon, Bransford Mixon, Skein Mixon 
f29-d09 1 1955-12-01 Genealogy Datasheet: James Cecil Tatman, wife Guinnetta Mixson (parents William Skeen Mixson & Mamie Rebecca Pursley)
f29-d10 1 1946-1960 Genealogy Datasheet: Era Lee Sellers, wife Bettie Cosley Mixon  (parents William Skeen Mixson & Mamie Rebecca Pursley)
f29-d11 1 1824-1919 Genealogy Datasheet: Rev. Asbury Coke Mixson, wife Sarah Ann Raifort Aken
f29-d12 1 1870-1933 Genealogy Datasheet: John Clark Reynolds, wife Margaret White Mixon (parents Asbury C. Mixon & Sarah Aiken)
f29-d13 1 1956-196 Genealogy Datasheet: Charles Edward Mixon, wife Elizabeth Benedict
f29-d14 1 1829-1855 Genealogy Datasheet: James Clayton Mixon, wife N. E. Skeen, note attached "The James Clayton Mixon's had seven sons…"
f29-d15 1 1828-1910 Genealogy Datasheet: Rev. Jesse Fletcher Mixon, wife Georgia E. Smith, Note attached abt Mr. and Mrs S. C. Wobbe's two children
f29-d16 1 1897- Genealogy Datasheet: William Skeen Mixson, wife Marice Rebecca Pursley
f29-d17 1 1928- Genealogy Datasheet: William Skeen Mixson, Jr, wife Louise Grattan Painter
f29-d18 16 1793-1880 Typed Pages: Georgia Census and other records on letter head from Mrs. Albert L. Fisher, Genealogical Research, Decautur Georgia, One letter dated 1959
f29-d19 1 1968-10-09 Letter: To JLM and Grace from Irene & Asbury, thanking JLM for going with them to the Mixon reunion.
f29-d20 1 n/a Newspaper clipping: A GED Alumus of Emory is Beloved by Many, about Rev. A. C. Mixon
f29-d21 2 1839- Typed pages - Mixson/Mixon, Newton Co, GA, lists deeds, census and other records of Mixon's
f29-d22 2 1966-03-15 Letter: To JLM from Harriette M. Lewis, Talks about her family history, Grandfather Rowland and other family. She said she would send information on Elijah Mixon's children including James Clayton and Elijah's father Zedekiah Mixon born in England 1753. Envelope included postmarked March 17, 1966.  Has two stamps so probably included enclosures.
f29-d23 11 1829~1943 Typed pages: James Clayton Mixon, b. Sep 14, 1829, son of Elijah & Charlotte Aughtry Mixon, m. Nancy Elizabeth Skeen.  Pages list James and his decendents.  
f29-d24 2 n/a Handwritten note: No signature, "Few, Emma and Margaret were the only children Asbury and Sarah Mixon had to reach maturity and Emma never married …" (Note: looks to be the same writing of datasheet f29-d11 so could be from Ruth Reynolds)
f29-d25 1 1823-1857 Photocopy of family record page, probably from bible.  Elijah Mixson and Charlott Ortry m. Sep 4, 1823
f29-d26 5 1753~1915 Photocopy: Title "Elijah Mixon, Bible Record", Family record of Asbury Coke Mixon and his decendants.  Some pages typed, others handwritten
f29-d27 1 1966-06-10 Letter: To JLM from Ruth R (Reynolds) says she "know nothing about the Mixons you mentioned" also says she found a memoriumn to Elijah and Charlotte Mixson writte by Atticus G Haygood, Feb 4, 1877
f29-d28 1 1965-01-08 Letter: To JLM from H Prentice Miller, Dean of Alumi, Emory University -  says he has found four Mixons for 1845, 1849, 1859 and 1891 in the alumi directory of Emory. (note JLM attended Emory) Says he has found nothing about A.C. Mixon, 1845, J.F. Mixon, 1849 and N.N. Mixon, 1859.  He did find a Fletcher B. Mixon, 1891
f29-d29 1 1965-01-20 Letter: To JLM from H Prentice Miller, Dean of Alumi, Emory University - says he has more informaiton about Mixsons.  Listing Asbury Coke Mixon 1845 (A.M. 1860) Fletcher Brandon Mixon 1891, Jesse Fletcher Mixon 1849, N.N. Mixson 1859, Danel P Mixon '02, W.H Mixon ex92, James C. Mixon ex52.  
f29-d30 1 1965-09-21 Letter: to JLM from Frances Wynd - She encloses result of the reading of the census. 
f29-d31 1 1965-11-12 Letter: to JLM from Frances Wynd - encloses notes about records from MS and AL
f29-d32 1 1965-11-24 Letter: to JLM from Frances Wynd - provides information about Confederate and other records in GA and TX
f29-d33 1 1965-12-14 Letter: To JLM from ? - got information JLM wanted on Confederate Records of various Mixon soldiers. Enclosed photstat of record for A.P. Mixon. (2nd page with signature missing, probably Frances Wynd see d30-33)
f29-d34 2 1965-08-24 Letter: to JLM from Josephine C Mixon - thanks JLM for provide copies of family chart and says she is getting the typed up. Encloses clipping (does not say what it is)
f29-d35 1 1827~ Handwritten note: GA Land 1827, James Mixon p187, and others
f29-d36 20 1965-1966 Handwrtten letters to JLM from Frances Wynd - nine hand written letters which she provides various information about Mixsons.  (note some 2nd pages out of order so it is not clear to which letter they belong)
f29-d37 1 1793~1799 Typed page: State of Georgia, Effingham County, list of deeds, land grants, passports - Jesse Mixon, Vinson Mixon
f29-d38 2 n/a JLM hand written notes about various Mixon/Mixsons in GA.  Written on "South Columbus Hardware & Furniture Co, Columbus, GA" stationary
f29-d39 2 n/a JLM handwritten notes about various Mixsons, includes Charlie Eugene, Bill Pearson, Mary Jo, William Barnwell Mixson and others
f29-d40 1 n/a Typed notes: Mixson in Georgia (A few in Ala.) (note: says "continued" at bottom so should be a page 2)
f29-d41 1 1782-1858 Typed page: James Mixson, 1782-1858, m. (1) Mary Johns, m. (2) Celice McAnally.  Lists children and brother Abraham Mixson
f29-d42 1 1960-11-29 Letter: To JLM from Walter R. Davis, Jr. '34, Alumi Director, Emory University - Reply to JLM's letter of Nov 26 about records for Dr. Jesse Fletcher Mixon, Emory class of 1849. 
f29-d43 12 n/a Handwritten notes by JLM on 3.5x5.5 note pad pages. Lists Mixon's in GA
f29-d44 1 1966-03-22 Letter: to JLM from Frances Wynd - encloses some records
f29-d45 1 1965-09-11  Letter: to JLM from Frances Wynd - Says her research fee for out-of-town research is $25 a day which includes typed report of findings. 
f29-d46 1 1911-02-19 Typed page: at top "Newspaper clipping", James C. Mixon dies at an advanced age, lists brother and sones
f29-d47 2 1835-1965 Typed list: Mixson, Mixon, Georgia, census records and marriage records.
f29-d48 1 1870-10-03 Transcript: Will, Michael Mixon, Burke Co, GA
f29-d49 11 n/a Handwritten notes on 9x6 notepad pages, Mixon's in GA
f29-d50 1 n/a Typed page: Confederate Soldiers, Beaufort District, SC and 1860 Census Records, Beaufort Co, Prince Williams Parish, SC
f29-d51 1 1819-01-09 Photocopy: Deed, William Mixon, Barker Co, GA
f29-d52 1 1866-09-16 Transcript: Will, Michael Mixon, Burke Co, GA
f29-d53 1 1844-06-20 Photocopy: Letter to "Dear Uncle" from Sally L. Miscon
f29-d54 3 1823-07-20 Photocopy: Letter from Elijah Mixon,Beaufort Co, NC to "Loving Brother" in Jasper Co, GA
f29-d55 3 1838-11-05 Photocopy: Letter from Sally Payton, to "Dear Brother"
f29-d56 3 1833-04-18 Photocopy: Addressed to Elijah Miscon from Charlotte R. M. Dixon
f29-d57 2 1857-05-04 Transcript: Deed, from John W.G. Sapp to Johnson Weathersbee and Michael Mixson heirs. Barnwell District, SC
f29-d58 1 1830-06-04 Transcript: Will settlement, lists A. K. Mixson, heir of the late Mr. Micajah Calhoun, Barnwell Co, SC
f29-d59 1 1814-05-30 Transcript: Deed, Abraham Mixon, Barnwell Co, SC
f29-d60 1 1855-01-24 Transcript: Deed, Henry Mixson to his son Ruben Mixson, Barnwell Co, SC
f29-d61 2 1857-05-04 Transcript: Deed, Miachel Mixson, Barnwell Co, SC
f29-d62 3 October Brochure: Rico Methodist Church, Marrow, GA, Sunday brochure, "Refreshements furnished and prepared by Mrs. Mixon",  R. A. Mixon listed as a Steward of the church
f29-d63 1 n/a Brochure: Civil War Records in the Georgia Department of Archives and History, list the available records and fees for copies
f29-d64 1 1981-12-31 Newspaper clipping: Consolidated Report of Condition for Camp Hill Bank, Camp Hill, AL, posted in The Dadeville Record newspaper
f29-d65 1 1983-03-31 Newspaper clipping: Consolidated Report of Condition for Camp Hill Bank, Camp Hill, AL, posted in The Dadeville Record newspaper
f30-d00 1 n/a Folder Cover - Frances Marion Mixson
f30-d01 7 1847-1948 Handwritten notes: F. M. Mixson and Margaret Law Mixson's descendants
f30-d02 1 1847-1947 Typed notes: Francis Marion Mixson and Sarah Margaret Law and their decendants
f30-d03 4 1847- Typed pages: Francis Marion Mixson, s. of William & Julia Harris Mixson m. Sarah Margaret Law. (Note: appear to be early draft pages for V1)
f30-d04 2 1884-1956 Handwritten notes: Harrietta Eunice Mixson and decendents, written on back of "Headland Insurance Agency, Headland, AL" stationary
f30-d05 1 1888-1958 Handwritten notes: Edwin Christopher Lasseter
f30-d06 5 1959-02-14 Handwritten letter: To Dear French, from Earl, includes two pages of names, birth and death dates including Clara Bell Mixson who married John Baker Bledsoe
f31-d00 n/a n/a Some loose files not in folders, probably fell out of other folders
f31-d01 2 1837-07-17 Transcript: Will, Polly Pritchett, Beaufort Co, NC Gives to sons: David Mixon, James Mixon, and grandchildren John, Robert, Ann and Polly Boyd.  Witnessed by Macajan Mixon, Zebekiah Mixon.  (Note Polly was the widow of James Mixson) (two copies)
f31-d02 1 1814-10-05 Transcript: Will, James Mixson, Beaufort Co, NC, Beloved wife Polly
f31-d03 1 1815-04-09 Transcript: Indenture, Samuel Smith to James Mixson
f31-d04 2 1837-09-30 Transcript: Indenture, John Boyd to John Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC
f31-d05 1 1829-04-28 Transcript: Indenture, James Mixson to John Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC
f31-d06 1 1829-12-29 Transcript: Indenture, John Mixon to Jeremiah Gaylord, Beaufort Co, NC
f31-d07 1 1821-12-17 Transcript: Indenture, Allen B. Welsh to Henry Mixon, Beaufort Co, NC
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