Mixsonian Larry   

John Leslie Mixson
and the Publishing of the
Mixon-Mixson Books

Research Years

John became every more serious about his Mixson genealogy research over the years of 1960 through 1968 receiving many letters about various Mixon-Mixsons and related documents such as:

  • Letter to JLM from William Perry Johnson - discusses some early Mixon documents and costs to research them. Enclosed photocopy of "Inventory of John Mixon's Estate", stamp on back "Virginia State Library.[f18-d11]
  • Letter to JLM from Mrs. Lena M. Leary, Asst. Clerk Superior Court, NC about photostatic copies of records JLM wanted, enclosed 4 copies with certification.[f18-d10]
  • Letter to JLM from Mrs. Wiley Williams about NC state records of John Mixon with attached pages of land grants and other documents.[f01-d05]
  • Virginia State Library, order form, Reel 9, p 11, 12, Patent to Ralph Wormeley for 13,500 acres in King and Queen Count in Pamunkey Neck, 25 Oct 1695. For importation 270 persons including John Mixon.[f05-d12]
  •  Letter: to JLM from Frances Wynd - provides information about Confederate and other records in GA and TX.[f29-d32]
  • Letter to JLM from Tom H. Sheppard, Clerk of courts, Edenton, NC letting JLM know that the records he requested were being sorted and grouped.[f01-d08]

In his files were copies of many census records from the 1800’s listing Mixon-Mixsons which had to be manually researched at the time unlike now which such records are all online. 

There were many copies of civil war records which had to be manually searched and photocopied such as the following civil war record for B. H. Mixson, Private in Company H.[f21-d03]

Civil War Record

The image above is a “negative” copy of the original image because it was “photocopied” which used a photographic image and printing process.  The modern copy machine had only recently been invented and sold by the Xerox company.  The “Xerox” machine as it was known first became popular with the Xerox 914 machine that came out in in 1959 and cost $27,500 ($282,550 in 2023 dollars), much too expense for small business.