Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

January Tom graduated from seminary and he took a position as Youth Director Fred Junior Obituaryat St. Johns Baptist Church in Charlotte, N.C. They bought a real pretty brick house there. We visited them often for the time they lived there. In the fall we met Brenda and Tom in our Champion Motor home at Toe River Campground for a weekend of camping along with their camping club from their church.

Morris, Beth and I took a 20 day vacation to Charlotte, Niagara Falls and on to Michigan in our motor home. We also went to Mackinaw Island in Michigan. The only way you can get there is by boat. No vehicles are allowed on the island. We took a horse and buggy ride around the island. We camped on Lake Superior right at the foot of the bridge connecting Suex St. Marie and Michigan. It was just beautiful. We visited Aunt Hazel and Uncle Louise. Beth got along so well with Aunt Hazel. She also enjoyed the horses at Aunt Marie and Uncle Jim's farm. [They traveled 3547 miles and spent a total of $738.08, see Barbara's Trip Log)]

September 27 Daddy died. Mom and Dad were living in a condo at Clearwater and Daddy started losing his memory so he came up to Gainesville in June to see a doctor. He went to the hospital and had his neck arteries cleaned out. He never got well. He celebrated his 70th birthday in the hospital, June 30th. He and mom stayed with us for awhile then he wanted to go home, so they went back to Clearwater. He died of a heart attach suddenly soon after they got home. We had the funeral at Westside Baptist Church and he was buried at Shiloh Methodist cemetery at Shiloh, Florida (near Micanopy, Fla.).

In October Floyd and Judy Crosby, Paul and Yvonne Dixon, Betty and Billy and Morris and I went to Tennessee to see the Gators play. We went in our Explorer motor home which we bought from Daddy just before he died. Yvonne made all of us girls matching blue skirts and orange gator blouses. All eight of us had matching blue gator jackets. We thought we looked real cute. On the way home we stopped in Chattanooga and took a day trip on a steam engine train to see the fall leaves. It was a cold and dreary day and we saw very few pretty leaves and it ended up a 12 hour trip because of engine trouble.

Kristopher Craig Stallworth, our first grandchild, was born November 4 in Charlotte N.C.

Sheba had five puppies. We sold four of them and let Beth keep one cute little one who she named Buster Brown. He tore up everything he could get his mouth on and finally I had enough and we gave him to Paul and Yvonne as they lived on a farm and he could stay outdoors with the rest of their dogs. In the summer of 76 David worked for Gary at the Office Mart. At the end of the year Mom moved back to Gainesville and bought a condo at the Forest of the Unicorn.



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