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July 12 Dan and Judy Pettit got married. Dan had been a missionary journeyman to Indonesia for two years after he graduated from the University of South Florida.

Betty, Billy, Morris and I spent a week up in Highlands, N.C. at Wendall and Jean Turner's cabin. Wendall is Morris's cousin from Wachula, FL. Brenda and Tom spent the summer in St. Augustine ministering to the campgrounds through Anastasia Baptist Church. Beth stayed with them when we went to N.C. When we left Highlands Morris and I drove over to the coast and spent a week coming home through the Outer Banks of N.C. We stopped in Savannah and ate at the famous Pirate's House Restaurant.

In November I was promoted to Administrative Assistant in the Department of Physics, Williamson Hall where I worked for the next 14 years. I hired many friends over the years, Yvonne Dixon, Fran Hulslander, Sherry Tucker, Glenda Smith and Dorothy Lisca to name a few.

David spent another summer at Camp Pinewood and Larry was still working. Ray Batemon was our pastor at Westside. Morris went along with Ray to take the youth camping up in Georgia for two summers. Janice and Victor Nickerson got married May 3rd.

In December Gary, Dianne, Tom, Brenda, Larry, David and Beth gave Morris and me a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party at Gary and Dianne's home. It really was a surprise too. We had no idea that Brenda and Tom were even in town. Lots of our friends came and we got lots of nice gifts.

Barbara and Morris Anniversary Party


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