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1976 was a year of turmoil and changes.  At the time I was living at my Aunt Iva Mae's old house.  My girlfriend was living with me at the time but by summer we had a falling out and she moved into her own room in the house.  We would go weeks without saying anything to each other which made easier to pack up everything I owned and move to Indialantic Florida.

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Bacchanalia Bacchanalia

New home New Home

Bacchanalia Life is a Beach

Journal Entry

But in the bowls of the earth there raged such a fiery, hellish place that none such as ourselves could enter without being consumed by the flames. And out of this place sprang a creature that was beautiful to behold. Female she was.

                                    Larry Mixson, December 5, 1976

Barbara Barbara's Remembering

1976 Trip Log Barbara's Trip Log to
Charlotte, Nigrara Falls, Michigan

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