Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

In March I had a hysterectomy and Brenda came from Charlotte to take care of me when I came home from the hospital. I took five weeks off from work and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was spring time and a beautiful time of the year to relax.

Beth went to live with Brenda and Tom in Charlotte starting in the 11th grade. She went to Independence High School and worked part-time at Baskin Robbins. In November we went up for Kristopher's first birthday.

About this time Morris and I started going out to eat supper and buy groceries on Friday nights, a habit we still do although we just go out to eat now and Betty and Billy go with us then we play cards. We played UNO for years and now we play ROOK.

In December we met Brenda, Tom, Beth and Tom and Marian Stallworth at Oconee State Park for a week. We took Kristi along with us. We rented a cabin, it snowed and we had a great time.

In July Morris, Betty and Billy's classes at Reddick High School had a reunion in Ocala. David spent the summer again at Camp Pinewood and after it closed he went to work at Osceola Lake Inn at Hendersonville, N.C. until it closed for the season. We joined the Happy Sam's Camping Club and often went camping on weekends with them.



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