Mixsonian Morris and Barbara

Trip Log
Barbara, Morris, Beth
1976 - Charlotte, Nigrara Falls, Michigan


om kept log of every vaction trip that her and Dad took.  This one from 1976 when her Dad and my sister Beth traveled in their motor home (RV) from Gainesville to Charlotte North Caroloina where they visited my sister Brenda and her husband Tom who was in Seminary school.  From there they went to Niagara Falls then to Michigan to visit mom's grandmother, aunts and uncles. 

Barbara's Travel Log
Cities, people
Miles Driven
Gas Expenses
Camping locations and costs
Camping locations and costs
Groceries Cost
Camping locations and costs
Eating out costs
Micellaneous Costs
Micellaneous Costs
Micellaneous Costs
Cost Totals
Entry: July 10th, Left Gainesville early arriving in at Brenda and Tom's in North Carolina where Tom was attending Seminary school. Food was important to Mom so she always recorded what they ate.
S.S. is Sundy School at church.
More church
The "baby" would be their first son Kristopher who would be born in Novemember.
Time with Brenda and Tom
Mom and Dad loved playing card games.
Mom complained about the cool weather but they enjoyed it as it was really hot in Florida during the summer.
July 15th
Mom and Dad were social people and were always meeting people at the campgrounds they stayed in.
Fellow campers.
Travel day
Arrived at Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Maid of the Mist
Food and travel
Back in the USA
Travel and sightseeing, wading in Lake Michigan
Betty and Hazel are Mom's aunts, her mother's sisters. Dad liked calf's liver and onions, something I also like. Mom only made it at Dad's request and then only about once every couple years. No one else in the family liked it.
Louis is Lewis Seffen, Hazel's husband.
Visiting Family
Lake Michigan
More family
Family Gathering
Family Gathering of the Schwander family. Delmar is Hazel's son.
Bart is Mom's uncle, her mother's yougest brother.
Return Home
Page written later about someone they met while at Niagara Falls.
Page out of place, written when traveling through Pennsylvania.