Mixsonian Larry   

John Leslie Mixson
and the Publishing of the
Mixon-Mixson Books

Publishing Book 1
Page 2

On June 18th Mrs. Barnett writes back to John and enclosed forty pages for him to review.  She explained it had been ready for a “good three weeks” but was waiting for a copy machine they had ordered as it costs .10 a page to use someone else’s machine.  Their new copy machine finally arrived and she lost no time getting the pages copied and sent.  She also had sent cards to all the names of persons who pre-ordered the book explaining the delay and she apologize to John for the delay.[f16-d13]

On June 20th John received a letter from Mary Barnett Curtis, the President of ARP who apologizing that they have caused John any undue concern about his manuscript but believe they have “successfully overcome” their problems and that Mrs. Barnett will devote all her time to completing John’s book.  Also that they would set up a trust account at Ridglea State Bank for the funds they have received for pre-orders of the book.[f16-d14]

On June 27th John receives a letter from Mrs. Barnett which included additional pages on Micha Mixon and hoped to have and additional 60 pages by the end of the following week.[f15-d15]  On July 7th she sends the chapter on Jesse Mixon.[f16-d16]

On July 19th Mrs. Barnett sends the chapter on Samuel Mixon and says she will be happy to let Mr. Ashley Mixon have the 100 books for the Mixon family reunion.  She goes on to say an additional 50 books would be around $150 more, but suggests, as his book has been selling well, that he increase the amount to 500 copies.  She also says that he will need to send two copies to the Bureau of Copyright in Washington D.C. and that she would be happy to handle the process for John.[f16-d17]

On August 22nd Mrs. Barnett sends the “final copy” of pages in the book and a sample page from the printer to show how the final result will look.  She also includes a report on the books sold to date, 100 copies with actual cash of $540 received for 27 orders.  As for the reunion, she thought she should have a copy of the book completed, minus the index and hard cover that John could show interested people but then in the following sentence says she will “rescind that statement”, that she can’t get in mail to him in time but Mr. Ashley could pick it up at their office in Fort Worth. She quotes John the price of $2,601 for 500 copies of the book.[f16-d18]

On September 9th Mrs. Barnett says she was happy to meet John and the Mixson reunion and she was working on the index to the book.[f16-d19]

 On October 31st John receives a letter from Mrs. Barnett Curtis, President saying the book is due to be shipped on the 10th of November.  She included the following invoice.[f16-d21]

Publication of the Mixon-Mixson Family book

Typing and Editing # 1.50 per page       577.50 Indexing of 12,000 names @ .03 per name  360.00
Printing @ 4.40 per page                1724.80
Hard Covers @ 1.00 e. (500)              500.00
Picture pages                             30.11                                       $3,192.30
Less advance                           1,300.00                                        1,842.30
Credit for cash sales                    540.00                         Total Due      1,352.30