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Beth in NCBeth on porch at Grandpa Junior's cabin in N.C.

 1968 Mom and Dad bought a beautiful home in Black Mountain, N.C. way up on a mountain overlooking the city below. We spent our vacation with them.

1969 I got another promotion and transferred to the Health Center Personnel: Mr. Herman Mace was my boss. My three good friends , Louise, Jessie and Janice all got promotions too and moved to the Health Center. We got to eat lunch together every day and had our breaks together for the next several years. My friend Louise died from cancer in 1976.

Brenda Graduation PictureBrenda graduated from GHS and started Santa Fe Community College in the Fall of 69. Nancy Schweyer (Brenda's girl scout leader) and Dot Rowe (the assistant leader) Morris and I took 6 girl scouts on a 2,870 mile camping trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming that summer. We camped out in tents and once we got to Jackson Hole we stayed for a week in a Hostel owned by Nancy's sister and her husband, (see my diary of this trip).

Christmas at Grandpa Junior's cabin in N.C.
Christmas at Grandpa Junior's cabin in N.C.

Christmas we went to Black Mt. to have Christmas with Mom and Dad, Gary and Dianne, Corky and his girl friend and Carole and Dick. It snowed and it was a beautiful time.

Dan Whitaker was our pastor at Westside B. Church. Kelly Junior was born November 25. Sally Guinn was born March 26.



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