Mixsonian Larry

Diary of Trip to Wyoming
by Barbara Mixson


Sat. Aug. 2 (547 miles)
First night in Mississippi, very hot and humid, hard time to go to sleep; no rain, but it finally cooled off near morning. Camped at a state park, real nice. Morris and I slept in back of the car, the others in the tents.

Sunday, Aug. 3           (464 miles)
Second night--near Dallas, Texas. All day real hot but when the sun went down it cooled off considerably. No rain. Camped right on water's edge of the reservoir. Set up one tent to change in and we all slept right outdoors! It got real cool; lovely breeze came up and stayed all night. Really enjoyed sleeping out of doors like that. ( The girls met 3 boys that took them boating and water skiing, they loved that.) Tried to go swimming to take a bath, but the water was too dirty and iccky looking.

Monday, Aug. 4 (339 miles)
Arrived at the Panhandle National Grasslands, Lake McClellon, Texas near Groom, about 4:30. Looked like rain and finally sprinkled about 10 min. then a wind came up--about 35 miles per hour (?); had a hard time cooking supper and keeping the plates and tablecloth on the table! Really a beautiful lake. Nice swimming too. Had paddle boats. Linda and Nancy found a baby bird and took up hours feeding it. Bought worms (regular sold for 1.00, but the man let them have them for 75c,  "as it was for a good cause") Still have the bird in car with us today. Clean rest rooms, and nice and cool tonight. Wind blew all night. Morris and I slept out of doors again down near the lake. The girls slept in the tents. Cool yet this morning. Left this morning at 8:30; getting slower every day!

Tuesday, Aug. 5 ( 421 miles)
Early morning went through oil well country--for miles and miles; just hundreds and hundreds of oil well pumping. (This is Texas) Arrived about 5 o'clock at Monument Lake Resort, Colorado near Colorado Springs. Boy it's a big camping place, I bet 1000 campers! Girls wanted to go horseback riding but it was too late. Fixed supper and just as we finished dishes it started to rain. We sat in the car for an hour or so and then the rain let up so we all slept in the tents; pretty crowded, Morris right between Dot and me! Turned right cold during the night; got our long pants and sweaters out. Tents are wet this morning and dew is all over everything. Sun came out later and it turned out a beautiful day. Left at 8 for Denver, Col. Bird died sometime this afternoon. The girls buried it and had a funeral. Picked wildflowers and put them on the grave. Got into the mountains today about noon. They sure aren't as pretty as the Smokies, so far anyway.

Wednesday, Aug. 6 (565 miles)
Can see snow on the distant mountains near Denver, Colorado. Decided to go on to Jackson Hole today. Crossed into Wyoming 12;30 pm. Nancy S. loves to buy us fruit--pears, peaches, plums, purple grapes yesterday and today apples, bananas, green grapes, and more peaches. Are they ever good! 12:30 and we are really in the mountains. Up and down and real high. You can see for miles
and miles and all so green--lots prettier than Colorado. Ate supper in Pinedale in a restaurant.. (Nancy S. paid for all of us; was it ever good first restaurant. meal we've had since we've left home) Got to the Wariner's home at 11:00 pm. Nancy's mother had to go to the hospital today. Nancy seems worried.
Boy, did the weather ever change. Got down to 34 degrees. Morris, Brenda, Kathy and I got to sleep in the house trailer. The others on the Warriner's porch. They have a beautiful home with a front and back porch the whole length of the house. Nancy's sister and daughter greeted us with hot cocoa and donuts.

Thursday, Aug. 7
Slept so good last night! Got to bed about midnight and didn't get up until 10 this morning. Our hostel rooms were ready at 11 this morning so we move d in. First thing--a hot shower--the first one since we've left Gainesville! Boy did it feel good. It took 2-3 hours for everyone to get a shower and we headed for town (Jackson)for lunch. Ate at a real, good restaurant and then went to the washerette to do our laundry. Went back to the Wariner's house for our tents (we had to put up and sun out as they were wet.) The hostel is just perfect. In the basement a huge fireplace with a sunken Living room where they show movies, a pool table ping pong, chess, checkers, and children's playroom, and a library if you want to quietly read. Mr. Cowles and his son came to see us. They have been here since Monday. Had pizza in a darling little place right down the road from us for supper and then saw a movie down in the recreation room on skiing.

Friday, Aug. 8
Slept until 8 o'clock this morning. Would you believe a bus load of kids came in at 3 o'clock in the morning, stomped up and down the stairs, dogs barked, and then they all took a shower and made more noise, all at 3 o'clock in the morning! We took the Tram ride up to the top of the mountain. What a view, and was it ever cold up there. Went to town and had lunch at A & W Root beer and then we took a ride to where Chuck Cowles was camping. He took us to where a mountain fell down in the valley. Had a beautiful view of the Tetons from there. Had steak supper at the "Topper" something like our Ponderosa at home. Then we took in the play at the Diamond Lil Theater. It was great. Got home about 11:30 and then to bed.

Sat. Aug 9
Got up about 8:00 o'clock and we went to the hotel restaurant for bacon and eggs. Some of the girls went horseback riding. They got their pictures taken by some forest ranger for their magazine (anyway that’s what the guy said). Dot and I went to town to get groceries for our picnic tomorrow. At 2'clock we left for Jenny Lake. Beautiful, but no swimming. Took a hike and got back at the museum at the Visitor’s Center at Moose about 5. From there just down the road the famous Chuck Wagon Meal. All you can eat for $3.00. It was all cooked over wood fires in huge black iron pots. It was delicious! Then we met our guides at 6:30 for the float down the Snake River in rubber rafts. It was beautiful. Refreshments were served by our guide: hot apple cider and spice cakes. We saw 9 moose going down. The weather turned chilly and it turned dark on us. The entire trip was great, I only wish the boys were with us. It took 2 hours to get back to the Visitor's Center where we left our cars. Got to bed about 11. (Brenda's note here: Peggy Mahoney, her mother and father and brother came and spent the day with us. Peggy and her brother, George, went on the trip with us and then they spent the night at the Hostel. They left Sunday about 9:30 to return home. Sure enjoyed seeing Peggy.)

Sunday, Aug 10.
Slept until 8 o'clock and then we dressed for church. A darling little wooden log "Church of the Transfiguration". It was packed inside and they had pews out doors too. Had all the windows open and people sang from the outside. Took our picnic lunch to String Lake where we went swimming (it was too cold for me). It's a beautiful picnic area and real clear water. It's really hot today. Went to go home and the starter was broken on our car. Luckily Morris knew how to tinker with it and with some tape got it going. Went up to Signal Mountain for a look of the valley. Beautiful view. Got home at 5, rested, took showers and then went to town for supper. Ate at a ritzy place "The Silver Spur" by candle light. Good meal. Then we went to the Pink Garter Theater and saw "Annie Get Your Gun". It was in a tent and called theater in the round as the stage was in the center of the tent. It was good but not as good as Diamond Lil Theater. Got to bed about 1 o'clock.

Monday, Aug. 11
Tried to sleep late but 2 bus loads of kids got us up early so we got up about 9. Morris and Dot got all the maps out to route our way home. Decided to go home through the Grand Canyon. All the girls went into town after lunch and Morris and I took a nap. Got up at 4 and went into town. Met the girls and had supper at the "Topper" cafeteria. Morris and I went looking for souvenirs to take home. The girls and Nancy S. went back to the Diamond Lil Theater as they loved the plays. Started to rain so the shoot up in the middle of town was cancelled so we went back to the Hostel. Had coffee with Josey and the Warriner's. Went up to cur room and Dot and Morris finished mapping out our route home. I finished reading my book I started several days ago. Went to bed about 11:45. The wildflowers all over are beautiful. I counted seven different ones in one small area!

Tuesday Aug. 12
It rained all night and is still slowly raining but decided to go on to Yellowstone anyway. Stopped and had breakfast at the Chuck Wagon. Ate in the teepee with a big campfire going in the middle. Juice, coffee or cocoa, 2 eggs, ham and all the hot cakes you want for $1.40. It was delicious. Got to Yellowstone at 11 and it stopped raining. Saw Old Faithful go off twice. The sun came out and so did about 5000 people! Spent one hour at Old Faithful and then took the loop back around the park. Stopped and had a picnic lunch and about froze to death eating it. We only saw one bear and 2 moose. Stopped several times to view the geysers and the views along the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. Saw several waterfalls. It was all great and just beautiful. Should really spend a week there to take it all in. Got back to Jackson at 7. Ate supper and got back to the Hostel about 9. Morris and I went to bed about 9:30 but the girls and Mrs. Schwyer found out Josey needed help in making up beds and cleaning rooms on the 4th floor and they helped her out until after 1 o'clock. The linen service was late and people kept coming in wanting rooms. They all got to bed about 2.

Wednesday, Aug. 13
Boy, did we ever sleep late. I got up at 11, also Dot and Nancy but the other girls slept until noon. Morris and I had a sandwich for lunch then Dot, Morris, Nancy and I took the clothes into town to wash and dry. Then we went out to visit Mrs. Schwyer's folks. Mrs. Wariner came home from the hospital, and was feeling better, which we were all glad. Had refreshments and got our gear from their garage where we had it stored. The Wariner's are a lovely sweet couple. They really know how to make people feel at home. We all fell in love with them. I see where Nancy gets her generosity from. Came back into the Hostel and packed our bags. Went to eat at the Mangy Moose Restaurant. Spaghetti dinner and had live entertainment. Called home and talked to Dad, Beth and David. They are all OK. Well it's 10:45, time to go to bed.

Thursday, Aug. 14 (359 miles)
Left the Hostel at 8:20 a.m. All da it was the most scenic route through Idaho and Utah we've seen yet. Bear Lake was just beautiful. The blue water was the most gorgeous sight we've seen. One saw it time and time again as you rounded the mountain and the higher you got. Each time the view was terrific. Ate lunch on the edge of the lake. It was slow going all day because of the up and down of the mountains. Star Valley, Idaho was dairy country. Stopped at a Swiss Cheese factory and had home made. pie and cheese. It was delicious and cheap. Got to Salt Lake City about 4 o'clock. Visited the Temple Grounds. It was really worth stopping to see. The grounds and flowers are a pure delight. Spent a hour there, but should of had longer. Got to our camp ground at 7:30. Morris and I slept in the tent, but the rest slept out doors. Had a nice grassy spot and really clean rest rooms and showers, but too close to the highway. It was in a man's yard and it was too close to the People who lived around there. I slept terrible. The whether was nice thought-‑not too hot, not too cold.

Friday, Aug 15 (374 miles)
Left Fairview about 8:15 for the Grand Canyon. All day yesterday and today the farmers are haying. It's a nice sight and smells so good too. Ate lunch at Bryce Canyon. It was off the hi-way 17 miles but it was worth it. The red canyons were something to see. Need several days here to see it all. Reached our campsite, Jacob Lake in the Kaibab National Forest. Beautiful spot, huge trees, pine, blue spruce, Aspens, and all just beautifully shaped. Left our campsite at 5:10 to go into the Grand Canyon 43 miles away. Spent about 2 hours at the Grand Canyon. Took pictures and a walk out to Bright Angel Point. It's a sight to see! Got back to camp just at dark. It doesn't get dark out here until about 9 o'clock. Got to bed about 10. Morris and I slept in the one tent, some slept out and some in the other tent. Weather was right chilly.

Kaibab National Forest Postcard

Kaibab National Forest Postcard

Sat. Aug. 16 (469 miles)
Left Jacob Lake at 8:15. Went through the Navajo Indian Reservation. Quite interesting to see how they live. Took a detour and went up and saw the Glen Canyon Dam and bridge across the Colorado River. It had a lovely new Visitor's Center. The dam and view was great. Hot today! Went through miles and miles and miles of nothing but red and grey looking hills and hot! Here I've been saying all day that the Indian race must be extinct because all through the reservation there were such a few of them. Well, at 5 o'clock we got to Gallup, New Mexico; the traffic was pumper to bumper and thousands of real Indians all over the town. We had to stop and wait at an intersection and we asked an MP, who was directing the traffic, and he said it was a four day Indian Dance Ceremony and all the Indians and visitors from all over the states come to it. Got to Albuquerque after dark. Decided to stay in a hotel tonight and I bet they had 200 hotels--big ones too-- and every last one of them were filled! Spent over an hour looking for one and finally found a camping place outside of town and camped out under the stars on the hardest ground we've slept on yet! And right near the four lane hi-way and the big trucks rolled by all night!

Sunday, Aug. 17 (428 miles)
Left at 7:30 this morning seeing we had no tents to take down. It was a hot day through New Mexico, Texas, and then into Oklahoma. Camped at Foss Reservoir near Clinton, Oklahoma. Nice spot. Clean restrooms and cold showers. Slept under the stars again. Weather was just right. Just needed a sheet to cover. Today coming through Texas we passed a large truck hauling cows. As Dot's car passed them Nancy and Linda got "baptized" with cow "pee"! Everyone thought it was hilarious, except them. What a greeting from Texas!

Monday, Aug 18 (475 miles)
Left Foss Reservoir at 8:30. Hot all day. Drove all 475 miles today on Inter­state 40. (Most of the time except in places where it wasn't completed) Started to rain late in the afternoon. Nancy S. called her old friend from Texas, Mrs. John Smith. She and her husband (a doctor) invited us to spend the night at their house in Little Rock, Ark. Got there about 7. Ate supper in the cafeteria at the big shopping center near their home. They have a large 2 story home. We all had a hot shower and everyone except Cheryl and Nancy L. had a bed! Marie Smith did everything to make us feel at home even to getting up Tues. morning and fixing us breakfast. Morris got up earlier than the rest of us and had breakfast with Dr. Smith. Really enjoyed their hospitality. Hope someday to return the favor.

Tuesday, Aug 19 (455 miles)
Left Little Rock at 8:05. First flat tire today on Dot's car. Well, I had to go and get sick today, diarrhea, probably because of all the strange water I've been drinking! Decided our last night out to splurge! We spent the night at Holiday Inn, 2 big double beds, hot showers, TV and oh so nice and comfy. And steak for supper in the restaurant! At Selma, Alabama.

Wed. Aug 20 (480 miles)
We were going home by Pramana City and the coast so we could see the ocean, but heard on the radio about the hurricane, so decided a more direct route home. Left Selma, Alabama at 8:30, hot, hot, hot all day. Home at 6:20; 5920 miles since we left home.

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  58.00   going up     
 80.08   coming home 
 16.08   at home
 18.30   the week at Jackson Hole      

Scouts and chaperons:  

Morris Mixson
Barbara Mixson
Nancy Schwyer
Dot Rowe
Brenda Mixson
Linda Haguewood
Nancy Langieri
Kathy Halsey
Cheryl Rowe
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