Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

I got another promotion and went to work in the Department of Biochemistry in the Health Center, where I stayed for the next five years. Dr. Peter Cerutti was my boss and Chairman of the Department.

The kids at Mt. Vernon
Carrie, Vandy, Beth, Dana, David at Mt. Vernon VA

That summer Morris, David, Beth and I took a two week trip to visit Carole, Dick, Danah, Vandy, Carrie and Kristen who lived in Fairfax, Virginia, only one hour away from Washington, D.C.

Larry graduated from GHS and Brenda was in her second year at Santa Fe. Larry also had a part-time job since last year at the Computing Center at the U of F. Larry started the U of F in the fall and we let him get an apartment with Bill Lassiter. Brenda became a Girl Scout Leader and went to camp all summer.
Barbara's Stories
July 11, Grandma Schwander died. Morris and I picked up Mom from Black Mt. and took her to Michigan for the funeral. Daddy wasn't feeling well so he stayed and took care of Beth for us. I was worried thinking he couldn't take care of her, but when we got back he said they had a ball and got along real well.



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