Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Betty and Billy moved back to Florida. They lived with her mother at the old house while they built a new house across the rode. So we started seeing a lot of them again. At this time we had a little black dog named Happy.

I only worked at the Lunch Station for about a year when mom and dad found out about it and thought it wasn't a fitting job for me. So about this time Mom and Dad moved back to Gainesville. Daddy was a district manager for F & E Check Protector Company. He needed someone to repair the check writer machines so he sent Morris to Chicago to the factory to learn to repair them. After that Morris worked about 3 to 4 hours Monday-Thursday nights and all day Saturdays. He did this until l964 when I started to work at the U of F.

We had a little extra money by now and we'd pile into our car, take Kool Ade and popcorn along and take the kids in their pajamas to the Drive Inn Movie which would cost $1 a car load

In the summer of l956 Grandpa Schwander was very sick so Morris and I went to Michigan with Mom and Dad to see him. He died August 14. Morris's folks took care of Brenda, Larry and David while we were gone.

We also bought our first TV (Motorola) this year. I loved The Mickey Mouse Club. I watched every day with the kids. Brenda started Kindergarten at Kirby Smith School

Mom and Dad loaned us $300 for a down payment on our house that we are still living in. In exchange Mom and Dad lived here for several months then they bought the house across the street from us and lived there for about a year. We moved in about the first of l957.


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