Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Sometime about l955 Adrian and Dottie and their three children, Buddie, Rosie and Gary moved from New Orleans to Gainesville. Later Joanne was born. We visited with them often and had some family reunions out at the Mixson's.

Life went on and we were poor. So I took a job at the Bus Station Luncheonette. I worked from 4 p.m. till midnight. And I really liked it. The boss, Mr. Page, was very good to me. I started off at $30 a week and because I was honest and followed his directions (so he told me) he was giving me an extra bonus every month. This really helped us out and we bought our first new car. A green Chevrolet (with nothing extra on it).

I would fix supper early and Irene took care of the kids till Morris got home (about 5:20 p.m.) He fed them supper, did the dishes and put them to bed. David was only l year old at this time.

I was still skinny when I started to work here but I could eat anything I wanted (free) so I had chocolate milk shakes, hamburgers, etc. and I gained about 20 lbs. that year. But I still weighed only about 135 lbs.

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