Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

We were really happy to have our own home. Almost all of our furniture came from mom and dad. I did go back to work at the Bus Station for awhile. Mr. Page called me and was desperate so I worked off and on for a few months, and I really enjoyed doing it.

Dixie and Bill Costen was married in Atlanta, Georgia. Brenda was the flower girl.

Swan Lake
Larry, David, Brenda, Cork at Swan Lake

September and Brenda was in 1st grade and Larry in Kindergarten at J. J. Finley School. Our neighbors were Dr. and Mrs. Marion Weaver who had four kids too. Our kids became good friends. The boys loved to play up in the woods behind Foy Lynes house. Douglas Lynes was a good friend too as well as Hank Weaver. Sue and Jim lived in St. Petersburg and Jim was working for Belk Lindsey. That summer the whole family got together and Daddy rented a cabin at Swan Lake. We were crowded but had a good time.

Grandpa Showing off at Swan Lake with Brenda
Brenda watching Grandpa Junior showing off at Swan Lake

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