Mixsonian Larry


When we were kids we got a dog which we named Happy. Happy was a medium size dog that was part cocker spaniel. He was all black with shaggy hair. I think we named him Happy because he was a happy, excited to see you type of dog. Happy was an outside dog, he was never allowed in the house. I remember once when I was going into the back door of my grandparents house who lived across the street at the time and Happy started barking and would let me in. It turned out there was a small rattlesnake right next to the door. I remember playing with Happy when both he and I were younger but as we got older we no longer played together much and I mostly remember him just being out back in the yard. We had Happy for many years and he grew quite old until one day he just disappeared. We never did find out what happened to him.

Brenda with Happy, 1962
Brenda with Happy in 1962