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Dad, David over for Dinner

Florida Cavern     With my new house being finished and getting settled in, I had Dad and my brother David over for dinner on Thursday night which I do most every Thursday since (now June 2019).  For Thanksgiving I had all the local family over for dinner.

Football game  I went with my Dad to the anual Florida vs. Florida State game Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It was kind of sad when my Dad turned to me and said "This might be the last game I go to."  Dad has had season tickets for over 40 years.  I was happy to hear when I wrote this (June 2019) that he had bought tickets for the upcomming season and was talking about going.

Christmas PartyWith Christmas came the getting together with family, here is my uncle Jim and uncle Cork in the forground and their wife's Sue and Connie at the stove and cousin Sara on the right.  One of the things I treasure the most in returning to Gainesville is the time I get to spend with family.

Sunset Sunset

As the year closed I often sat on my back porch watching the sun set.  It was a good year.