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Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Thanksgiving this year was a multi day event.  The days before and after we had dinner at my house and at Zack's.  Thanksgving day was dinner with the extended family at my aunt and uncles farm.

Thanksgiving  Reunion Thanksgiving Reunion 2018

 Back row R-L: Dana, David, Morris, ?, ?, Sara, ?, ?, Kelly, ?, ?, Jimmy, Brenda, Tom, Larry, Josh, Gracie, ?, Katie, Beth, Mark, Danny, ?, ? Sue, Venessa
Middle row: Molly, Carolina
 Kneeling: Cork, Connie, Diane, Mrs. Dowling,  Camila, Judy


Thanksgving DinnerThanksgiving Dinner at the Farm

Table all set Dinner at my house

Formal dinner at my house Wendesday before Thanksgiving

Cow wants to play
The cow wants to play bean bag toss too

Zach and Dana Zach and Dana

Coral and ChrisCoral and Chris

Men after dinner Tom, Dad and David relaxing after dinner