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Tuesday Night Dinners

Dad with Clementine     One thing I really enjoy since being back in Gainesville is Tuesday night dinner at Dads. A number of years ago, my sister Beth started going by Dad's on her way home from work on Tuesday night and she would make dinner for him.  Her husband Mark and sometimes her son Zack would come.  It has now grown with Beth's daughter Coral and finance moving back, my brother David and often other family.  Coral brings her new baby, Clementine, which is Dad's third great granddaughter.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings house      In August I went out to Cross Creek and visited Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings house made famous from her book The Yearling  which wond the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1939.

Camp Crystal      Later in August I went out to Camp Crystal with my Dad where my sister works.  I have fond memories of Camp Crystal from childhood when I went there in elementary school. 

Golf CartCamp Crystal Sign Post Camp Crystal, being a county park, had field day trips for kids in elementary school and week camps in the summer which they still do so today.  I remember doing crafts, archery and walks.  I remember taking a sock with sulfur in it and banging it around our ankeles to keep the ticks away before going on nature walks in the woods.   The trip around the camp with my sister today went much faster on the golf cart.  I know Dad like the ride.

Kayak on Lake WauburgAlligators!
In August I bought a kayak.  My daughter had been taking me kayaking for a number of years but since she no longer lived near by I bought one for myself.  My first trip was on Lake Wauburg.  Had to watch out for the alligators.

September was an interesting month....