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Snow in Virginia

      The year started in Reston Virginia being cold, with snow and ice but I always find the snow peaceful and beautiful, a striking contrast to the big oak trees covered in spanish moss I find after moving to Florida.

Oak Tree with Spanish Moss

      Arriving in Florida in June, my new house was not ready, so I stayed with Dad until my house was done in September.  Having some time, there are places Florida I have not seen since moving from Gainesville over forty yeas ago, one being Cedar Key on the west coast so I drove over to it.

Ceader Key Resturants

  It was much as I remembered, ramshachackled restaurants along the waterfront and shops along the main strip.  I walked around the town and had lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the water.  After lunch I walked down to the pier where people were fishing and pelicans were sitting on poles.

Cedar Key

Pelecans on Poles

Cork at the Fenway


In July my uncle Cork heard they were renovating Fenway in Dunedin where he attended school when he was a boy.  A woman from he construction company showed us around an Cork got to see the room he stayed in when he went there.  It has since opened is now a specialty Marriott hotel.

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