Mixsonian Larry
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Canoe tripIn September of 1991 David and I went on a canoe trip down the Santa Fe River from Worthington Springs to O'Leno State Park.   One of the interesting things about the Santa Fe River is that the entire river comes to a slowly swirling dead end in the park in which the entire river disappears.  The river re-appears 3.5 miles away at River Rise Preserve State Park.  While we were canoeing down the river we met another couple who were canoeing.  When we askedDad and Me how far they were going they stated some point down the river.  We told them they might have a problem because the river went underground at O'Leno.  I don't think they believed us.  I would have like to have seen their faces when they got there.  Here is a picture of dad and I at the house on 27 NW drive.

Pace Arrow Motorhome Mom and Dadi's  motorhome burns up and they buy a used Pace Arrow motorhome (Click to read)

Washington Monument in SpringMy photo of Washingtion Monument in the spring

Mom's KitchenBarbara Remembering 1991

Rosalie Remembering 1991