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Rosalie's Diary

July 30, 1991
In the counties south of us (Marion co) the grassehoppers are eating up everything. At first they couldn't get anything to kill them but at last they have found a way to slow them down. Also horses are have Encephalites. The number is now 175 horses. Humans can get it too, it is caused by misquitoes. I remember when our horse took it and died. We had been giving him the shots ever year but that year one of the boys said "Dad old Cabbage is follering one of the cows around and around" so they took the bridle and brought him to the house and put him in the horse lot, there he went around in circles until he dropped dead. That was our last horse. After that we had a mule for a while at least I can't remember what happened after that.

Sept 16, 1991
I have just read in piece in the paper O the joys of being 90!

Bellow written below the above after her birthday

Well Sunday after my birthday on Oct 26th the children gave me a birthday party. It was real nice. The preacher Barry De Whitt & wife were here.

Roslie with sons Morris and Arnold
Roslie with sons Morris and Arnold at her birthday party

Jehovah: "He that is" I am (ex 3-14) The self-existent and eternal one.

Dec. 6, 1991
Just thinking about children. My Mother said, Rosalie you have a lot more patience with your children than I had. But I never knew that, She was always calm and patient as far as I knew. She also said we were good children. Once when we the boys and I visited Bessie Wilburs sister at Wauchuila Fl. Mr. Turner told me, he sorta dreaded our visiting because the thought the boys would run him crazy with their noise - but he said "I never saw such well behaved children." I think they were good too, when at church they sat still and never cut up or when visiting at their Aunts and Uncles they didn't run thru the house but sat quietly until out in the yard and playing with other children. Now children are lot different. Our children never had any bought toys. They made ther own wagons out of wood. Arnold spent hours sawing and hammering ever day making something. They once broke a calf to pull a cart, which they made. They had fun, I think.

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