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January 16, my birthday. Betty, Billy, Morris and I had gone out to eat and when we got home we turned on the TV and heard that the US. had declared war in the middle east in the Pursian Gulf against Saddam Hussein in Iraq. It was called Desert Storm.

Chemisty Laboratory Building DedicationChemisty Laboratory Building Dedication Brochure

January 19 ten visitors from England visited our church. Barbara and Alan Johnson stayed with us for six days. We really enjoyed getting to know them and have them in our home. February Morris and I went to the dedication of the new Chemistry building. Morris was on the building committee for years before he retired so he was proud of his part in it. Our good friend and neighbor, Colson Martin died this month. Feb. 5-7 we went camping at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. Feb. 22-28 we went camping in west Florida to St. Georgias and St. Josephs state parks. The weather was just beautiful.

In March, Gary and Dianne gave Connie a surprise 40th birthday party. March 14-16 a bunch of our good friends went to the Cherry Blossom festival in Macon, Ga. Those who went, Chris and Henry, Libby and Ernie, Zella Mae and Monroe, Rosalie and O.D., Carolyn and Lamar, Anne and Ed, Eleanor and Clarence and Morris and I. Not too many trees were blooming but we had a great time.

In April we went camping at Alexander Springs and to Salt Springs in the Ocala National Forest. Zack was in the movie, Doc Hollywood, with Michael Fox, and he received his first check for $430 from Warner Brothers. It was filmed in Micanopy. April 12-14 we went camping at Cedar Key for the Arts Festival, then we went to Zella Mae and Monroe's place on the Suwannee river for a SS fish fry. We camped in their yard over night.

April 15-18 Mom, Bob, Ellie, Morris and I went to Gary and Dianne's condo. April 28-May 3 Morris and I spent the week with Libby and Ernie at St. Augustine at their time sharing condo. May 19 we went to the Feaster reunion at the Feaster (Dixon) home.

June 20-August 2 for 6 weeks and 2 days we were on vacation. We spent the first 10 days on the Blue Ridge Parkway, then the next four days near Larry and Julie. We visited Corning, New York, Niagara Falls, Canada, Upper Michigan, and then 2 weeks with Bob and Ellie at Sandy Pines Resort, near Wayland. Great vacation. (See my travel diary for details).

Dad's TruckMorris's Truck

August 5-24 David went to Austria to go on a back packing-hiking trip with Brenda, Tom and the boys. In August Morris bought himself a Toyota truck for his 65th birthday. This was his first truck and he was so proud of it. He even starting listening to Country music while he was riding it. He really bought it to toe behind the motor home.

Motor home fireOutside of motor home fire

August 15, our Itaska motor home caught on fire and burned up. It happened one night after we were in bed. It was started by a faulty electrical system in the refrigerator. It was a total loss. What a night. August 22 our good friend, Bill Storey died.

Football ticket In September we had our annual family reunion, again at Gary and Dianne's. Sept. 25 we bought a 1984 27 foot Pace Arrow motor home. It was the best motor home we've had so far. Sept. 28-29 Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to Orlando to International Studios and then we went to the Mississippi State football game (we won).

Pace Arrow motor home
Barbara and Morri's Pace Arrow motorhome
Grandkids Katy and Coral in doorway

October 15-24 Morris and I took the motor home on our first trip in it. We went to Ft. Tatham campground near Dillsborgh and Franklin. N.C. It was beautiful and cool weather. One day we drove over to Highlands to see Jean and Wendall Turner. October 27 we gave Grandma Mixson a surprise 90th birthday party at her home. About 40 people came.

Football ticket

Mom's Kitchen Mom's Kitchen

November 1-2 Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to Auburn, AL for the football game. We won. Nov.9, Betty, Billy, Evelyn, John , Morris and I took the motor home to Jax for the FL-GA game. It was very, football ticketvery cold and we won. November 11 we hired Stringfellows to remodel our kitchen. We took every thing out and put in all new. It is beautiful and I love it.

November 22, Betty retired from the U of F. November 30 we played FSU and won, 14-3. For Thanksgiving we had Grandma Mixson, Arnold, Eunice, Mom , David, Beth, Mark and kids. In December Dixie had a hysterectomy and she came to our house afterwards so I could take care of her. Then she went to Kristi and Joe Frank's home in Dothan, AL for a couple of weeks. We had Christmas dinner at Gary and Dianne's home.

December 28-29 Mom, Morris and I went to Carole and Dick's home for Carrie and Peter's wedding. Dec. 3l,--Jan.2, Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to New Orleans to see the Gators play Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. We went with a group of people on a bus tour. We lost. David and Mark drove up and got there just before the game started,. We missed our New Year Eve's party at Libby and Ernie's.

Sugar Bowl
Betty, Barbara, Morris and Mark
at the Surgar Bowl

Note: Barbara wrote the above in 1994 based on the her diary from 1991.

Updated: 02-01-2024

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