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Virginia Tech

In September Anne started veterinarian school at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia.  I was quite surprised she had got in with the Virginia Tech being the only public veterinary school for Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. and it only took 90 new students each year. Anne had been working part time at a veterinarian clinic in Reston for a couple of years while attending the local George Mason University where she was in her senior year, and she had talked about going to veterinarian school for some time. When she applied to Virginia Tech, she said she didn’t expect to get in right away, the doctors at the place she worked had told her that it was common to apply two or three times before getting accepted. So, Anne applied early thinking she probably wouldn’t get accepted the first time. When she opened the letter from Virginia Tech saying she was accepted we were all excitedly surprised.  After a couple of visits to Blacksburg and the school, she found a place to live and started in September. She would be one of the youngest in her class.

An interesting note is that Anne never completed her undergraduate degree, she had like three more courses to complete to get her Bachelor’s degree in biology. For several years she talked about completing those courses and getting her undergrad degree after she finished her veterinarian degree, but in the end she never did, after all who cares if you don’t have a bachelor's degree when you have a doctor degree.

Updated: 03-17-2024

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