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Julie, her mother and father in QuebecJulie with her father and mother talking in French to street actor

In the summer of 1993 we took a trip to Quebec Canada to go to Julie's Mother's family reunion.  We flew into Montreal where we rented a car and drove to Quebec City were we met Julie’s parents who had driven Quebec from their home in Delaware.  Julie's mother's maiden name was Tardif and her great grandfather was one of the founding fathers of Quebec.  Part of the family reunion was a bus tour of the city to see things related to the Tardif family.  The tour guide spoke French so Julie's mother translated for us.  I really enjoyed the old part of Quebec with its quaint streets lined with shops. After three days we left Quebec and then stopped for a night and stayed at a house owned by one of Julie’s uncles that on the St. Laurence River. The following day we returned to Montreal where we drove around the city and stayed the night before returning home.

Street in old Quebec
Street in Quebec

House on the St. Lawrence river The house on the Saint Lawrence river that belonged to one of Julie's uncles.

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