Mixsonian Rosa Lee

Rosa Lee Mixson Anderson Dies

In early 1900 Tobias’ wife of fifteen years, Rosa Lee took sick and suddenly died and he becomes despondent for he dearly loved her.  Tobias had always been a man of the Bible but with his wife dying and leaving no children it challenged his faith and he stopped going to church.   

In the Flemington Baptist Church continues to have problems with attendance issues and  March 24th 1900, it was recorded:

The matter of non-attending members was taken up and the following were mentioned as being subject to action vig., Tobias Anderson, C.W. Baldwin, J.F. Belew, J.M. Chitty, W.C. Deman, Henn F. Hall, W.B. Hammond, J.K. Harrison, E.L. Smith, J.R. Sanches and J.A. Weisner.  The brethren present were requested to see those members and ascertain their reasons for not attending conference.  The following resolution was adopted. Resolved: That we will adhere more closely to our rules in the future and earnestly urge all our members to rally more closely around our banner and help to bear it on to victory.

At fifty-two years of age, Tobias was beginning to accept he would live out his life alone when he heard there was a woman, Fannie Belew, that he might be interested in marrying him.  Frances Etta Belew, or Fannie as she was called by, at the age of thirty-three was some twenty years younger that Tobias.  When most girls at that time married a young age, Fannie at the age of thirty-three thought she would never marry.  Tobias went by to see her and after courting her for a few months asked her to marry him,  she said yes and they were married December 10th, 1900.