Mixsonian Larry

Mixson Children in School

In May of 1897 The Ocala Banner ran an article about Mixson’s finishing the school year at Central School in Marion county which had a total of thirty-seven pupils enrolled.  The school attendance that year was quite good with and average attendance of twenty-five, half of which were Mixsons, but it was noted that it would have been better but many of the larger pupils had to stop to help with crops.  At the graduation the sons and daughters of J.D. Mixson were a large part of the ceremonies with Alice Mixson reciting “The Little Angel”, Estelle Mixson reciting “the Wester Schoolman”, Lula Mixson, Alice Mixson participating in the dialog “Tattling”, Viola Mixson reciting “A Discourse on Flowers”, Job Mixon reciting “Setting a Hen”, and Lula Mixson reciting “The camp Song”, Estelle Mixson reciting “Young Ladies of the Present” and Wilbur Mixson giving a speech “First Speech in Public”.  A cousin, Harry Mixson gave a speech titled “Somebody”. 

Updated: 09-24-2021