Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie Anderson is Born

In October of 1901 Tobias and Fannie had their first child, a daughter, who they named Rosalie after Tobias’ first wife Rosa Lee.  Following Rosalie, they had two sons, Andrew in 1903 and William or “Bill” as he was known by in 1907.

The Ocala Evening Star, May 7, 1901

J. K. Mixson#828, the excellent young citizen of Flemington, was in town today and reports that they had several cases of smallpox in their neighborhood, namely, Charley and Harry Smoak. The former has recovered and the latter will soon be all right. Mr. Mixson reports crop prospects fine.

Rosalie was a bright and cheerful child had fond memories growing up, they had a nice house with a porch across the front of the house and the back porch extended right up to the well so they could draw water from it and step right into the kitchen.  There was a white picket fence and in the yard were two magnificent magnolia trees whose fragrant blossoms filled the air in the spring.  But what she liked the most was the flower garden, with roses of every kind.  The mailman said he knew when he was getting close to the Anderson’s house because he could smell the roses from down the road.  

With Tobias’ faith in God shaken, he did not return to the church. In the Flemington Baptist Church minutes dated November 22nd 1902.

The committee appointed to investigate the delinquency of certain members was continued. A letter from F. Anderson (Fannie, Tobias’s wife), stating that he had severed his connection with the Flemington Baptist Church, was read and on motion of M.J. Chitty, with second, his name was ordered stricken from the roll.

Also in 1902:

  • Viola Mixson was the teacher at Flemington Oak Hill school situated 2 1/2 miles south of Flemington. It closed March 1903.
  • Annie Mixson, J. Gilbert Mixson, Don R. Mixson received by baptism into Flemington Baptist Church.

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