Mixsonian Larry

Flemington Vigilant Committee

The church continued to be an important part of the Flemington community with its members being God faring people although some less so than others. With the “immoral conduct” of members continuing to be a problem, in April of 1893 a Vigilant Committee was formed ”whose duty it shall be to look after disorderly members” and then in 1896 the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved: Flemington Baptist Church in conference assembly, feeling the responsibility resting on us as Christians, condemn all such practices, being: The use of profane language. Indulgence in intoxicating liquors to excess. Indulging in games that should be regarded as dancing, (an amusement we believe to be prohibited by the Bible) and indeed anything calculated to bring reproach upon the church.  

Resolved: That we invite all Christians to unite with us in our efforts toward the purifying of the church knowing that if we are earnest and persevering in our efforts we shall win the reward offered to Christ's people: "A crown of righteousness" and the salutation "come in thou blessed of my Father."

Member attendance was a problem and in October 1897 James Mixson submitted the following resolution:

Deeming it the duty of all members to attend church services, we require a brother being absent on one Sunday to render an excuse at the next. Being absent two in succession without just cause, shall be considered an offense against the church; to be dealt with as may be thought best.

After some discussion, the amendment was adopted.  As a result, the Investigating Committee reported Mamie Mixson for dancing in violation of church rules and was excluded from membership.