Mixsonian Larry

Flemington Baptist Church
And the Mixson Family

Larry Mixson

Flemington is a rural community in Marion County which is in north central Florida.  For those of you that think of Florida as subtropical with beaches, palm trees, North Central Florida is quite different.  The area has gently rolling hills with hammocks of live oaks, hickory, magnolia and other trees draped with Spanish moss sometimes making the trees look like old men with beards.  The area has a long history with Flemington, ten miles south of  the town of Micanopy and the oldest community in the interior of Florida goes back to the days when Spanish owned Florida.

Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. in 1921, which was followed by several years of the Seminole war which ended in 1842 and families started to move to Marion County.   In the 1850’s,  James Joyce Mixson was one of four brothers that moved to Marion county and establish families there.   More families arrived, there were the Chitty’s, Smoak’s, Beck’s among others, and with them, being religious families, came the need for a church.  This story begins in the year 1884 with a group of men gathering to form a church that has lasted over 130 years.  This is my story of The Flemington Baptist Church.info This story is based on church minutes, writings by my mother with embellishment by myself.

                       The Mixsonian;

The Birth of a Church