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Rosalie's Diary

Jan. 22 1990
Jan. has been dry, hardly any rain. My left eye is giving me trouble can hardly see.

Jan 23, 1990
The birds are feeding as they do every afternoon about 3:00.

March 6, 1990
Have red birds, chicdees, tufted tutmouse, sparrows, painted bunting, doves on the ground under the feeder. Morris hasn't planted the garden yet.

March 7, 1990
I have hurt more than I have ever in all my life. My flesh, my feet, the calves of my legs, my rib cage, my shoulders hurt so bad that sometimes I have to lie on my back and I've never slept on my back in my life. I am taking a medicine that Dr Dace said wouldn't hurt my stomach and it doesn't but it hardly helps unless I take a tional or a darvocet 7-H 100. The arthrus medicen is Trilisate 750.

March 7, 1990
Today we went shopping on the shopping van. It was a beautiful bright day until about 2:00 when we got a light sprinkle. We need a good rain. Morris planted the garden yesterday.

March 13, 1990
People have said that we farmers never took a bath except on Sat. night when we all took a bath in a tin tub by the kitchen stove but thats not true of our family. We took a bath every night, we washed the dust off in a basen of water altho it wasn't much of a bath we got clean and made us feel refreshed and slept a good sleep because we were tire from working from sunup until sundown. Remember it was hard work, plowing, cutting, presimomn sprouts, feeding the cows, hogs and chickens also we had goats. Everone worked even the children that were large enough. Adrian worked the peanuts and corn when he was 12 years old while his father was in the in Hospital for six weeks. We had to haul wood for the fireplace as I ironed the cloths by the fire. I had four irons one small, one extra hevey and two medium weight. It took all day to wash and the next day I ironed everthing. I started the boys pants and shirts that we wore for best and even the sheets, pillow cases and everthing were ironed. We got up ever morning, fed the horses, the laying hens, watered the horses that is filled a 1/2 barrel that we used to hold water for the horses and milk cows, which was penned ever night so we could put the calf out into another pen so it could not suck its mother. I could milk in the morning befor six or sunup.

March 1990
Since I've been in Orange Lake since 1970 to now, I've known all sorts of folks. When we first moved here, the house next door was a shop a taxidermist. A man and wife named Keely, they were real nice. The maple tree at the corner came from Alabama, which is where they came from. The shop was in the front and the lived in the back. They kept it nice and clean. They were here several years and then sold it to someone else. The place had one owner after another for awhile. Once a man and wife and 5 children moved in, he was old man but the wife was about eighteen, she married him to take care of his children from 2 years to 10, they were good children and loved their step-mother, one little boy told me mama is going to have a baby! Once they had to take the old man in to the hospital and I went over one morning to see how they were, well they didn't even have a chair or bed, only some old quilts on the floor in the corner. The older little girl was frying 3 or four slices of bacon. So I went back to the house and cooked those children scrambled eggs toast & bacon. I had let the mother use my washer and dryer for over a year without pay.

March 31, 1990
We had a nice rain last night. The garden sure needed it. It hasn't been enough rain in a long time. Morris garden looks good. I've only watered it few times. The tomatoes are blooming and he will stake them next week. Today he set out marigolds and zinnias along the front yard. The lilies are blooming (day lilies)

Friday April 1990
Hazel Brabon and I set out marigolds around the sign at the church.

Allen, Val, Emma and Sparky

Easter Sunday 1990

Today we had breakfast at church at 8:30 at 10:30 Sunday school then church at 11:00.

Murel, Val, me and Sparky went to Denneys for lunch. Then coming home, Val says why don't we go see Ruth. When we got she was sitting in the sitting room and as soon as she saw us she knew us and was so glad to see us. Went back to her room and somehow she ask Sparky to marry here! We all just hollered Ruth called Sandy and says Sandy can I get married, she said if you ask me to the wedding, we had the most fun and Ruth was joking and laughing then we went up to the 2nd floor to a church service and Ruth wanted Sparky to sit by here. She seemed real sharp and full of fun.

Sparky was quite popular with the women. Here he is
Kissing Rosalie at her 90th birthday party.
Rosalie and Sparkey

Things I did

I made soap ever fall, from grease and lye, enough to last all summer. If I didn't we bought octangen soap to bathe with. We took a bathe ever night in a wash basin, as we had no bath tub, except the washtub which we all took a bat in ever Sat night. <comment: I remember as a child we would go visit Grandma and taking a bath in the wash tub in the kitchen> We heated the water on the wood stove we used salt and soda as a deodorant for under arms. I use lye soap melted to scrub the wood floors. I also made a scrub map out of corn shucks!!

<- I made it like this
Handle made of an old brown handle borad was cut to about eighteen inches long and and 1 1/2 in. wide then holes were bored to put the shukes. They were from dry corn and we use the whol shuck from an ear of corn. You had to wet them to get them in the hole but after they dryed they were good and tight and made a good mop to scrub wood floors.

Questions about the end of the world and his return -
Math. 24:1:3
World tras. "aion" meaning "age"
How long will the earth continue to exist: Eccela: 1:4
ECCLESIATES 1:4 One generation passath away, another generation cometh but the earth abideth for ever.
Mark 13:20
Except that the Lord had shortened those days no flesh should be saved; but for the elects sake whom he hath chosen he hath shortened the days.
Trouble that will occur befor Christs' return:
Matt. 24:21 For then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to theis time, no, nor ever shall be.
Mark 13:19
Jeremiah 30:7 Daniel 12:1
Jerem: Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it, it is even the time of Jacob's trouble but he shall be saved out of it.

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