Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diary

Jan 6, 1989
Arnold came by last Sat and brought me some fish. He cleaned them and put them in the refregator where we found them. Rosie & Donnie came by on their way home in N.C. they had been to Orlando to see Donnies Dad and just stopped by to see me. They said come and go with us to get something to eat. I said I've already ate but I'll get a cup of coffee - and we got back we found the fish! Rosie said she wish they could stay but were going to spend the night with Joan then go on home the next day. This afternoon Arnold came by and bought me a basket of all kinds of cheese & other goodies and we went down to the Country Barn but Arnold couldn't eat much he was having a lot of gas and I gave him maylanta. I sure was glad to see him.

This morning
The sparrows can eat up a quart of bird seed in a day. I saw a few black birds, a few red birds but there are not many birds here mabe later.

Phillis is still here has now water and cooks on the fire outside. Tonight she said she would leave Tues.

Jan 7
We had breakfest at the lake, Morris & I Emma, (David, Emmas now) Art & Murell. Had a good breakfast but I haven't been hungry all day. Keith (the black man (his nice) raked the yard. I think he charged too much, but he did haul the trash off.

Debra came by for the small bed and gave me half the money. She and Kristy loaded it on the truck. The little girls played and ate cookies.

Beth came over this morning. The baby can sit up and play with her toys.

Jan 28
Arnold came and we cooked supper here. I sure am glad he has been coming over every Friday. It makes my day! We have been eating at the Country Barn but the food isn't too good now. Breakfast is always good most anywhere.

Phyllis is still here she has been saying that she is leaving for weeks. She needs to go to work doing something. She wants to pick oranges.

Feb. 1, 1989
Phillis is still here still cooking out doors sleeping in her old truck. Says she is cleaning the house and going thru old papers she thinks she is going to get money.

This has been summer like weather in the 80( the red bud have already bloomed out the asazlas are blooming, some trees have new green leaves, my daffodils have buds. The amaryllis are putting up leaves in my old flower bed pink are growing some are blooming (I need to get a pair of work gloves). The geraniums look beautiful, most have blooms the white has been resting but have buds now it is the most blooming geraniums I ever seen. The white corneliea bloomed beautifully! Then a freeze came and the red got killed, that is some of the buds but now it is blooming it has a white budded on it that is right pretty too single with a center of yellow-stamens.

Feb. 6, 1989
Sat. Eunice and Arnold called and told me Michael wasn't expected to live 40 hrs. Today Eunice called and said it was all over. Well I have shed all the tears I can, I loved that little boy even tho I only heard from him once or twice a year. I held him as a baby as soft sweet baby.

We are having beautiful weather. Some trees are putting out, my daffidolds are putting out blooms, there are ten buds. I only had 6 to start.

I greased the bird feeder pole (which is an iron pipe) and watched the squirrel try to climb it, he got only about a foot then fell back to the ground! It was the squirrel with the tail partly gone, looks like a rat, but I think the fur is growing back at last. I keeps such beautiful weather we will be cutting grass! Squrril is still here still looks like a rat. The white viloets that Phyllis set out are blooming. Phillys left Friday. got a letter from here once but haven't heard since. 

Feb. 7th
The little sparrows are feeding in both feeders. Still warm and foggy in the mornings.

Feb. 8
Cool foggy morning. It hasn't rained yet, we need rain. Well Michael is gone. I am so sad also in pain. My back hurts and I hurt all over. But this too will pass. I have faith in God and the will make all thing right in time. I will trust in the Lord God for he is everlasting strength.

March 1, 1989
It is raining. It has been dry and there are wild fires all around the State so a good soaking rain is what we need. Phullis did get away after of weeks of fooling around, saying she was cleaning the house but really was busy giving all of Lenas junk away.

Lena had her 91st birthday and we, that is some of us from the church went to see her. She look just the same not better nor any worse. When I spoke to her she said, Charlie had been to see her and her cousin and they had been down to the lake so she is a little confused because Charlie has been gone a long time.

Yesterday Glenda and Audra came to see me. Bless her. I was so glad to see Audra is growing and is sweet as all my Great-grandchildren. Emily was in school. Glenda said she is doing well in school. She is sweet too and lovely child. Morris laid off the rows in the garden and panted turnip green, mustard and collards. I went out yesterday (Feb 28) and planted some collard seed that Myrtle gave me.

March 2nd
Still cloudy. It hasn't rained much here but dreary and misty. The birds were singing yesterday but today they are quite. The hickory tree buds are beginning to swell. They say when the hickory and pecan trees bud out there will be no more frost.

I skinned my shin last Friday and its been real painful but it is slowly getting better. I sit with it up so it will heal better.

March 18, 1989
Today is beautiful sunny & bright with gentle winds so soft.

Morris & Barbara went to help Mrs. Junior pack up to move to Gainesville. We nee more rain.

March 26, 1989
Easter Sunday

I am watching on chanal 5 about wild turkeys which made me remember about the time Wilbur and I went turkey hunting ---
A man that owned a large piece of land a short distance from us. It had ponds filled with fish the best eating fish that I've ever eaten. The ponds or small lakes had hard sandy bottoms. The man turned loose turkeys, put fish of all kinds in the ponds also deer were put in the woods. Well, just let hunter like Wilbur know about turkeys! He (Wilbur) had bought me a 20 guage single barrel gun. I din't want a gun but went along because I tagged with him whatever he did, fishing, squrrel hunting, or possom hunting. So I got the gun. I went squrrel hunting with him and also by myself. I didn't care about getting squrrels, I loved the woods! When Wilbur said he had seen turkeys on the Charlie Smoak field, it hadn't been farmed in years, lets go hunting. So we went out on the field, it was a large field that hadn't been planted in years. We walked around the field and hadn't seen anything so we were heading back home when Wilbur saw a turkey. He shot at it, it was almost to far for a shot. He missed and yelled at me "Peggie, shot that turkey! Well I am a poor shot but I took amim and bamb! down went the turkey! But he got up and ran off in the palmedow patch but we knew he was hit so we took after him through those saw pamedows, it a wonder we didn't get hurt but we finely caught him. He had a leg shot off. Wilbur killed him and put in a sack and we started home. It was out of hunting season, so we wet home thru the woods the back way. When we got there he hid the turkey in the barn under the corn. Just as he got that done a man came by hunting for old iron, we had some in a lot by the sweet gum trees and Wilbur let him have that but he wanted to look in the barn but Wilbur wouldn't let him look in it. So he left. I cooked the turkey and it was good, it was the first wild turkey I ever cooked. What happened while I started cooking the turkey? Wilbur called me to come help him look for a cow that he needed to find. Well I put the turkey in the oven as I had it already ready for the oven. Went with him to look for the cow. We found the cow after about 2 1/2 hours and when I got back, looked at the turkey and found it just right. It was delicious.

Easter Sunday March 26, 1989
Emma and I went to church. It has been a beautiful day. The leaves are all bright green and most trees are in full leaf, the hickory tree has at last has leaves as large as your hand but not in full leaf.

There were 58 people at church. After church Emma and I tried to get in a "Bobs" but there were too many people, had a long line outside so we went to "Poor Folks".

March 31, 1989
Its been a nice month, hardly any wind and warm. The garden is coming up pretty good. I have gotten three "messes" of greens the mustard is almost ready to pick. If it stays warm the turnips or mustard wont stay good long, they'll be going to seed.

Tobias Anderson was born in Norway at Gardeeden Waasedet MoSogon March 28, 1848

April 12, 1989
We have some rain, then its turned cool. The garden is looking good, what there is, the squash and string beans didn't come up. The turnips are beautiful "all Tap Hybrids" from Parks. Delicsous and tender. Morris planted the turnips and I had a few mustard seed, the Feaster or Mixson seed, depending on which on grew them seed. We call them Mixson mustard, a broad leaf, smooth mustard. Morris planted peanuts, two rows and a row of sunflowers.

April 14, 1989
Went with Grace to get my hair curled, got back at 6:30. When we got to Graces she ask Art if he wanted to go out to eat and he said yes. We went to the Pancake house between Orange Lake and Gainesville. We got back about 8:30. Arnold had been here. I wished I could have been here - he left me a note and tomatoes and he got some greens. Bless his heart!

April 15, 1989
Morris and Barbara got back from Washington O.K. He came out this morning and we all ate breakfast at the Lake - Emma, Murel, Art, Val, Morris & I.

It was raining hard while we were eating. When Morris got to my house his car wouldn't start, so he call Beth to bring the starter cables to start the car. She came and the car started right up and at the lake too. When we got thru eating we went to Micanopy to see the little boys play baseball. They were all so small Zack is six and the other boys looked about the same size. Its sprinkled all the while we were there but after watching a little while we left. When we got here Morris put on my rain coat and gathered some greens. Some for himself and some for Beth. He took Beth's to her. It was about 11:00 by that time. He took the hose and washed them real good they were so muddy as it was boggy in the garden.

April 16, 1989
A beautiful sunny day. Emma and I ate at "Denneys" where we had the Senior meal. We stopped at Myrtles to give her a mess of turnip greens and some "greasy" collard plants. I gave her 10, which was all I could spare. Me garden is sure grassey, needs hoeing bad. We got a nice mosture after the rain Sat.

April 18, 1989
Morris worked the garden, plowed and hoed also planted peas and sunflower seed.

April 22, 1989
I feel so bad, wish I'd gone to the Dr. Tues. I have the worst kidney or blader infection I every had although I'm taking an antibodic.

Sat. April 29, 1889
We went to Jacksonville, Thursday. Morris and Barbara had to take David to the airport, he was going to visit Larry for three days. He is a "Mail-man" and works so many days, then gets so many days off. So on his days off he was on his way to Washington DC to see Larry. Barbara ask me if I wanted to go along to see Amber Lee (Andrews widow) and I said I would love to go. We go to her house about 11:30 ate lunch and left for the airport. I guess its been six years or more since I was there. Came from Charllot N.C. to Jacksonville after visiting Rosie & Donnie one summer. I liked the ride on the plane but hardly long enough to really get to know much. I looked out the window and saw white fleecy clouds below until we neared Jacksonville then I could see the trees, houses below - beautiful!

We tried to remember where Andrew and Amber Lee lived but couldn't but when I got home I remembered. Amber Lee and Andrew lived on Thallanrand Ave. in Jacksonville when they first married.

April 30, 1989
We had a nice rain this afternoon. Emma and were I in Gainesville. She wet to visit her daughter in Low. While there it poured down rain and it thurndred and lightened a regular thunder storm but when we got back to Orange Lake it had only rained a little altho it helped and I didn't have to water the garden.

May 1, 1989
It rained pretty good today. Hope it rains more tomorrow. The garden looks pretty good.

May 2, 1989
It didn't rain. I went to the Doctor. Said my blood pressure was low but not too low. My bladder infection was better but the Dr. gave me some pills to take then I am supposed to call him if not better. I feel some better but feel so weak.

My geranums are beautiful. The samlon color ones are covered with blooms. Also the reds the blooms are as large as a saucer they are so heavy the stems can hardly hold them up.

May 18, 1989
Morris came over to pick vegetables befor I had got dressed. Last night Kristy, Laurel and Rachel cam over last night to ask me about how it was living in the 20's and 30's for a school project. After that I took them down to the Country Barn where we all had a cheese burger. I have them a few cuke and a lot of zukes. I enjoyed those children!

May 5, 1989
We are having beautiful weather. Beth picked a 5 gallon bucket of squash and some beans. I was asleep when she came and she banged on my window to wake me up.

Its dry again. I raked off a row in front to plant my marigolds. I hope they come up. I have three kinds, big yellow ones and some old "timey" ones that bloom in the fall also a package of seed I forgot to plant last spring.

May 5, 1989
Went to church. Today was our dinner day. I made a pound cake and squash cassarole. It turned out pretty good. About 1/2 of it was eaten. Tonight is real cool in church. Emma is leaving in the morning for Indiana but first we will eat breakfast at the lake. Val, Art, Murel, Emma and I. I am going to miss Emma!

May 22, 1989
Sunday afternoon we had a good shower. It made the garden look good. Beth said she is going to take a picture of it tomorrow. It is some sort of moving picture, I don't know what they call it but you can show it on the T.V. as soon as its made.

May 9, 1989
Cool and beautiful weather. We still need rain. The garden is pretty good we have squash alglore. We have a hard time giving them away. The pole beans are bearing but no beans down low all up high usualy they put on beans down low.

They are having Jime at the "Boat Bason" but Val, Hazel and I are not going (Hazel Hamlton is from McIntosh). I planted some marigold seed and have to water them twice a day. Beth cam by and picked the squash yesterday picked beans, cukes and beans. Katey is walking at 10 months.

May 10-11th
Morris came over and spent the day and night with me. Barbara, her mother and sisters went to the Beach to spend a few days. He went with me to eat lunch at the dinning site and worked in the garden. Picked squash, beans and cukes. Today the 11th we ate at the dinning site again. We came back here and he and I both took a nap and about 2:00 oclock Morris heard a bangin on the back door and there was Arnold! Morris left for home about 3:00 and Arnold stayed till 4:00. I have sure had a Happy Mothers Day! We watched the building across the street going up, its such a odd looking building, it keeps everone guessing at what they are doing! I took a picture this afternoon. While Arnold and I were sitting out on the back porch we saw a little slinder blackish bird that came into the pine tree and as it flew away we could see a spot of redish brown on its back. It cam back but it flew into the trees and we didn't see it again.

May 25, 1989
Morris picked the vegetables today. Everthing has slacked off but he picked 1/2 of a 5 gallon bucket of cukes, plowed the peas and pulled up the mustard that I'm saving for seed as it has turned yellow but not dry. Its dry and hot, we had a nice shower last week but it is dry now.

June 10, 1989
Well Phullis is back!

July 27, 1989
Arnold and I went to McIntosh got a few things at the drug store and grocery store. Stopped at the hardware store for ant bait and potting soil. Jerome didn't have the potting soil. Then we went to see Bill, he is slowly getting stronger.

July 28, 1989
Ever day thin go along about the same. I get up about seven, take my medicine, eat breakfast, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup oat flakes, 1/2 fruit or oatmeal. Watch T.V. new awhile then work on the quilt or croquet, read the bible most of the time at 10:00 I go for the mail at 11:00 the bus comes to take me to lunch (are five or six on the bus) to lunch.
Wed. I got a perm. Grace took me. Val is going on the train to Boston soon, sure will miss her. Bill is home doing pretty good but weak. He was in the Hospital 10 days.

July 31, 1989
Emma is back until Christmas. She and I went to "Po Folks" to lunch got home about 3:00. Took a nap, read some. Myrtle called me about 6:00. She usaly calls about that time. The weather is dry. We haven't any rain in two weeks. Have to water my house plants everday.

July 28, 1989
Ate breakfast at the Lake, came home and started to make the be up, plugged in the iron and while it was heating was going to make the bed but Val came in the back door calling "come on lets go to town!" there Hazel Hamilton was in her new car. I had changed into my striped coullots and pink tee shirt, wasn't planning on going anywhere, she said "Come on just as your are" so I did but just before we got to the road I remembered the iron. I said wait Hazel, I'll have to go back and unplug the iron. Val said give me your keys and I do it, so we waited for here. She was back in a few minutes and we went on to Pic'& Save where we ate lunch after shopping and looking.

Aug 1, 1989 Tuesday
There was a big crowd at lunch the Lowes' were there, Jodie looked good but her husband still has to use the walker. Mrs Cake has had Phenumonia but comes home from the Hospital tomorrow. Mr. Gibson got up and left, said his ear hurt so he went home. Arnold is working longer hours as the boss is on vacation. Its hot and dry, we did have a light sprinkle late yesterday.

Aug. 5, 1989
Still hot altho we have had 2 good showers. A storm out in Texas and La. went in another direction. The grass needs cutting, the garden would make a good cow pasture. 

Beth called and said Coral would be operated on Monday. 

Called to see how William was and Toby answered and said he was having a hard time breathing but he was going to take him to the doctor. They were eating supper. 

I have three cards from Barbara. One from Austria, one from Norway and one from Sweden. 

Its hot, 95( ever day, we will be glad to get some cooler weather.

Aug 6, 1989
Waiting for Emma to take me to Church. Hers is something that is true, my mother read to me (us).

You may have tangible wealth untold.
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I can ever be but
I had a Mother who read to me.

Here is another that is also true -

Quite down cobweb
Dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby
and babies don't keep!

I remember a saying of my fathers when anything was troubling and anyone "remember ever dark cloud has a silver lineing."

Bill went back in the Hospital Friday bleeding internely (Aug 4th 1989) I hope he is better or will be after they find out what is causing the trouble.

Aug 11, 1989
Called Iris Thursday or Wed. night and she said Bill had sat up almost all day but was resting when I called. The still didn't know what was causing the bleeding.

Friday Aug 11, 1989
Still hot with a few showers. It is dark at six thirty now. I hear 6:00am the Mail truck over at the P.O. The rattle of the truck wakes me up. The squirrels have been eating pine cones. The one with like a rat with only a little fur on the tip. I watched him one afternoon, he came out of the boxwood to where the marigolds were going, one large light yellow bloom on a bush about 2 foot high, he looked up at the bloom then climbed stalk where it fell to the ground, he bit off the bloom then took in both paws and ate it all!

Aug. 14, 1989
Sunday, Emma, her grandson and wife went to Marjorie Rawllings old home site, then to "Bobs" to eat. Then out to Silver Springs, we didn't go in but walked around and looked at the pelicans, magraws red blue and green ones, squirrels were tame and ate from your hand. We also saw the ducks, swans, several kinds of ducks also geese. We go back here about 5:00

Sept. 11, 1989
I just remembered that our old home was made from lumber from an old house that once belong to the Sistrunks. It was an old barn and house. Wilbur hauled it home with the horse and wagon. Then he framed it by hand, to make it smooth. It was good lumber, we lived there 34 years and it is still there now in 1989. It was heart of pine, the termites never bothered eating it.

Books I've read in 1989
1 The Source by James Mitchner
2 My First Sermon in the Siera by Johns
3 "The People of the Deer" by Farley Mowat
4 "The Appalachian Trail" by Ann & Mryon Sutton
5 "Jubal Sackett" by Louis Lamour
6 "True Grit" by Charles Portis (not too good)
7 A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith a story about Florida of long ago. Good!
8 By Early Mowat. "Peopleof the Deer" good!
9 and Ladies of the Club by Helen Hoover Stratmyer (I didn't like it)

Sept. 12, 1989
Still hot and dry. I have planted a few mustard seed in my tubs. Also sent some seed to Myrtle Pendleton. I haven't heard from Phyllis in some time. She called me one night from her Black Friends house and Sat. afternoon her friend John came looking for her, said she had left a mattress on his porch and he wanted her to do something with it as it was an old dirty mattres only fit for the dump. He was such a nice clean man. I can't believe he was a friend of hers. He told me he thought he knew her better than anyone else.

Val is going to Mass. Thursday. Hazel left Sunday to go to Ill. Allen Gibson went to Ala. to visit some of his children.

Thursday Sept 14, 1989
Val will take the train tonight at 11:00 and will be gone 2 weeks - we all will miss her.

Sept. 15, 1989
A am feeling better tonight. Ate dinner (lunch) at the Dinning Center. Thunder rolling all around. I don't know if it was lighting. Today Cindy went outside, I left the door open and when she saw me shit it she came running back to get inside.

Sunday Sept. 24, 1989
Thursday Morris, Barbara, Billy & Betty all went to Tenn. to the football game. Beth said they should be back by Monday. 

Sat. Glenda, Bill and children moved to Bute Montana and Arnold went along to help Glenda drive. I hope they have a wonderful trip. They have a house.

<note: This was the house I lived in 1975/76, it did not have the upstairs at this time, Larry Mixson>

Oct. 2, 1989
We have some rain but not enough. The grass has stopped going as fast, may need to cut it twice more. I pay whoever cuts it $25.00. I soon will be time to turn on the heat. This summer has been so hot that the electric bill has been high, the highest so far has been 145.95.

Oct. 23, 1989
Morris, Barbara and I went camping. First night we spent on St. George Island. As soon as we drive up a mother coon and 2 little coons came out of the woods. We spent the night there and the next morning we went to St. Josephs. There we spent 2 nights. Morris and Barbara walk on the beach while I sat in a lawn chair and watched other people on the beach. I also looked for shells but there were not any good ones. We had all our meals in the camper. It was real nice. A man gave Morris 2 big red fish. I took a picture of them. We came on Thurs 26 and on Sunday Beth gave me a surprise Birthday. It was a surprise! I didn't have the slightest what was going on. She even cleaned the kitchen! When Emma Allen and I got there at my house, there were four or five cars out on the lot next to 441. "I said well what are people parking there this isn't a car sales lot" but when I waked in the door, Morris took my picture and there were a bunch of people sitting around in chairs. I was so surprised I didn't know what to do or say.

Dec 28, 1989
This has been a terrible month for me. I have been in so much pain, my chest hurt! I fell out the back door and I guess that is the reason. I didn't have a cold or bronchitis so it must have been the fall. I took Tyonal or Asprin three times a day and at last I am feeling better. Thank God.

We had a good Christmas altho we had the coldest ice. The trees were like artifical trees the pine needles were all ice the tree limbs broke because of being too heavy with ice. Icecicles hung from the roof it was beautiful tho I didn't have any hear or water so I Sat morning I went back with Morris and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Arnold came and I went to the Holiday Inn for dinner. The Oaks Mall was closed. I had thought we'd go to Morrisons but it was closed. When Arnold brought me home I had lights but no heat, it didn't come on until he pushed the little red button, we thought my violets were dead but they were not hurt.

Squrrel eating marigold bloom. He looked up and pulled down a bloom and ate it.