Mixsonian Larry

Rosalie's Diary

Dec. 16 1988
Emma and I went to the Dr. sunny when we left but raining when we came home.

Dec. 22
December has been a dreary month we have had good days beautiful and sunny - then big white frosts (Florida snow) the yard was covered with white frost until nearly nine oclock. The squirriles bit the cord of my bird feeder in two that I had it tied to a limb of the tree out by the window of my living room, so I got a wire and put it back up, let them try to knaw it in tomorrow!

Phillis is still running around like a scatter-brain, I don't see how anyone can be so unorganized! except me!

Dec. 29, 1988
It is a foggy morning. I am waiting for Morris to come get me. Morris & Barbara and I are going to Jacksonville to Sandra's funeral (Sandra is my niece) all the leaves have almost fallen. The yard is covered all over. The cherry tree looks dead the middle limbs are dead.