Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diary

September 1984
   Sun. Sept. 25th

This has be a long afternoon. I got home a little after 12:00 from church. This afternoon I took a short nap. At 4:30 I took Penny for a walk, she looks forward to a walk ever afternoon and I go even if its only around in the yard. My rose bushes a blooming, big beautiful pink & yellow blooms and so sweet! The grass is cut and looks better than ever. The pine burs are everwhere and the squirrels are having fun cutting them and making a litter. The back screen door is fixed and looks great. This week has been busy - Wed. we had dinner at the civic club, Thurs. a sewing class there at the Civic Club. Grace called last night. Lena is at her cousins Cassies. Poor Leana has lost her senses - and she has no one except Cassie and she is a distant cousin, I think. We are not planting a garden this fall. I have a little row of mustard by the tool shed. I am working a my flowers, planning how I can save them over winter. I am putting all I can in smaller pots so I can manage them better, most don't need large pots anyway. I also have my bird feeder up.

July 7, 1984
Seems to me its just as hot as it was cold in the winter. In Dec. on the 25th all the orange trees were killed to the ground. There may be a few that missed the cold but not many. The papers says it will be seven (7) years before Marion Co. will have any oranges. All of Buddy Huff's grove on Duregravin are dead and between Orange Lake & McIntosh the trees are dead and some are being cut down and the land leveled. We may never have orange trees again. We sure will miss all the navel oranges I loved so well.

Jan 11, 1983
Tomorrow Donny & I are leaving to go back to North Carolina. But we could not leave without spending a few hours or so with my dear Grandmother. I have many wonderful memories of staying with grandma as a child. I love to hear the old stories again which she writes to me from time to time. I guess I enjoy them because at heart I'm a country girl. I enjoy trying things the old way. I hope God will bless and be with grandma always. I hope if I can ever do anything for her she will let me know - she did so much for me and I shall always love her.

One Bird is Red
One is blue
One is white
It must mean I
Love you with all
my heart might

One bird is red
one is blue
It must mean I
love you with all
my might.

Nov. 18.1984
November we have had one good frost. Some trees have shedded their leaves, the rosebuds, the big dogwood tree but the small ones are red, the Alabama maple is like yellow lace. Because of a good rain the grass is still green. The wild cherry still has a lot of leaves. I have all the plants indoors I want to keep over. I have two big begonias I'm going to leave out, if the cold gets them O.K. I have taken cuttings I need, if not someone else may use them. 

Here I am on the carport with Penny and Gandy they both don't want me to get out of their sight. David calls the cat Gandy but to me she is "Candy" a loving sweet cat. <note David gave grandma Gandy> Candy brought me a quail one night, she had ate its head but never ate the rest of it. I let her spend the night indoors when it is cold and the next morning about seven she calls me to let her outside. I love cats. I like dogs and have raised a many puppy but Bobbie was the best of all. He could almost talk, anyway he understood most everything you said!