Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diary

Jan. 9, 1983
Well, both of my dear oldest children are gone. We buried Dotty Thurs. I am so glad that Rosie was with her and that they go to visit her sisters in N.C. I know she was happy about that. Today is cloudy and dreary. I have been up since 6:00 o'clock. I made chicken & rice and potato salad to take to the church and I have a cake.

Jan. 11, 1983
Rosie & Donnie have just left. They are so sweet. Rosie is a doll, slender & short. She gave me some homemade soap with lye & grass of some sort. I thought she sad tallow. Donnie tall & slim with a beard. They had Laurel with them. When they got here Laurel was asleep but soon woke up then she wanted chewing gum & candy canes! She is 3 and a darling.

Jan. 12, 1983
This has been a warm winter but today is cold and windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold bu not a hard freeze. The sun is shinning and bright.

March 20, 1983
A cloudy, foggy and dreary day. I went to church and was home by 12:30. Made or rather heated a frozen dinner for lunch. Morris garden is coming up also the grass. Arnold, Eunice, Glenda and the baby came over Friday night - ate at the Country Barn. The baby is grown and is sweet. I am no 81 years old and find I just can't do much anymore. I cook a little, clean a little, I mean a little! The yard gets raked once in a while, if I can find someone to do it. I still have a lot of Box Plans but not much good, look sick. I've lost my touch!

Aug. 10, 1984 <this was here in the journal although it seems out of order>
How do I feel now? Great! Kristy and I walked up the hill and back one day this week. This morning we walked to the Butter Churn and had breakfast. This afternoon we changed the living room around first time it ever been changed since we moved here 1970 (fall).

March 20, 1983
It is raining a steady rain - we have had a mild winter, my house plants could of bee O.K. outside all winter. Some of the very tinderst are still doing very well, Colus, Sultans and anglelwing begonias have lived but haven't grown any, the shrimp plants both have all their leaves. My azaleas are blooming - the redbuds have already shed their flowers but the dogwoods around here haven't bloomed but those in Gainesville have been blooming a long time.

Aug. 1st 1983
July 25th I went with Morris & Barbara to Ashville. I enjoyed the beautiful mountins the farms on the mountinside looks looked like picutures, the corn fields were just knee high. They were sitting out tobacco and some plants were groin green also about knee high. I went up almost where Donnie & Rosie are thinking about building - It was quite steep. I stayed until Morris & Barbara came back for me on the 5th of July. Our garden did very well this Spring altho we probly had had plenty of tomatoes the peas didn't do much good. I didn't freeze but a package or two. Beth & I canned a dozen and six pint jars of beans. I kept six pints for me. The Lord willing, I want to make a small fall garden. Starting the last of this month on the ground which is covered with grass now.

I sit outside as late as I can ever night from 6:30 until the Post Office lights come on, which is around 8:00. I love listening to the night sounds and watching the cars go by. Its really lonesome but try to sit and enjoy the quite. I take the little dog, Penny for a walk around the yard and up to the point and then set out the rest of the time. She likes to poke here nose into every little hole in the grass, smelling and jumping on the grasshoppers. Wish I could walk her a lot more but I don't seem to have the strength although I do feel stronger than I did early in the spring. I've been taking oil of Premrose and B12 & 500mg. Vitamin C a day.