Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diary
Bobbie The Dog

It was in the 1930's that our small dog white with brown ears died. His name was "Louder". The boys 3, 6 and 11 wanted another dog. They begged their Dad for a puppy but there were no good dogs to be found. A "good" dog for their Dad ment one that would hunt possums and coons. As he love to hunt also he hunted for the hides to sell. At last our neighbor that lived about a mile from us had a dog that was going to have puppies, the mother dog was part bull-dog & bird-dog. They started to beg their Dad for one of the puppies but he said No "she wasn't any good and wasn't worth killing". Well at last the dog had her pups and every day when the boys came by the place where they were they would stop and play with those pups! They walked three miles to school at Shiloh. The dog had six pupas and finely the boys said they all been given away except 2 and wanted to bring one home. I told them you know what your Dad says about that dog. Then one afternoon they brought home the most beautiful fat little pup I had ever saw. They had already named him Bobbie. He was white with red ears with red spot on his back. Their Dad was mad and told to take it back but they cried and begged so hard he let them keep Bobbie. He grew fast, altho we didn't have a cow for milk. I fed him soft eggs and grits, bean potlicker just like a baby. He grew round and fat and would play with those children all the time. Their Dad kept saying he wont be worth a thing. They would take a fertlizer croker-sack and the pup would pull on it, it was so much fun for them.

Morris age 14, Bobbie, Arnold age 11

One day we all went over to see Wilburs sister and spent the afternoon. I had an old hen in the yard (those days the chickens ran loose). The hen had 15 little biddies and when we came in the yard Bobbie came to meet us as happy as could be. I saw several little chickens dead on the grass, he had been playing with them and had just put his food on them. I was so upset but I didn't whip him. I just took him to a dead biddy and scolded him good. Never again would he chase or catch a chicken but he would track a cow, horse, pigs and any other anmile there was and do anything you told him except chase a chicken!

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