Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diary

June 1, 1982
Boy have we been having rain which we needed. It had been 4 weeks since our last rain when our showers started. The garden is "laid by" no more work, except gathering. The tomatoes are full, loaded, the peas are good except the blackeyes, they are turning yellow at the bottom of the vines. Bill says that is a blight, which everyone that planted backeyes have this year. I am feeling a lot better, guess I feel like most 80 year old woman. I want do so much and find I am not able.

July 23, 1982
This year has been real good. Our garden turned out to be great. At first we didn't have enough rain but when it started it was great. The tomatoes did good, that is they bore a big crop but the fruit didn't seem to be as large as other years. We picked most of them just turning because of the rain. Had a little corn, some string beans and blackeye pees the best were white acre. The bugs don't bother them as bad as the others. I dusted before the plants ever bloomed twice, then no more after the blooms started. I should of dusted again towards the last we had quite a few stink bugs. The watermelons were not too good. Now after everything is gone the grass and begger weeds are as high as my head. It is a nice hid-a-way for the quail. While walking out one afternoon a bunch flew up at my feet. I was sorry I disturbed them.

July 23, 1982
Grace and I eat out a lot. I think I going to have to stop, I am to fat.

July 31, 1982
It hasn't rained today. We have had a lot of rain but no more than we needed. The grass needs cutting. I will have it cut next week. I have had brochittis for 2 weeks but feel better today the Dr. gave me new antibiotics in hopes of doing the work.

Aug. 15, 1982
Still raining nearly every afternoon. I have been home all week except Wed. night. Arnold Eunice & I ate at the Country Barn. She wanted to try the sea food, it was advertised highly in the Gainesville Sun. To me it wasn't worth the price. I wish we had went somewhere else! I hope I am improving. I have had brochittis again - twice in the past month. Beth my youngest granddaughter and her husband have a little boy. Debra is expecting. (it is a girl) This is a wonderful month, getting cooler the air has a different feel - the keetydids are noiseyer. The garden is high in weeds and crabgrass. After 10 years I have finely go the trash cleaned from the outside shed. Now to plant a little fall garden just to have a few hills of mustard and turnips.

Sept. 29, 1982
Well the big garden is grassey after being cut and plowed. Eight cucumber hills have came up now also corn, but nay not do anything in all that grass & weeds. I hoed around the cukes out by the cherry tree in the little garden. I have planted five or six rows. One row has mustard, turnips & flowers, one row of carrots up good, had to dust the squash and greens. The garden looks fine on this date.

Dec. 29, 1982
There 1 row multiplying onions, 1 row for green onions1 row of sweet kind for late spring to keep, the cabbage are nice size but only just beginning to head. We are having a warm fall and winter so far. Good on the jewel ore, haven't use much so far. Brenda & Tom and children are here now. Beth, Mark and Zachary, David has been home a week or two. I went to Morris for Christmas - came home Christmas afternoon. I seem to rest well only when I'm at home. 

Dec. 29, 1982
Grace went to the hospital yesterday with a heard attack.

Dec. 31. 1982
Here I am alone on the last day of 1982, tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. I haven't been in the hospital for over a year but have had bronchitis several times this year. Right now I feel pretty good. Thank the Good Lord for everything. God is Good.