Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diary

July 25, 1981
The best thing you can give my children is an understanding of what a "Grandma" really is.
Debra D. Mixson

Well, I think the best thing a Grandmother can give is "Love", not because they are so good or smart but because they are just lovely children and they give joy to their Mothers and Fathers and to a great grand-mother.

July 22, 1982
Dear Grandma,
Please always be as sweet as you are.

Our House

We lived on a beautiful hill for 4 years when my husband (Note: Grandma's 2nd husband William Yawn) decided to sell his place. When we did sell, we looked at mobile homes then house after house. Then one day we saw a sign beside the road adverstising land at Orange Lake. We ansered the add. We found that the Preachr of Christian Church owned the land almost 2 acres. After a lot of going , checking ect. We bought it from Paul Herndon. Then we went to see a contractor John Kinard. He showed us several house plans but I chose one that was used for a horse farm office & living space. We looked at a house already built like the one we wanted to build and liked it. I changed a few things in the plan. I chose marble window sills and wood baseboards. We watched it being built real good. I guess the carpenters had to do a good job because we watched them so closely that it was built it really built good. Altho I know know now that it was too large for older folks. I have enjoyed it and the garden we have each season. Spring or fall, it is a joy to see things grow - now that I've been alone for three years and as I grow older, I can see now that I am not going to be able to take care of the house and lawn may more years but I intend to say here as long as I can and able. I'll be 80 the 26th of October and I still have a small garden. I wish now that I had planted a smaller garden about 20x20 it would be large enough for me.

Note added to the same page in 1988
Note from 1988

Aug. 28, 1981
Last week I had Roosevelt mow the grass on both garden spots and he promised to come turn it with the turn plow and then cut it later. I do want to plant a few rows of mustard and turnips this fall and next Spring plant more some corn? mabe. Today is cloudy & misting rain.

Sept. 14, 1981
The days are getting cooler - the birds are singing - the air feels different - the sun is late coming up in the morning, its still dark at 7:00 oclock. Still hot up in the day. I have three rows made ready to plant. I planted one in beans.

Sept. 6, 1981
We enjoy our visits with you and eating big meals and getting fat that's me thing that makes going to Grandmas fun. The other reason is we love you and love to be with you. You should come spend some time with us. We want Nicholas to learn to love and appreciate the love and kindness Grandmas can give. We love you very much. Gary & Troxie

Oct. 6, 1981 (Tues.)
Have had a headach for three days. Buddy swept the straw off the roof. There sure were a pile of straw! He took me to the store and I got some fertlizer for the garden 666 for 3.50.

Oct 7th
I set out seven hills of kale and planted turnips, mustard and a 1/2 row of onions.