Mixsonian Rosalie

Rosalie's Diaries

Volume I

Jan. 15, 1980
Been busy all day, doing odd jobs - like - ripping apart a blouse - to do over, the pattern is hard to put together-

Jan 16
ate dinner at Trade Winds - JoAnn, Annie, Dottie & Eunice and I.

Jan 24
JoAnn and the baby stayed until Tues. afternoon. I miss them - The baby didn't know me or was it use to being here.

This is Annie's Writing! (Sanders)
<some scribbles>

Cook fast so you can spend some time with a child before it disappears into an adult.

Feb. 6, 1980
This morning started out cloudy but this afternoon is bright sunny and windy, cold.

The bird feed is out. Windy (the cat enjoyed her treat I brought from the "Little Champ") The T.V. sizzles and its too cold & windy to work outside.

I ordered my or some of my garden seed. Mr. Dut broke the garden with his Troy Built Tiller. The tiller did a good job - It is smaller than Arnolds. The only thing he only went one way instead across the ground. The sandspurs are the worst I've ever seen. The cabbage Bill gave me has never been worked until last week, then I hoed around them and put out ferterlizer. The multiplying onions haven't grown too much too close together. 

Feb. 11
I set out brocclie plants last week. It got pretty cold and the frost hurt them some. Bill (my brother) brought over some of those sweet onion plants and I set out 1/2 a row and planted some carrot seed on the other end. It turned warmer and looks like we will have a few days warm weather. The freeze we had killed the brocclie.

March 1980
The last of Feb. I skinned my shin and had to go to the Doctor - It is the 17th of March and I've been sitting with my foot up for the past six days. I think my leg is some better. I will go to the Dr. tomorrow, 18th. Time seems to stand still, I am so alone, although I keep busy with little things like croqueting, reading. I feel like I could work like a young person, until I start these I find I just cant do as much as I think I can.
The trees are putting out, the azelias are blooming and the lilies are putting up bloom buds. (They bloomed beautifully). 
Morris planted the garden the 15th.
I have two cats now. The grey kitty that I raised from a baby and Julia (black & white that was Brenda's). At first Windy would spit at Julia but now they are friends and will play togather and foller me around the yard. Its warmer now and I hope when my leg heals I can take walks ever day. I am going to plant a few zinnias and marigolds in the garden if I'm able.

Today is the 17th of April 1980.
The garden doen't grow like it should. We have had rain but it drys fast and the ground gets hard as a brick. The beans bloomed but lost all the bloom. The squash I replanted came up good and all the squash look fine. The zinnias are big enough to hoe and that's what I've did this morning, hoeing and this afternoon I dusted the potatoes again. The cukes look yellow, maybe its been too cool for things to grow, its been down in the 40's all this week and it Thurs. (My dryer broke down Sat. and I've ask Mr. Eastman to put up a clothes line but he hasn't yet. This is Friday (Monday) he is going to put it up today.)
We are going to Gainesville today to get my new glasses. Had to have them did over because the first Dr. didn't get them right. Rosie wrote and said they were going to take a vacation in June and I could come back with them if I wanted to. I am leaving the cats home tho, no sense in taking yard cats anywhere. April 21st.

Sept. 4, 1980
Its been cloudy all week with rain in the afternoon. I am feeling very well and will try to get a garden broke up. Grace Lumpkin and I went to Ocala yesterday. Went Cooks & K-Mart. Ate breakfast at Bill Fountaire Kitchen and lunch at K-Mart.
The Yawn children haven't did anything to settle up with me. I wish they would. Their Dad said "don't worry the'll take care of you better than your own children". Here its been two years the 4th day of November that he's been gone. Once again I'm beginning to get use to being alone.

Sept. 20 1980
Been having rain. Broke up the ground out by the flower bed. It is the roughest ground. Maybe I can get Morris to break it over. Mr. Dut went over it but didn't do much good. I planted eight hills of cabbage. Have collards up also, carrots & mustard. The beans are not coming up too good. I hav best seed to plant, never could grow beats here tho. Have a few hills of green squash.

Dec. 7, 1980
Bright and sunny day. Home all day. Wish I could go fishing.