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Morris and I read the Bible through this year while listening to the Bible read on tapes given to us by David. Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to Steak and Ale for my birthday. Gary and Dianne adopted three little children. Crystle, age 5, Justin, age 3, and Christopher, age 2. January 22, Chris, Henry, Morris and I spent the day at the flea market in Webster.

February 2-5 we went camping at Camping World then on to see Wendall and Jean in Wachula, then on to Zephyrhills to see Marie and Jim, Aunt Betty, and Bob and Ellie.

March 15-21 we went camping in Macon, Georgia to see the cherry blossoms. They were just beautiful, prettier than Washington D.C. We visited Callaway Gardens and Andersonville, Civil War cemetery and museum on the way home. April 1-5 we spend over at the condo. April 28 Jordan Smith was born to Kristi and Joe Frank. May 9, we canned green beans from our garden. May 13-19 we took care of Zack, Coral and Katie while Beth and Mark went on vacation. They were so good.

June 15-August 30 Brenda, Tom and the boys were home on furlough and we picked them up in Orlando. They went to Ridgecrest as guest speakers and Morris and I took Kristopher, Jeremy, Andrew and Zack camping in our motor home in Georgia and N.C. for the week. Then we picked up Brenda and Tom from Ridgecrest and went by to visit their old friends from Charlotte. We celebrated Jeremy's birthday with a family reunion at Gary and Dianne's home. It was his first birthday in America. July 6, Larry flew in and he and David went to the Keys and spent a night in the underwater hotel. Larry had his 20th year high school reunion at GHS.

Brenda and Tom had three friends to arrive from Austria. They all went to Disney World. July 12 Mom had her breast operation. She did real well. July 31st., Morris and I went camping at Manatee Springs for three days, to get away by ourselves for a rest. August 12, Brenda, Tom, boys, Beth and kids, Morris and I took a picnic lunch to Wild Waters in Ocala. August 30 we took them to Orlando for their flight home.

Labor Day weekend we had our annual family reunion. Mom was 78 and Coral was four. Betty, Billy, Morris and I left right after the reunion and went to the condo for four days.

Our new football coach was Steve Spurrior. Sept. 12-14 we took Grandma Mixson over to the condo as she really loves the beach. September 20 she had to go to the hospital with water on the lungs. September 22, David, Dixie, Kristi and Jordan and I went to Clearwater for Danah and Christopher's wedding. We spent the night in a real nice hotel where the reception was held. The whole family had buffet breakfast at the hotel Sunday morning before we left. It was nice.

Football ticketSeptember 28 was the first time Morris and I delivered Meals on Wheels, which we do once every two months now. October 6, we took our motor home to the LSU-Fl game Dad's Tickethere in town and had a tail gate party with Betty, Billy, Paul, Yvonne, John and Evelyn. October 11 we went to Tennessee with Betty and Billy for the football game. We met John and Evelyn at Lenoir City where we had our motel rooms. Sunday after the game Betty and Billy rode home with John and Evelyn and Morris and I met Chris and Henry at Ft. Tatham campground in Sylva, N.C. where we camped for a week. We visited Highlands , Franklin and took the train ride to see the fall leaves. On the way home we camped at Mt. Pisgah. We had a delicious supper at the lodge. This is probably my most favorite place to camp and eat at. I just love it there, I guess that's why we go there so often.


Football ticketNovember 10, Betty, Billy, John, Evelyn, Morris and I went to Jax in our motor home for the Fl.-GA game and we won. Oh, was it ever a cold day. November 14, Chris, Henry, Zella Mae, Monroe, Carolyn, Lamar, Morris and I went to Cypress Gardens. It was a rainy day but we had fun. November 17 we had 14 friends over at Betty and Billy's house to watch the Kentucky game on their new big 52 inch screen TV. We won.

We had a crowd at our house for Thanksgiving dinner. Beth, Mark, kids, David, Betty, Billy, Mrs. Dixon, Mom, Grandma Mixson, and Velda (Mark's mother).

Football ticket

November 28 we went to Miami with Betty and Billy to take a couple of suitcases to some people who were going to Brazil so they could take them to Janice and Victor. Dec. 1st was our 40th wedding anniversary. Beth, Mark, David, Mom, Betty and Billy took us out to eat at the rooftop restaurant at the University Centre Hotel. It was delicious. December 1-2 we went to Tallahassee for the FSU-UF football game. December 11 our SS class went to the theater to see Dickens Christmas Carol. December 15 we had our SS Christmas party at Carolyn and Lamar's home. Dec. 16 I had our family over for refreshments and a Christmas get-together to exchange gifts.

Grandma Mixson was in the hospital December 19-28. December 24, Christmas eve, we ate dinner at Betty and Billy's home with their family. The next day we had Christmas dinner here at our house. We had our annual New Year's eve party at Libby and Ernie's home.


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