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In February David went to work at the Post Office as a mail carrier. He moved back home for awhile then he moved out to Lake Santa Fe in Melrose where he still lives.

In April Larry graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He had been taking classes at night for several years, driving from Melbourne to Orlando 2 or 3 times a week. Morris and I went to his graduation.

Camping trip

Brenda, Tom and boys came home in June. Our big trip was out west July 19 to Aug. 6. Morris, the boys and I traveled in our motor home and we let Brenda Pop up Camperand Tom and his mother drive our car. They pulled a big pop-up camper Our first stop was in Tyler, Texas to visit with Charlie and Glenda Brown, missionaries in Austria and good friends of Brenda and Toms and who were also on furlough. We visited Southwestern Seminary in Forth Worth. We went to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Tuscon, Arizona, El Paso, Texas, New Orleans, and then on home. It was a great trip. (see Barbara's trip log here) We visited Brenda and Tom a lot the rest of the summer at the condo in St. Augustine.

In September we had our annual family reunion at Gary and Dianne's home. Bob, Ellie, Aunt Betty, Larry and Brenda, Tom and the boys were there. One night, Kristopher, Jeremy, Andrew and Zackary had a slumber party at our house. The next day I took them to the movie, out to eat lunch and then to the store so that each of them could buy something to keep forever to remember that day by. We had a lot of fun.

Dad and David cooking steaks 
Dad and David cooking their steaks

For Morris's birthday we took him out to eat at Great Steaks. Also for his birthday David took him for hot air balloon ride over Gainesville. In November Kristen and Michael Albright got married. December 31st we had our annual New Year Eve's party at Libby and Ernie's home. Mom was still living in Zephyrills and we would go visit her and Bob and Ellie quite often.

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