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Barbara and Morris 1986
Barbara amd Morris

1986 In March Beth, Mark and Zackary moved back to Florida and lived with us until July. Mark's step father died in July so they moved in with his mother, Velda Burke, in Orange Lake.

May 30 June 30 Morris and I took a great vacation up the east coast to Nova Scotia in our new 1985 Phasar motor home. We went 5344 miles and spent $1350. We started out on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Mt. Pisgah and went through Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, The Cabot Trail, Prince Edward's Island, Freeport Maine, The L.L. Bean Store, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Skyline Drive Parkway, Winston Salem and ended up in St. Augustine, Florida and then home.

On September 8, on Mom's birthday, Coral Rose Woodruff was born at AGH. Beth came to our house and I took care of her and the baby for a week. December 1 was our 36th wedding anniversary and Morris sent me 36 long stemmed red roses, just beautiful.

Mom with her 36 roses

On September 27th Betty and Billy went with us to Mississippi in our van to see the Gators play Mississippi state. The Gators lost 10 to 16 and to make it even worse the van broke down on the way back. Some nice men stopped and helped fix the van and we returned to Gainesville.

Broken down van
Morris on left in blue shirt. Billy in blue slacks on the right.


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