Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

June 6, Katlyn Beth Woodruff was born at AGH. In June we canned over 100 jars of tomatoes Morris grew out in his garden at his mothers. In August, Janice, Victor, Carrie and Tory Nickerson left for Brazil as missionaries. They went to language school for the first year, then to Manus and settled in Boa Vista where they still are.

In July Morris and I took Grandma Junior and Grandma Mixson to the mountains near Brevard, N.C. We stayed in a lovely old cabin owned by one of Sue's friends. We went camping with Chris and Henry and Betty and Billy at Tomoka State Park near Ormond Beach. We went to the dog races. In October, Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to Nashville, TN for the football game and spent a week up in the mountains. John and Evelyn Adicks met us in Gatlinburg and again at the game. We had our annual family reunion at Gary and Dianne's home. Coral was 2 years old and mom was 78 years old on September 8th. We had our annual New Year eve's party at Libby and Ernie's home.




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