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Beth and Mark with Krystle

1985 March 4 Beth and Mark had a baby girl, Krystle Sky, who only lived for 21 days. She died March 21 on Beth's 24th birthday in Seattle, Washington. Morris and I flew out there to be with them during this sorrowful time. It is probably the saddest time of my life.

Morris and Barba with Betty and Billy

In May Betty, Billy, Morris and I took a four day cruise on the Ship Dolphin to the Bahamas. It was a wonderful trip, one I hope to go on again.

Barbara and Morris in Hammock
Barbara and Morris in Hammock

June 24 Tom Stallworth, Sr. died unexpectedly. Tom was already home on furlough so he was there for the funeral. Brenda came later with the boys. They brought seven friends from Austria with them who stayed for a month (mostly at the condo). July 4 we had a big family reunion at Gary and Dianne's home. In August, Brenda and Tom were guest missionary speakers at Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly in N. C. so Marian Stallworth, Morris and I took care of the boys at Linda Hasty's cabin near Chimney Rock, N.C Beth and Zackary flew home from Washington for a week to see Brenda and family. David moved over to the condo after Brenda and Tom left1. He worked at several different jobs while he lived there. That's where he studied for the postal exam .

Mom sold her condo in Gainesville and moved into an apartment on the water down by Carole and Dick. She stayed there for about a year then moved into a trailer park in Zephyrhills to be near Jim and Marie, Bob and Ellie and Aunt Betty.

kristi and Joe Frank

November 23 Kristi and Joe Frank Smith got married at Westside Baptist Church and had the reception at the Thomas Center. After Joe Frank finished his residency at Shands, they moved to Dothan, Alabama. In December we bought the Itasca Phasar motor home. Also in December Beth and Mark moved further north to Port Ludlow, WA, hoping the diving would be better.

Barbara and Morris's Phasar Van Barbara and Morris's Phasar Van in driveway of their son's house in Melbourne


Fran Terhune became our Minister of Education and Administration at our church.


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