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David, Kathy, Laurel1984 Poniac Bonneville 1984 In March we bought a new 1984 blue Pontiac Bonneville. I loved it. We kept it until October l993 when we gave it to Beth and Mark. David and Kathy had a baby girl named Laurel Elaine Mixson on March 22. In April Morris and I went up to visit them and found David very sick and unhappy. He moved back to Florida in May. He bought his first car, a Ford Escort.

Morris with the big fish

This was the year Morris caught the big fish. He went fishing a lot with his friend from the Chemistry department, Gene Syfrett. Morris received a 30 year plaque from the Chemistry Department for outstanding service. info It wasn't until dad was 92 that I asked him "How big was the fish?", he answered 12 pounds, he caught it in Little Lake Orange
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In May the family rented cabins at Silver Glen Springs. We gave Sue a surprise 50th birthday party. Vandy and Billy gave all of us a big surprise when they announced they were getting married right then. The wedding was performed by Corky (a notary public) on the front porch of one of the cabins.

Beth and Mark moved back to Olympia, Washington. He thought he could make more money diving for gooey ducks. I sure hated to see them go, but I understood their problem.

Barbara and Morris at Mt. Pisgah
Barbara and Morris at Mt. Pisgah, 1984

October, Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to the mountains to see the fall leaves. We stayed at Mt. Pisgah Lodge. We met Doug and Louise Turner and Carolyn and Lamar Upshaw, friends of ours from Sunday School while we were there. We came home through Cades Cove. When we got back to Florida instead of going right home we went to Epcot for 3 days.

My good friend Louise McMillan died September 10 from cancer. Ernie St. Jacques was our Sunday School teacher of our coed class.



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