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January 3rd, Dottie Mixson, Morris's sister-in-law, died of a heart attack.

Sometime in January David flew back to Washington with Mark to help him move them back to Florida. While he was out there he and Mark went skiing on Mt. Ranier. First Beth and Mark stayed with us for awhile then they stayed at the condo in St. Augustine for a few weeks, then they stayed a few weeks with Brenda and Tom at the mission house in Jacksonville. Then they rented a house in Jacksonville and Beth worked as a waitress at the Captains Table Restaurant and Mark gathered oysters and clams for a living. I was so glad to have them back home.

Brenda and Tom bought a condo at 129 A Rio del Mar in St. Augustine. They left the keys with us and we used it a lot for the next ten years. We spent a lot of time at the beach with Brenda, Tom and the boys before they left in late May. We had Andrew's 2nd birthday party at our house. March 1 we took David back to Mt. LeConte , his 3rd year.

Barbara with Sally FieldsIn May, Sally Field, the movie star, whose brother, Dr. Rick Field, a Physics Professor, came to visit him and she came to our office and visited with us girls. I got my picture made with her. Also that month Brother Gary's term as mayor of Gainesville ended so he gave a special luncheon at the Thomas Center for Mom, Sue, Dixie, Carole, Corky and me and a few close friends. It was very nice.

In July Morris and I went camping at Roam Mountain State Park, Virginia. Then we went to Silver Dollar City in Gatlinburg. David and Kathy Mertens (his girl friend) came down from Mt. LeConte so we could meet her. Then we went to Highlands to see Wendall and Jean. Turner. In September Dot and Bill Storey, Otis and Irene Yawn, Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to Mississippi to see the Gators play. We went in Dot and Bill's big motor home.

Labor Day weekend we had our family reunion at Gary and Dianne's home. They had just moved into their log cabin house with a big beautiful yard and swimming pool. Larry, Julie and Anne came up from Melbourne. After Mt. LeConte closed for the season David flew out to Seattle to climb Mt. Ranier with Tom (Mark's brother-in-law).

October found Morris and me in the motor home spending a week up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the fall leaves. We took Mom, Dixie, Kristi and Beth to Sue and Jim's for Thanksgiving. December 1st was our 33rd wedding anniversary and Morris sent me beautiful red roses. We still celebrated our anniversary with Betty and Billy every year and we do with them on their anniversary.

November 19 David and Kathy Mertans got married in Troy, Michigan. They lived with her mother. David took a job there but he was very unhappy.

At Christmas time Morris had his shoulder operated on. He had hurt it last year when he was thrown off his Moped while we were camping with the Happy Sams. We had a hard freeze Christmas eve and I had to climb up on the roof of the house and pick all of the grapefruit because Morris just knew the freeze would kill all of them. It was freezing cold out and I nearly froze getting every last one of them. Sure enough it did kill the tree. Beth, Mark and Zackary came from Jacksonville for Christmas dinner. I gave Beth long red underwear which she loved. David was in Michigan and Larry and Julie stayed home. What a change from last year when I had a house full.

Ken Baxley was our new Music Director at Westside. He stayed until 1988. He was so good and everyone loved him .


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