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Morris and Barbara at The Grand Canyon 1978
Morris and Barbara at The Grand Canyon 1978

1978 This spring Brenda, Tom , his brother Frank, and Tom and Marian all went on a 10 day vacation to Switzerland and we took care of baby Kristopher for them. He was so good, only one day Judy took care of him while I was working and he and Daniel had a little spat and Kristopher bit him. We took Kristopher back to Charlotte in our motor home and stopped before we got there and went camping with a group from Tom's church. All of the little girls loved Kristopher and they were so glad to see him.

Corky ran for county commission and lost but he had great party after the elections. Morris and I took a trip in our motor home on the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped in Charlotte to see Brenda, Tom and Beth. We left July 15th and got home August 3. We spent $950 and went l845 miles. In December we spent Christmas in Charlotte. I let my hair go gray again. UGH. David started work at the Imperial Warehouse and he and a friend got an apartment at the Village 34.

November 6 Jesse Yawn died. Grandma Mixson decided to continue to live out at Orange Lake and she is still living there by herself. We still camped with the Happy Sams on weekends. Libby and Ernie bought a Winnebago and joined our club and started going camping too. So did Paul and Yvonne. One time Libby, Ernie, Morris and I were the host for the weekend at Ocean Grove Campground in Crescent Beach.


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